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Summer is here, and with it can come brutal heat and humidity. If you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself driven crazy by how quickly your makeup begins to smudge and melt in the humidity. Setting sprays become my best friend in the summer months, and Urban Decay’s setting spray is often revered as the best of the best. But you know that I love a good dupe, and today I’m super excited to share 5 Urban Decay setting spray dupe products with you.

Setting spray can truly be a lifesaver for your makeup in the summertime and some even consider it a beach bag essential. There’s nothing better than finding one that works for you, and in the world of setting spray dupes, I’m here to share the best options with you. You want makeup looks that will last on a budget? Trust me – I’ve got you. No matter your skin type, I have setting spray dupes that will give you long lasting makeup all summer long. Keep reading to discover my favorite products!

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5 Urban Decay Setting Spray Dupes

It’s no secret – everyone loves Urban Decay’s iconic All Nighter setting spray. It’s renowned with rave reviews for its long lasting effect, keeping makeup looking fresh for up to 16 hours. But at $36 a bottle, it’s not the most affordable choice on the market. I’m a big fan of discovering alternative dupes that achieve the same look and results for less, which is why I’ve compiled a list of my 5 favorite Urban Decay setting spray dupes.

But first off, let’s dive into why setting spray is so important to begin with.


Let’s picture a couple of different scenarios.

Scenario One: It’s a gorgeous weekend in July. You get up early to roadtrip with your best friend to the closest beach town, where you spend the day baking in the sun, exploring, and enjoying all of the best bars and restaurants. You spontaneously end up going dancing after dinner, and you don’t make it home until far past midnight.

Scenario Two: You’re off on a grand adventure. You finally booked the trip you’ve been dreaming of, and you’re crossing an ocean to make it happen. You know it will be worth it, but your travel day is over twelve hours long – maybe even an all nighter – with multiple flights and layovers and car services. By the end of the day, you’re wiped.

Scenario Three: You have a date tonight that you’re super excited about. Before you can get to that, though, you have a whole day ahead of you, and it does just about anything aside from going to plan. Work is hectic, you get distracted and find yourself running late to a meeting, and after work, you hop on the wrong train to meet your date for dinner. By the time you make it to the date, you feel like you’ve run a marathon.

What do all of these scenarios have in common?

By the end of each of them, your makeup is going to be toast.

You know that by the end of a hot, hectic day, the face you see in the mirror doesn’t quite match the one you saw when you left that morning. Heat, humidity, sweat, and the general wear and tear of the day are sure to leave your makeup worse than it was when you first applied it. But what if it didn’t have to?

With a good setting spray, your makeup can stay in place all day long – no smudging, and no melting. You can be confident that no matter what the day throws your way, your makeup will stay intact, so no matter how hot or harried you feel, no one would know it looking at you.

No longer do you have to worry about touching up your makeup in the bathroom between meetings or wondering if your mascara is smudged. With a good setting spray, you can trust that you have the same flawless finish as when you applied. And that’s why I’m so excited to show you my favorite Urban Decay setting spray dupe products. Once you find one you love, it’ll change your life.

HOW TO USE Setting Spray

Traditionally, setting spray is used at the end of your makeup routine. Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, setting it with your setting spray will hold the look in place for the day. (Kind of like hairspray for your face – but please, for the love of your pores, never use hairspray on your face.)

Once you’re ready to apply, shake the bottle and spray generously across your face, first in an X formation, then a T formation to ensure that you don’t miss an area. Be sure that you don’t touch your face after spraying it before the spray has fully dried – while setting spray is an invisible mist, you don’t want to smear or cause indentations or fingerprints in your makeup look!

Aside from the standard spray and go method, setting spray can also be used in a few other ways, especially if you have a special event on the horizon.

If you want a powder product such as an eyeshadow or highlighter to be more pigmented, vibrant, smooth, and long lasting, you can spray your eyeshadow or highlighter brush prior to using the product. This will not only increase the wear of the product, but will make the color truly pop.

Additionally, if you need to ensure that your foundation isn’t going anywhere, you can spray your foundation brush or sponge before applying foundation for added longevity. Some makeup artists also suggest applying a layer of foundation, spraying your face with setting spray, and then applying a second layer if you need to guarantee a flawless finish that will last all day. While it’s not recommended to do every day for the sake of your skin, if you are aiming for perfect makeup all day, it’s the top technique to try.

Urban Decay Setting Spray Dupes By Skin Type: What to Look For

As you’re deciding which Urban Decay setting spray dupe is best for you, it’s important to remember that skin type matters. Not all products are best for all skin types, and that’s okay! Different types of skin need different things. That’s why it is so important to learn which products work best for your specific skin type.

If you have dry skin, you want to be sure that your setting spray is aimed at hydration. After all, setting spray is the final step in your makeup routine, so if your setting spray is particularly drying, your skin will quickly look dry and cakey. So many setting sprays are targeted specifically at hydrating skin, so look for a hydrating formula before you buy!

Meanwhile, if you have oily skin, take the time to look for a setting spray that is targeted at absorbing oil and eliminating shine throughout the day. There are some great matte finish setting sprays, some in which are included in this Urban Decay setting spray dupe list, that will keep you from looking and feeling oily all day long. Trust me – a good oil control makeup setting spray is your friend!

Once you find a long last setting spray that works for your skin type, you will feel like a professional makeup artist in no time. Setting spray is one of the beauty products that I truly never would want to live without, and I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite setting mists today. Keep reading to learn about all of my favorite products!

Elizabeth Mott

Thank Me Later Face Makeup Setting Spray

The Thank Me Later setting spray by Elizabeth Mott is targeted specifically towards my oily-skinned gals. Its matte finish keeps you looking dry all day long, and its weightless formula prevents creases, fading, and smearing. This light mist smells great and does its job – trust me, as the bottle says, you’ll thank me later.

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NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

For professional quality setting spray, you can’t go wrong with NYX. Their matte finish stays put all day, and helps makeup last up to sixteen hours. It’s also incredibly hydrating and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Whether you have a day at the office ahead of you or a night on the town – or both! – this setting spray will keep your makeup intact through it all.

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Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist

Everyone’s drugstore makeup favorite, e.l.f. has a fantastic Stay All Night setting mist. They like to say that touchups are now a thing of the past, because this spray keeps your makeup intact for up to sixteen hours. Plus, e.l.f. products are famously cruelty-free and vegan, so you can feel good about your purchase every time.

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Make It Last 3-in-1 Setting Spray and Primer

Milani’s setting spray doesn’t only set your makeup – it primes your skin as well. Whether you want to spray under your makeup, over your makeup, or both, Milani Make It Last Setting Spray will keep your face flawless all day long. It smells great, and leaves your skin glowing – what else could you ask for?

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The Makeup Finishing Spray

Often renowned as the ultimate Urban Decay All Nighter dupe, Skindinavia’s makeup setting spray is perfect for events, long days, and travel. It protects against both heat and moisture, and is paraben free, hypoallergenic, and vegan. Fragrance free and fabulous, this spray is a must have product.

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