90s Party Attire

90s Attire

Taylor Swift may “come back stronger than a 90s trend,” but let’s be real – the 90s are back, and we’re not mad about it. 90s style is taking over the fashion landscape, and it’s so much fun to see the trends that were so popular in the 90s once again hitting the mainstream again. It makes it super easy to throw a fun 90s party with your friends and family, and I’m here for all of the best 90s party attire for your upcoming bash.

If you’re throwing a 90s theme party, you’re going to need the perfect outfit, and I’m excited to share some of my best party outfit ideas here on the blog today. There are so many different ways that you can style a 90s look, from pop star to grunge and beyond, and if you’re stumped on what to wear, I’ve got you covered. No matter what style you’re going for as you shop for your party, I have a list of the best costume ideas that you’re sure to love.


I love themed parties – they are so much fun! From planning out the themed food to coming up with unique activities to do, everything from the party planning to execution is a blast to put together. And I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that my favorite part of the process is deciding what to wear.

Looking for a great themed party idea? Throw a 90s party! Your friends and family will have a great time styling looks from the not-so-distant past, and you can all enjoy a little dose of nostalgia.

If you need great 90s party outfit, I’m here to share some of my favorite outfit ideas. Choose your favorite, and send this post to your friends in need of some inspiration! Trust me – the photos will be priceless.


No matter what style you’re going for from everyone’s favorite decade (just me?), I have outfit ideas that you’re going to love. Keep reading for all of my best 90s party attire ideas!


In the 90s, you either had a grunge friend or you were the grunge friend. The 90s grunge look is such a fun style for a party, and it’s so easy to put together. Think edgy looks that could work for anyone from a skateboarder to an angsty poet. if you need some extra inspiration, Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill has some great looks. For a 90s grunge costume, think about items such as oversized plaid shirts, leather jackets, or baggy, ripped black jeans. Band merch works great for the grunge look, as do pieces with mesh. You can incorporate some great dramatic black or studded accessories as well for a perfect finishing touch. The grunge look is super oversized and baggy – no tucking your clothes in, let them hang! – and really comfortable, so it’s a great look if you’re hosting the party and will be running around keeping everything running smoothly.



It’s the iconic look of the 90s – all denim all the time. Channel your inner DJ Tanner or boyband look with an all denim style. The 90s were all about oversized, baggy pieces like big denim jackets and baggy jeans. Ripped jeans are always my go-to for 90s looks, or jeans that have large pockets – the added storage is just a bonus! This style works well for any weather as you can switch pieces out based on the temperature – add extra layers in the winter, or switch things around for shorts or a skirt and a cropped t-shirt in the summertime.



The 90s were the era of the pop star – we were all obsessed with legends like Britney Spears, and girl groups like the Spice Girls were all the rage. Dressing as a pop star is one of my favorite looks to style for a 90s party, because let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to recreate the looks of their favorite teenage icons? From mini skirts to crop tops to sparkly dresses and beyond, experiment with fun hair and jewelry to finish off a look you’ll love. Grab a pair of platform heels for that iconic 90s style, and hey – don’t forget the facial glitter!



A trend that stayed strong into the early 2000’s thanks to Destiny’s Child, camouflage style was hot in the 90s. Wearing a crop top and cargo pants is always a hit for a 90s outfit, or you can embrace camo pieces in varying styles – overalls, jumpsuits, mini skirts. The sky is the limit with a camo look for a 90s costume party! Finish it off with chunky jewelry, an oversized jacket, or your favorite pair of combat boots.



Made popular by the legendary Cher in Clueless, the plaid schoolgirl look was all the rage in the 90s. Creating a Clueless-inspired look for your upcoming 90s party is one of the most iconic outfits you can put together, but if you can’t find the iconic yellow plaid in time, don’t forget that plaid made its way into 90s style in other ways, too. From plaid skirts to plaid jumpers, there were so many cute plaid pieces in the 90s that you can draw inspiration for as you put together the perfect party outfit.



When in doubt, add sparkle! The 90s were filled with fun sparkly and metallic dresses, so find your favorite fun slip dress and wear it the next time that you’re looking for the perfect 90s attire. The 90s were filled with bold looks, so don’t be afraid to go a little over the top. And if you don’t finish the look off with facial jewels, are you really channeling the 90s? I don’t think so.



Athletic wear of the 90s was iconic. From bold patterns and prints to bright colored windbreakers and comfy sweatpants, the 90s were all about fun and comfort. Channel your inner aerobics instructor, or pull out some baggy pieces for an oversized look.



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