5 Ways to Shop Luxury for Less

nakd midi dress

nakd midi dress

We all like the feeling and experience luxury. Whether it is a luxury vacation, a luxury handbag, or event just a luxurious spa treatment that you finally were able to book after months of hard labor at work. You love it; I love it; We love it. But it is very expensive to keep up a luxury lifestyle. Let’s face it, everything luxury is mostly over $1k and, for many people, that’s the decision of whether to splurge on a handbag or pay your mortgage. At least, that’s what the common thought is. For me, I have worked to negate that idea. I will admit that I live a luxury lifestyle and I dress to fit the luxury look. But I am not paying those luxury prices. My tricks for living this lifestyle without going broke centers around saving, making right decisions, finding dupes, and shopping at the appropriate places. And here are a few places that I shop luxury for less.



Nordstrom is one of the biggest retailers of affordable luxury pieces. And let’s face it, even the unaffordable pieces eventually go on a sale, so then they make them affordable. This is the first place that I go when I am looking for new pieces to add to my collection of luxury looks. Even if you are looking for a splurge moment, you can do that there. My biggest tip for shopping Nordstrom is make sure that you are a part of their rewards program. When you make your purchases, you’ll get points that go towards notes that basically works as a “cash back” kind of deal. Additionally, you’ll receive more perks as you move up in the ladder as you gain more points.


I have been shopping NA-KD for some time now. This navy, floral dress is actually from NA-KD and I get so many compliments on it. They have a luxury style that I love and their prices are super affordable. I don’t even think there is really many items that are above $150. Some of the pieces that I pick out, including this look that I shared to Instagram, have such a luxury look to them that many people actually think I spent hundreds of dollars on the look. And when they say that, I just smile and nod, and know that I am achieving the look that I want to achieve at the price that I want to reach.

dark rose dress nakd

mesh summer dress


Rebag is a new brand that was recently introduced to me. I have never really been a huge handbag person, so buying a handbag that is hundreds of dollars always gave me an overwhelmed feeling. I just kept thinking “Why would I pay this much for a bag that I may not even carry around out of fear of getting it dirty?” Then one day someone showed me a few videos of people talking about the investment of a luxury handbag and how it is not a waste. I was convinced, but I still couldn’t bring myself to splurge on a thousand dollar handbag. And that’s when REBAG came in. The site takes lightly used bags and allows you to sell and/or buy them. The price points are still in the upper hundreds and thousands, but the prices are lower than the original selling price.


Shopbop is known for selling luxury brand clothing and accessories for both men and women. And every so often, similar to Nordstrom, they’ll have a big sale that makes a lot of the clothing and accessories a lot more affordable than what they were before. The price points are a little higher in certain pieces than department stories such as Nordstrom, but the prices are still within what we would like to call the “normal” range of affordable luxury pieces.

midi dress nakd
nakd dark rose dress
mesh midi dress


Everyone knows about Revolve, and though I was not a fan of them for a few months, I eventually changed my tune and have now worn and showcased a variety of looks picked from the Revolve brand house. There are a few luxury looks for the Fall such as this red dress and this sweater dress which I have been loving this season. There are so many other amazing looks that they début on the website almost weekly, and the price points, though in the hundreds are reasonable. And if you can wait and want to take the risk, some of the pieces do eventually go on sale and you can snag them in your size before anyone else does.

nakd dress
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