9 Amazing Anthropologie Mirror Dupes for Your Home

Anthropologie Mirror Dupe

Everyone loves the iconic Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror – but we don’t all love the price tag. At anywhere from $500 – $1,500 depending on the size of the mirror you choose, it might be a splurge that isn’t in your budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the elegant aesthetic of the Anthro mirror. I’ve found some great Anthropologie mirror dupe options that you’ll love – and I can’t wait to share them with you!

The Anthropologie mirror is a favorite because of the classic, luxurious aesthetic that it brings to any space. Influencers and designers across the internet have fallen in love with it! Due to the mirror’s large size, it makes otherwise small spaces seem big and open, and adds an elegant touch that you will love. If you’re looking for similar mirrors that won’t break the bank, I have you covered with a list of my favorite dupes. Keep reading to find the perfect one for you!

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From the moment I first saw the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror, I fell in love. It was hard not to – it took the internet by storm, and soon everywhere you turned, influencers were styling gorgeous bedrooms and living rooms with this stylish full length mirror. The elegant, vintage aesthetic looked great styled so many different ways, and it wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to recreate the look in my own home. But if you’re decorating on a budget, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never have that aesthetic in your own home. You know me, though – I’m always on the lookout for a good dupe, and this was no exception. I decided to scour the internet for Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror dupes, and was thrilled with the results I found.

Finding a good Anthropologie Primrose mirror dupe is actually a lot easier than you might think. The goal is to find something in the style of an antique gold mirror – and thanks to the popularity of Anthropologie’s mirror, there are so many Anthro mirror dupes on the market now. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding stylish dupes of products that I love, and I was so excited to stumble onto so many great options. I am even more excited to get to share them with you today!



If you aren’t familiar with the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirror, you might find yourself wondering what all the hype is about. Why is everyone so excited about a mirror?

First off, this isn’t just some trendy hype moment – the Gleaming Primrose mirror is Anthropologie’s top selling style of mirror of all time. It may have skyrocketed to the top due to its social media fame, but long before it was all over Instagram and TikTok, this mirror was beloved for it’s classic, elegant, vintage-inspired style. It is beautifully detailed, and crafted by hand, so each mirror is a bit unique.

The Anthro Gleaming Primrose mirror is made with top of the line materials, and unlike many mirrors, this mirror is made to be leaned, not hung, for a beautifully luxurious effect. Anti-tip hardware is both included and recommended both for your own safety as well as the mirror’s maintenance.

One of my personal favorite things about this mirror is that it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there are different options for different spaces and rooms. The tallest floor mirror is probably the most well-known and beloved, but I love that there are medium and small options as well as the large option.

The ornate frame is stunning, and I love the easy elegance that it brings to a space. Home decor can be a daunting world to dive into, but with timeless, classic pieces like this mirror, decorating your home suddenly got easier.


Once you decide which of the affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes below is perfect for your space, it comes time to ask the question of how you want to style it in your home. There are so many ways that you can style your mirror depending on the style of mirror you choose as well as the space that you have to work with, so I wanted to give you some ideas to use as a starting point. Interior design doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, it should be fun!

The great thing about arch mirrors is that they are pretty much a universally flattering piece. It’s hard to find a space that they don’t look great in. Their clean lines and aesthetically pleasing shape look good in nearly any room.

The traditional way to style an Anthropologie mirror dupe is in your living space. The fan-favorite tall leaning mirrors can be leaned up against a wall in your main living space, whether that’s a living room or dining room. You can also prop your mirror up in a corner, which makes the room feel a lot bigger than it actually is thanks to the mirror’s large reflective surface. Hallways or entryways are another great spot for a mirror in your home as they give you a place to check your outfit or hair as you head out the door for the day.

Additionally, your mirror dupe would also look great in a bedroom. Everyone needs a good floor length mirror to use as they get ready, and this classy, elegant mirror is the perfect choice for your room. Once again, prop it up against a wall or in the corner for a gorgeous addition to your space.

If you choose to purchase one of the smaller mirror options, there are so many great spots to use them throughout your home as well! These mirrors work best propped up on top of a table or dresser, so think about incorporating your small mirror in your front entryway, office, or other living space.

Additionally, you can prop your Anthropologie mirror dupe up on top of a dresser or other tabletop in your bedroom for the perfect space to use as you get ready in the morning. It makes for a beautiful space to do your hair and makeup, and the vintage aesthetic of the mirror helps enhance and create a lovely vanity area. I love accessorizing with pretty bottles of perfume or elegant hairbrushes for a spot in my room that simply exudes luxury.

There are so many ways that you can style an Anthropologie mirror dupe. They are such a classic piece, and I am thrilled to be incorporating one into my own home decor as we begin decorating our new home. If you’re looking to add effortless class and luxury to your space, grabbing one of these mirror dupes for yourself is a quick and easy way to do so. So what are you waiting for? Scroll through some of my favorite Anthropologie mirror dupes and find the one that is perfect for your space. Trust me – you will be so glad that you did.


Kate and Laurel Arendahl Full Length Mirror

This mirror is two feet wide and almost four feet tall, with gorgeous, ornate gold detailing that I just love. Its antique, vintage design adds an elegant touch to any space, and this mirror would work well in so many different spots throughout your home.

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Eloise Arch Mirror

This mirror is almost an exact dupe for the Anthropologie mirror, so if you’re going for the closest aesthetic accuracy, this is one to keep on your list. It comes in several different sizes, so you can easily choose the one that’s the best fit for your space.

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Horace Window Pane Wall Mirror

I love this mirror’s stunning antique gold finish. The detailing is gorgeous, and I love the ornate, elegant feel that it will add to a room.

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Gold Bordeaux Ornate Leaner Mirror

This mirror is one of the most decadent and ornate on the list, so if you’re going for a maximalist aesthetic, it is the perfect choice for you. It’s over five feet tall, and nearly four feet wide, so it gives that gorgeous, large look that I love.

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lulu and georgia

Tulca Floor Mirror

On the other hand, this mirror is a great choice if you want to go for a more minimalist aesthetic. While it still has a bit of detailing up top, this mirror is more subtle and refined, which I am always a fan of.

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Cummons Arch Wall Mirror

Another ornate choice, this mirror from Wayfair adds a fun, dramatic flair to your space. It’s a brighter, more yellow gold than some of the options on your list, so if you want less of an antique look, it’s a great choice.

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Luisa Mirror

That’s right – an Anthro dupe from Anthro! These mirrors are cheaper than the Gleaming Primrose, while still maintaining the style and quality of an Anthropologie piece. I love the hummingbird detailing, and think this mirror is an absolute stunner.

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lamps plus

Adeline Antique Gold Ornate Wall Mirror

This is another beautiful choice that has the antique, vintage look with antique gold detailing. It’s large enough to brighten any space, and adds a refined touch to any interior design plan.

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lulu and georgia

Tulca Mirror

If you want a mirror that will look great on a dresser top or hanging on the wall, this is the one for you. I love its wide, rounded shape, and if gold isn’t the aesthetic you’re going for, it also comes in black!

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