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Do you often find yourself saying: “There’s just not enough time in the day!” — I used to. There’s just so much that needs to be accomplished each and every day and not enough time to make it all happen. In the past I often found myself eating while I work, and putting headphones one when I was on the phone so that I could access my emails. I told myself that I needed to be doubly productive each and every second of the day. But the downfall is that I often didn’t have time for myself.

If you are like that now, you probably even have to schedule time for your friends and significant other. And at times, you probably catch yourself thinking how it even got to this point.

But there are ways to find more time in the day, and guarantee that each an every day you are staying strong, positive and healthy!

Here are a some tips on how to stay positive and healthy when you’re busy and need just an extra five minutes in the day.

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1. Keep Your Body Ready for Anything!
Before I changed my lifestyle around and found a way to de-stress and be healthy, I was always feeling overly tired and exhausted about halfway through the day. Which didn’t help me at all since I still had so much to do, but no energy left to do it. When I went to the doctors for my annual check-up, my doctor told me the best way to get rid of that tired feeling is to take vitamins (which I wasn’t taking before).

After my check-up, I went straight to my local Walmart and went to the vitamin isle near the pharmacy. There were so many choices to choose from, and it was sort of hard for me to decide. I called my mom and she told me that she takes Centrum daily vitamins and that is what she recommended that I take.

Centrum has so many varieties of vitamins to choose from, and I typically lean towards the vitamins for women (obviously…), and because my teeth are somewhat sensitive, I stick with gummy vitamins so they aren’t hard on my teeth.

Ever since that check-up, I’ve been taking my daily Centrum vitamins in one way or the other (I’ll talk about the other in another tip), and I’ve found that my body does not loose all it’s energy and it pretty much ready for anything that I would face in the day!


2. Do As Much As You Can Before

One thing that I started doing when I realized that I needed a few extra minutes in the day is try to plan ahead. When I was overly busy, I remember that my break in the day happened right before bed. So one thing that I started to do was pick out my outfit the night before instead of the morning of. This little trick give me 20 extra minutes in the morning which allowed me to eat breakfast and take my time getting ready so that I wasn’t running out of the door.

What I typically do is I go into my nightly routine (brush teeth, wash face) and then before I lay my head down on my pillow, I pick out my next day outfit and place it on my nightstand. Now, in the morning, I no longer spend 20 minutes staring at my closet trying to figure out what to wear.


3. Keep Extras With You

Now this is where I am going to tell you about my other Centrum vitamin choice. And honestly, when I first started taking vitamins, I didn’t even think to pick this product out.

There are a few days where my mind is everywhere else besides in the moment because of all that is on my plate. I mean…I’m starting a new job, just got out of grad school, AND I’m looking for a new home while planning a wedding. (whew!). So you can understand the moments when my head is just not in it.

It is on those days that I may run past my gummy vitamins and forget to take them in the morning, and this is where my Centrum Rasberry Vitamints come in!

I keep my Rasberry Vitamints in my bag as a backup for my regular vitamins. On the days that I run out of the house and forget to take my gummies, I have these in my bag to take while at work after my first meal or lunch.

There are even days that I purposely don’t take my Centrum gummy vitamins because I know that I am going to have a lunch that may give me garlic breath or something in the like – so I take my vitamints afterwards to give me my nutrients and refresh my breath at the same time. Talk about doing double the work!

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4. Know Your Timeline

This also connects back to planning ahead – if you’re working towards a goal or a project, the best way to alleviate some of the stress is to know your timeline. By being on top of due dates, you can plan ahead so that you can possibly finish the project before the due date which then gives you a few extra days/time to yourself.

For example, while I am planning my wedding, I have established a timeline for when certain things need to be planned, booked and paid for. With this timeline set up, I know when the point when I need to start the process and when I need to finish it, but most of the time I start the process way before it is really necessary. This gives me more time to plan other things and focus on one aspect at a time.

This can be applied to anything you are doing. If you have a project at work, try to start doing little things here and there before you really need to, so that as the deadline gets closer you are just putting the final touches on the finished project, or you just might be completely finished. If you are, take that time and congratulate yourself and relax.

5. Reward Yourself

The one thing that I do to keep myself happy is to reward myself when I set a goal and complete it. This not only gives me motivation, but I feel so happy when I complete the goal and get whatever it is that I wanted.

Here’s one thing that I do – say that I wanted to buy myself a new fitness tracker, but I don’t have the money right now. I tell myself that on the days that I go to the gym for a whole six months and not eat unhealthy, I will get myself the fitness tracker. This does double duty. Not only am I rewarding myself by going to the gym, but the money that I would use to buy myself fast food, I am actually saving to use towards my fitness tracker.

You can use this type of method with anything! If you want to buy yourself a new designer purse, then tell yourself that you will stop doing one thing that costs you a few dollars here and there for a period of time. At the end of the time, you can reward yourself with that purse and you have also saved money!

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Even if you can’t integrate all of these tips right way, try starting with one at a time. I guarantee that it will alleviate some of the stress that you are feeling in each day and give you a little pep in your step.

As an active millennial, you want to keep yourself happy, strong, and healthy each and every day.

Enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints!  Then come back and tell me in the comments below how you are taking the steps to become happier and healthier!

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