5 Instagram Philly Restaurants You Need to Visit

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Can I tell you how much I love my city? I mean, Philadelphia…the city of brotherly love. The city that Rocky climbed the steps in. Home of the Philly cheesesteak. The city where our nation was built. Let’s just take a moment and pause on how amazing Philadelphia is. I’ve always lived within an hour of Philly and have a hard time even thinking of the possibility that I may one day be further away from it than I like. But each time I head into the city, one thing that I love to do is head to one of, what I like to call, Instagram Philly restaurants. The restaurants that you go into and the look, vibe, drinks, and food are all worthy of capturing to put on your Instagram feed.


Philadelphia, like many other cities, houses a number of restaurant weeks throughout the year such as Center City Restaurant Week, Manayunk Restaurant Week, and Center City Sips. I make it a point to make it to at least one, if not all, every single year. These occasions give me an opportunity to find my new favorite hot spots, divulge further into the menus of my current favorites, and get together with some of my favorite people.

During these restaurant weeks, as well as all of the other times that I am in the city, I find some delectable eats as well as some of the cutest restaurants to eat at and snap those Insta-worthy photos. I’m sharing my top 5 favorites right now, so that you can add them to your places to visit when you are in Philadelphia.

Harp & Crown

Harp And Crown

Harp & Crown is slightly new to the Philadelphia scene. I was Introduced to it this past Center City Sips, and I’ve been wanting to go back so much for a full course meal. The vintage/rustic aesthetic of the restaurant makes you feel warm, classy, and comfortable. The greenery sets a tranquil mood while the drink selections make you feel so sophisticated. They serve brunch and dinner with their selection being American fare. Harp & Crown is perfect for any late night in the city where you want to stop in for a dinner and talk over the summer’s greatest moments with your friends.

HC 3

HC 2

20161118harpcrown Brighter 54

Photos from Harp & Crown

Max Brenner

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

I was just introduced to Max Brenner a few weeks ago, and it honestly is like a match made in heaven. Who doesn’t like chocolate? So to be able to go to a place where chocolate is the main ingredient is like going to a place where dreams are made. Max Brenner is a chocolate bar with locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. You can go there for brunch, dinner, or for happy hour and enjoy some eats paired with the sugary excellence of their variety of desserts, cocktails, and specialty drinks.

Chocolate Bar Max Brenner

Max Brenner

Photos by Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Bank & Bourbon

Bank And Bourbon

Bank & Bourbon is a place that I go to when I want a real good glass of bourbon. I mean, it’s in their name so why wouldn’t they have the best. The aesthetic of the restaurant brings you closer to how the bourbon is made and makes you feel like you are being given a classy drink. There have been some bourbon bars that I have gone to that have been focused on just making the men feel at home, but this place makes everyone feel as if this is the place that they should be right in that particular moment.

Bank And Bourbon Screen Shot 2018 07 23 At 11.07.08 AM

Gallery 167

Photos from Bank & Bourbon



Photo by Michael Persico for Philly Mag

Barbuzzo gives your those home feels. I love the old country feel that it brings when you arrive to have a good meal. It’s homey, comfortable, and has a warm atmosphere. The Mediterranean kitchen brings out delicious eats to the table such as pasta and pizza. My favorite thing to do is stop by for an early afternoon hangout with my friends and sit for a glass of wine and a charcuterie board. Great place for conversation, snapping cute photos with your friends and spending an afternoon in comfort.

Barbuzzo Screen Shot 2018 07 23 At 11.30.39 AM

Barbuzzo Dessert

Photos from Barbuzzo



Everyone needs a little zest every once and awhile…or all the time. And Aqimero offers just that. The wood-fired grill is located in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia and offers plates with a Latin inspired flavor. When I visited, I felt I was dining with the history of the city surrounding me. Philadelphia is known for its historical buildings and the monumental places where America was built, and that is exactly the aesthetic mixed with luxury classiness that Aqimero brings.

Aqimero BajaFishTaco2 Aqimero Drinks

Aqimero Brunch

Photos from Aqimero







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