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As it gets nicer and nicer outside, and these beautiful Spring days become more and more consistent, many of us are definitely wanting to go to restaurants with outdoor eating.  Everywhere that I look, outdoor seating is getting more and more available, and restaurants are getting booked very early to where you’ll start needing to make a reservation for dinner at least three days prior. But one way to avoid that missed opportunity for a last-minute reservation is to opt-in for brunch. Brunchin outdoors is one of my favorite things to do, and I will admit that I love it just a little more than dinner time. So what I have been doing is lining up some of my favorite outfits to wear for a brunchtime look.




Whether you’re heading out to have brunch at one of the most Instagramable places to eat in your city or whether you’re doing a pop-up picnic so that you can have your personal aesthetic and brunch brought to you, the outfit that you wear can make your brunch experience all the better. It’s not a secret that I love florals, whether it’s florals for the Fall or florals for the Spring, I’m styling florals because floral prints make it so easy to create a show-stopping look.

For floral brunch outfits, I always recommend going with colors that compliment your style and your skin tone. You don’t want a print that washes out your Spring/Summer tone and makes you look as if there is something not quite right with the outfit, or something strange going on with your skin. And, of course, make sure that you’re wearing something comfortable, but don’t feel as if you need to wear something that is super loose and not form-fitting. Brunch is typically not a meal where you tend to eat tons of food. It’s more of a mealtime where you enjoy the libations and have a meal that fills you up just enough to take you to dinner time.

Lastly, dress for the occasion. If you’re going to a little more of a “classy” restaurant, you’ll want to possibly wear a more business casual dress, whereas, if you’re going somewhere more lowkey you may opt for a top and a comfortable pair of jeans or shorts. The great thing about this floral print dress is that not only does the print come in a dress, but it also comes in a two-piece short set. So no matter what the vibe is, you can wear this print to any of your brunch outings.

Floral Brunch Outfit
Floral Print Dress
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Red Dress Ivory Floral Print Dress
Unforgettable Impression Ivory Floral Print Dress
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