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Cottagecore is a really big trend this spring season. Honestly, I was just introduced to the trend this past month by a Gen Z who told me that I was wearing a lot of cottagecore aesthetic clothes. Of course, when it was said to me,  thought the term was completely made up, but the more I did research on it, the more that I found that many of the boutiques I shopped at had dedicated sections to find pieces in the trend. It is definitely a trend that is taking over and, I will say, that cottagecore looks like it’s a trend that is going to be at the top this season.

There are so many details of cottagecore fashion that make me swoon – the floral prints, he embroidered lace, the corset tops. Cottagecore clothing is dainty, light, and feminine, sometimes a little vintage, and ceaselessly elegant. It makes you feel graceful and free, and I have loved filling my closet with cottagecore pieces in recent days. Cottagecore outfits are so much fun to put together, and I’m hoping that this trend is one that sticks around for quite a long time to come. And I think it will – because one of the best parts of cottagecore is that it’s utterly timeless.

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Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes: What Are They?

The cottagecore aesthetic is all about the style associated with styles of the farm and the countryside. Imagine the fashionable looks that are usually seen on those in photos where they are wandering around in a pasture – it’s a trend we have seen time and time again, but there wasn’t a name that we really had called the trend before. Think farmland chic – a model wandering through a field of flowers and berries, wicker picnic basket gracefully tucked under her arm as she stares wistfully at the mountains in the distance. Anyone else hearing “The Sound of Music” in their head?

Cottagecore is centered around what you would imagine yourself wearing if you lived in a cottage in the countryside. In the trend, you’ll see a lot of florals, puff sleeves, tiered skirts, touches of lace, flowy dresses, and lots of soft feminine colors. It’s simplistic. It’s calming. It’s comforting. In the style, you’ll also see outfits with off-the-shoulder tops, brimmed hats, square necklines, and printed scarves. Much attention is paid to the details in cottagecore style, and you’ll see a lot of floral lace, floral embroidery, or eyelet lace. Cottagecore dresses can be any length – I love both cottagecore mini dresses and midi dresses – and usually feature floral prints and perhaps lace trim. 

When Did Cottagecore Become Popular?

Cottagecore really rose in popularity during the pandemic days of 2020. I know, I know – it’s not a time that any of us wish to revisit, but it was during this time that we saw the cottagecore trend really begin to take the stage in the fashion world. Cottagecore is based in simplicity, and in finding joy and beauty in the simplest of things – something that we all had to do when the world shut down. It is a style that is more intentional, more grounded in life. When you think of cottagecore, you think of time spent outdoors in the fields, or of homemaking activities. You think of slower days, and time with family. These were the good things that came from the hard days of lockdown – the strange break that we had from the hustle and bustle of life. Cottagecore has its emphasis in removing the hustle and bustle of life all the time – not just during a pandemic – and taking time to rest and live slowly.

How to Create a Cottagecore Outfit

It really isn’t hard at all to put together cottagecore aesthetic outfits. Cute cottagecore clothes are everywhere these days, so it is super easy to find a look that you will love. If you’re in need of outfit ideas as you dive into the cottagecore trend, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. 

First, start off with your base. Are you wanting to wear a dress, a top and a skirt, or a shirt and pants? You can put together a cottagecore outfit with any of the three, so decide what kind of base you’re looking for, and we can work from there.

If you want to wear a dress or skirt, remember the two F’s – it’s all about the flow and florals. Floral print instantly makes anything more cottagecore, so if you’re looking for cottagecore aesthetic clothes, florals are the first place you should start. I also think that anything looks more cottagecore when it’s a little flowy, so picking a dress or skirt that has some flow to it will add to the cottagecore vibes as well. After all, how are you supposed to frolic in a field in a skirt that won’t spin? 

If dresses aren’t your speed, don’t worry. You can still rock a cottagecore look. Another way of looking at the cottagecore trend is that you want to pick pieces that are picnic chic. Think of what you would wear to a picnic, then elevate it. Wide-legged jeans, flowy brown pants, or pastel overalls are all fun ways to step into a cottagecore look without wearing a skirt or a dress. I like to pair pants with a floral embroidered top for a look that’s a little retro and very cottagecore.

Then we move on to the fun part – accessories! There are so many ways that you can accessorize your cottagecore aesthetic clothes. Hair scarves are a big trend in the world of cottagecore, as they really add to that rustic farmgirl look. Dangly earrings are also big in cottagecore – sometimes something dainty, like a thin gold hoop, but oftentimes something more fun. I once saw a cottagecore outfit that was styled with a big pair of mushroom earrings, and it added such a whimsical, fairy-like touch to the outfit that I couldn’t resist.

It’s also worth mentioning that cottagecore doesn’t always have to be light and floral. Dark cottagecore outfits have also gained in popularity, and are a fun trend. With dark cottagecore, it’s less about the light, dainty, whimsical look, and instead takes a turn into the dark academia aesthetic. Think lots of dark greens and blacks, outfits that look like you just emerged from deep in the forest – lace-up corsets and deep checkered skirts, suspenders and old fashioned boots. I myself haven’t spent much time styling outfits that fall into the category of the dark cottagecore aesthetic, but I think that it’s a really fun look that is definitely worth diving into if that is more your style than the traditional light cottagecore aesthetic. 

However you prefer to style your cottagecore look, at the end of the day, it’s still a really exciting trend, and one of my favorite popular styles right now. I have a feeling that cottagecore is going to be popular for a very long time – after all, its timeless nature is what has drawn us all to it to begin with! I’m looking forward to continuing to fill my wardrobe with many new cottagecore pieces as the style continues to grow and evolve. 

Why I Love Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes

It was when I had worn this outfit to a date night that I first learned about the cottagecore trend. I had simply bought the outfit thinking that it was pretty – I had no idea that I was jumping onboard a new trend! I was so excited to learn about cottagecore, and have been in love with it ever since. It was the lace details of the slip dress along with the puff sleeves, floral print, light colors, and lace detail on the duster that makes this outfit fit in the trend.

You’ll probably be seeing me wearing this trend this summer since I am one that loves incorporating florals and feminine styles into my wardrobe. Elegant, dainty pieces are some of my favorites to wear, and I am so excited to begin filling my closet with more cottagecore pieces now that I have learned more about the trend. I’ve already purchased a few pieces that are currently en route which you can take a peek at on my ‘Shop My Closet‘ page. Hopefully, they will inspire you to begin putting together your own cottagecore looks! And below, I’ve also included a round-up of some amazing pieces from the cottagecore trend that you can add to your closet.

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