A Stylish Attraction of Opposites in a Spring Outfit

Chinese Laundry Booties

Lauren Conrad Kohls

Spring has arrived and though the days are still slightly cold, there is some warmth that is coming in that is allowing me to get rid of the winter coat and just stick to a nice warm sweater to start off my spring outfit. I recently went on a shopping trip at Kohl’s – a store that I haven’t actually shopped at since I was a teenager – and took a stroll around the women’s section. In the section, I found the Lauren Conrad clothing line. I was a big fan of “The Hills” when it was on TV. It was like a guilty pleasure of mine. The drama that unfolded was just entertaining though sometimes ridiculous. But one of the things that I like about the show was the young women such as Lauren that were working towards their goals and achieve their dream jobs. And according to this fashion line and everything Lauren Conrad is going, she made it. She is a true inspiration.



When it comes to your spring outfit, don’t be afraid to put together opposites. Recently, I did just that. I purchased a few items from the line including this comfortable wine colored sweater that is embellished with little sequin accents. The top has a nice bell sleeved look to it that is not as dramatic as you may find some of the other bell sleeved looks.

For this outfit, I combined it with a pair of open toed booties by Kristin Cavallari who has a shoe line on Chinese Laundry. Now, if you remember, Lauren and Kristin did not get along on the show. They were enemies…frenemies…basically, they didn’t completely like each other. But in this outfit, they are a match made in style.

There’s so much you can do to get your closet to the point where you have every perfect spring outfit that you are looking for. The trick is not being afraid to match things that you think may not go together and taking risks. Frenemies are still friends in the end.

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