72 Hours in Charleston, SC

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Charleston Travel Guide

A few weeks ago, hubby and I took a trip down to spend a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Our primary reason as to why we went down south was because I was speaking at a social media conference – SMADCON – but, off course, we had to make it a trip where we could experience the city, get some southern food, and learn the history of Charleston. Though we only really had 72 hours in Charleston, we were able to experience quite a few things and learned that we need to head back sooner than we really planned.

If you want to spend a weekend in a southern city, it’s hard to beat Charleston. You can explore both the city as well as the nearby beaches, and can experience beautiful sights, great food, and fascinating history. There’s something for everyone to love, so whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or going solo, there will be ways to spend your days no matter how much time you have to spend in the area. I can guarantee that you’ll find yourself ready to return! Keep reading for some of my top travel tips when visiting this beautiful southern city.

A Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Travel Guide

For those who don’t know, my paternal grandmother’s side of the family is actually from South Carolina. So since I was a little one, I have spent many summers in the south as well as every other Thanksgiving. My family is actually from Hartsville which is a little more country and way less city – if you know what I mean – and to be honest, as close as I had been, I had never actually been to Charleston. So this was my first time, and it did not disappoint.

We were able to check out some various places to eat and see in the 72 hours that we were there, and I want to share those top places with you. Make sure to also check out my video diary of my time in Charleston so you can see a little more into your trip.

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In the historic district, if you just simply walk down King Street, you’ll run into a variety of different places to eat and relax. For me, I was especially happy with the amount of places that had patios because it allowed me to sit outside and enjoy that patio life while socializing with the people of Charleston.

  • 492 – This cozy little restaurant makes you feel as if you are dining in your family friend’s dining room. The warmth and comfort of the location made us feel right at home when we walked in. We got two of the specialty drinks and I highly recommend getting the punch when you go. It had the right balance of sweet and bitter and it was refreshing on that humid day that we had experienced while we were there.
  • The Watch – This restaurant gave us the luxurious experience that we are always looking for. At the top of the Restoration Hotel down King Street you will find this Southern bay locale where you will feel as if you are watching the historic district from above and taking in the sights of the city. I highly recommend to head here for lunch as the food is comforting but doesn’t give you that loaded down full where you feel like you can’t function for the rest of the day. And, oh yeah, get the chocolate cake for dessert. You’re welcome.
Charleston Mansion


The Charleston Historic District is filled with a variety of different locations to see historical sites. I mean, it’s the historic district. There are a number of mansions that you can visit to learn the history of Charleston from the historic society that has been learning, studying, and bringing out the history of each of these locations first hand. Even more you can head over to some plantations and see the grounds and how certain plantations were run. And if you want to head to one single place to learn about the overall history, the Charleston Museum is located right at the center and you can go to learn about the Charleston, the Civil War, and even some world and natural history.

  • Aiken-Rhette House*
  • Nathaniel Russel House*
  • Gibbes Museum of Art
  • Edmonton-Alston House
  • Drayton Hall
  • Middleton Place
  • Joseph Manigault House
  • Heyward Washington House
  • The Charleston Museum*

((Locations marked with an asterisk are places that we were able to visit between the conference events // Keep note that many of these locations will require an hour minimum for a visit.))

Thank you to SMADCON and Explore Charleston for hosting me on this trip. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.




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