A Modern Cinderella Inspired Style

Modern Disney Princess Cinderella
Modern Disney Princess Cinderella

I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney princesses. My all-time favorite Disney princess is Belle because of her love for books, nature, and the compassion that she has for others. My love for Belle and “Beauty and the Beast” is so deep that I actually had our son’s gender reveal and baby shower as Beauty and the Beast theme. There are so many ways to incorporate Disney princesses into stylish looks, party themes, and even big occasions. And I adore being able to create looks inspired by Disney princesses, so though my love does go deep for Belle, I switched things up this season and decided to find inspiration in Cinderella for some modern looks.

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Modern Disney Princess


Disney Princesses are just inspirational in so many ways. From their unique styles, personalities, and the stories that align with them, they bring magic to this world that lasts beyond childhood. Though like I have said, I love me some Belle, it is Cinderella’s style that has been one that I adored for many years. Even in the recent live-action version of Cinderella with Lily Allen, the dresses that were styled for her were absolutely amazing. If that movie had come out before my wedding, I probably would have tried to emulate the wedding gown she wore at the end of the movie.

To create a Cinderella-inspired look, I will say that the first thing is that you want to keep within the blue color palette that Cinderella is known for. You can deviate away from the typical baby blue to a grayish blue, but if you’re going for a more recognizable look based on this princess, I highly recommend keeping it blue.

The next step in creating the look is to pick one that matches your personal aesthetic, but still has a feminine element to it. Whether you’re one that is a little more boho or you’re one that has a more sophisticated, edgy look, you can take the color and the feminine aspect that is Cinderella and create a modern style that is fit for you, because like I said, creating a great look is always about matching your personal style.

I’ve rounded up some pieces that would fit great for creating a Cinderella-inspired look. You can also check out the Cinderella outfit that I put together on an Instagram Reel to use that as another layer of inspiration to create your own looks.



Once you’ve put together your look, leave a comment on this post or tag me on Instagram sharing your look as I would love to share it! 

Modern Cinderella Style
Revolve Superdown Blue Ruffle Mini Dress
Revolve Mini Dress
Modern Cindrella Look
Disney Princess Style
Disney Princess Inspired Look
Blue Ruffle Mini Dress
Superdown Blue Ruffle Mini Dress
Superdown Blue Ruffle Dress
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