5 Spring Trends I’m Obsessing Over

Forever 21 Maternity Scaled

Forever 21 Maternity

Each Spring season brings new trends as well as bringing back old trends. This year, I am seeing a lot of 90s trends coming back to the fashion world which has made me super happy as a person who was born in the 90s. Last week, I was excited to have bought a pair of overalls that I can wear this summer over my bump. Was anyone else as obsessed with overalls as I was? Let’s face it, overalls are cute and comfy. Plus they come in all different pant types – shorts, distressed, cropped…



There are so many trends I have been adoring this Spring other than the overalls, and the first two I combined and styled within the look on this post.

1 – Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve

The OTS trend has been an ongoing all-year trend and it has been one that I have absolutely adored. But one that I am loving even more that expands this trend is the OTS long-sleeved look. I’m not saying that I don’t love my arms, but with the Spring fluctating between the colder, more mild days, I am typically one that likes to keep my arms covered to keep in a little warmth. Plus, sometimes with the short sleeved, I feel like it is going into tube top territory and as much as I loved that trend during the 90s – that is one that I want to stay in my adolescent years. I see too many of my students breaking the school dress code and wearing tube tops. It’s just not for the adult me.

But the long sleeved, OTS trend is defintely one that I adore.


2 – Spring & Summer Prints

When I first saw this top at Forever 21, I fell in love with the print. I am a sucker for a top that has cute prints that match with the season, especially ones with watermelons or popsicle on it.

My favorite place to shop for prints for the Spring and Summer is at Forever 21. There are so many styles of prints to shop there whether it be a top, dress, or even pants. I’ve included some of my favorite picks that I am about to add to my shopping cart soon!


Fruit Print Top

Forever 21 Fruit Print Top
Forever 21 Off The Shoulder Maternity Style
Forever 21 Off The Shoulder Fruti Print Top

3 – Maxi Dresses

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love maxi dresses. Even as a petite woman, I am addicted to maxi dresses and even more so because so many brands and stores are not making maxi dresses that fit petite body frames without the need for hemming or having the dress look like it’s a tent.

4 – Distressed

I will admit that I am a huge sucker for distressed jeans. I can’t get enough of them. You see that I am wearing a pair in this look. When I can find distressed shorts or even distressed skirts, I am super excited to snag those as well. The distressed look is a staple of every season, but I you see more distressed looks during the warmer months.


5 – Wide Leg Pants

Not many people like to wear pants in the warmer months, because it’s just too hot. But some people, like me, still wear their jeans and some people even wear the wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are so great for the warmer months because the are airy. They aren’t tight against your leg, so you don’t get the feeling that you are being bundled up. And with most of the wide leg styles are high-waisted which is perfect for the petite trying to enlongate the leg while accentuating the waist.

Off The Shoulder Forever 21 Top Forever 21 Maternity Style
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