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Ypb Set

It’s no secret that one of my favorite fashion brands to shop is Abercrombie. I will admit that I wasn’t much into the brand in my teenage year due to the reputation that it had, but as things shifted in the brand and my own personal style developed, I took on a love for Abercrombie style. With that love, I was so excited to discover Abercrombie’s new activewear line, YPB, because it not only gives you the comfort that you are looking for when you’re active, but it also has great style and function for every body type and form.

You may be wondering what is the hype about this line or, if you haven’t even heard the hype, what is this line in the first place. Well, if you’re either of the two, then this post will clue you in. Not only is this line amazing for athletic wear, but you can also create great athleisurewear looks.

In this post, I’ll be sharing details about what the Abercrombie YPB line is, how it fits different body types, and giving my personal review on some of the picks that I have on my favorites along with the ones that I have already purchased.


Ypb Cropped Hoodie


You may be scratching your head trying to figure out what YPB even means. It’s a unique name to call an activewear line, but when you really understand it’s means, it’s actually quite catch and fits right with the Abercrombie brand. YPB is short for ‘YOUR PERSONAL BEST’. With Abercrombie being an inclusive brand that focuses on creating pieces that fit various styles and promoting diverse people to be just the best that they can be, the title of this line fits so well. The collection is giving those who just want to be their best selves and do their personal best a line that they can wear, feel comfortable, and look great. .


As mentioned, Abercrombie has branched out quite a lot in the past couple of decades with their line being a lot more inclusive in sizing and body shapes. Within the YBP line, you’ll find that no only does the sizing go up to 2XL, but that the sizing also fits to body shapes with their Curve Love or Classic Fit sizing.

THE 5 Performance Fabrics OF YPB

With the inclusive sizing, the YPB brand also includes five performance fabrics. Each fabric is designed to flatter a variety of diverse body types while also making you feel comfortable while doing your personal best.

  • YPB sculptLUX
    A soft, sculpting, and flattering fabric that gives the smooth finish and leaves you feeling supported and looking great.
  • YPB seamlessCORE
    Stretch and seamless so that you feel comfortable during your workout. This fabric moves with you and works just as hard as you do so there’s nothing holding you back from your personal best.
  • YPB studioSOFT
    A buttery soft fabric that feels barely there. Designed for comfort and flexibility, this fabric is great for wearing during Yoga or Pilates.
  • YPB motionTEK
    Lightweight, breathable and stretchy, this fabric moves with you. You’ll want pieces in this fabric for your days out walking, jogging, or running.
  • YPB neoKNIT
    Layerable and sweat wicking, wear this fabric to keep you warm but make you feel comfortable. Great for layering over any of the other pieces in the YPB line.

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Ypb Cropped Sweatshirt
Ypb Abercrombie

If you’re anything like me, one of the main pieces that I need in my activewear line is a number of sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and layered pieces. Even if I am not planning on working out, I love having pieces that I can layer over sports bras, tanks and tees so that I feel comfortable heading out into the colder weather, or if I just need the option to add another layer or remove one when I need to. YPB has a number of great selections for layerable pieces including layered tees and hoodies.



You can never go wrong with a full zip hoodie, and this one comes in a variety of different colors to match the different athletic looks that you’ll be inspired to create with the YBP line. The soft interior and exterior will also having you wanting to wear it to run errands or simple lounge around the house. It’s the perfect jacket to throw on to head out the door towards a workout and to wear post-workout.



During the colder days, you’ll want this bomber jacket, and with it being satin, which is one of the popular fabrics of today, it’ll leave you looking super stylish and warm and comfortable. This jacket is perfect to layer with some of the other color blocked looks in the YPB line and even matches with some of the various athletic sets.



Everyone loves a good long-sleeved top that you can layer or a tank or short-sleeved tee. This long sleeved tee is soft and comfortable and lightweight for easy layering over other look. The neutral tones that this tee comes in lets you create different looks that are stylish, chic and comfortable.



Whether you’re wearing it to workout or just for another occasion, this YPB active puffer is not only great for wearing for outdoor workouts and for going in between your house and to the gym, it’s also just a get puffer to wear for an everyday athleisurewear look.


Ypb Set
Ypb Activewear Set
Ypb Abercrombie Activewear Set

Everyone loves the ability to have a seamless matching set. A great top combined with a comfortable and cute pair of leggings is always something that I have adored when it comes to having athletic wear looks. I don’t know how many times that I have picked out activewear pants and felt super annoyed that I couldn’t find any tops that matched and made the look complete. Even if I am not working out and I want to create an athleisurewear look, I want my tops and bottoms to match in order to create a dynamic look. So I’m loving how the YPB line comes with various styles and lengths of tops and bottoms in various colors and prints that match.



This set with a plunge henley top and 7/8 length pants comes in the sculptLUX fabric making it a sculpting and supportive set that you’ll feel comfortable wearing and love the way it makes you look. You can vary the look with different colors and the pants also match to other top selections in the YPB line.



For those who love the dress look instead of pants and a top, try the activewear mini dresses housed in the YPB line. I’ve loved the Abercrombie travel dresses, so I was super excited to see these style of dresses offered in the fitness line. As a set, just add a jacket with one of the matching colors to create a completed fitness look.


ypb scupltlux slim v-neck tank + seamlesscore legging

This sculpted look combines the seamlessCORE fabric ands style with the sculptLUX style and fabric to create a dynamic fitness look that will flatter any body type. I do love how this combined set also can be found in other colors and top styles based on what your activity is or your personal style.


ypb sculptluxe waist length tank + motiontek high rise lined workout short

For a cute workout look that is great for running, this set is exactly what you may want. With a combined style and fabric of the sculptLUX and motionTEK, you feel secure while also being able to breath with a short that moves with you and gives you the ability to run with comfort.


Abercrombie Ypb Sports Bra
Ypb Sports Bra
Sports Bra Ypb


ypb sculptlux squareneck bralette

YPB has a squareneck bralette that comes in a few different colors and is super secure. These bralettes also work to combine with some of the pants that match with other tops to create sets that you can then add a layer over to create a completed look.

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