A Little Touch of Cottagecore

We Wore What Lace Duster

We Wore What Lace Duster

Cottagecore is a really big trend this Spring season. Honestly, I was just introduced to the trend this past month by a Gen Z who told me that I was wearing a lot of Cottagecore styles. Of course, when it was said to me,  thought the term was completely made up, but the more I did research on it, the more that I found that many of the boutiques I shopped at had dedicated sections to find pieces in the trend. It is definitely a trend that is taking over and, I will say, that Cottagecore looks like it’s a trend that is going to be at the top this season.  




The Cottagecore trend is all about the style associated with styles of the farm and the countryside. Imagine the fashionable looks that are usually seen on those in photos where they are wandering around in a pasture – it’s a trend we have seen time and time again, but there wasn’t a name that we really had called the trend before.

Cottagecore is centered around what you would imagine yourself wearing if you lived in a cottage in the countryside. In the trend, you’ll see a lot of florals, puff sleeves, tiered skirts, touches of lace, flowy dresses, and lots of soft feminine colors. It’s simplistic. It’s calming. It’s comforting. In the style, you’ll also see outfits with off-the-shoulder tops, brimmed hats, square necklines, and printed scarves. It was when I had worn this outfit to a date night that I learned about the Cottagecore trend. It was the lace details of the slip dress along with the puff sleeves, floral print, and lace detail on the duster that makes this outfit fit in the trend.

You’ll probably be seeing me wearing this trend this summer since I am one that loves incorporating florals and feminine styles into my wardrobe. I’ve already purchased a few pieces that are currently en route which you can take a peek at on my ‘Shop My Closet‘ page. And below, I’ve also included a round-up of some amazing pieces from the Cottagecore trend that you can add to your closet.


Cottagecore Style
Rizzo Silk Slip
Cottagecore Duster
Spell Slip Dress
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