How to Add Color to Your Winter Wardrobe

How To Add Color To Your Wardrobe Primark Winter Outfit

How To Add Color To Your Winter Wardrobe Primark Winter Outfit

It is very easy to get caught in the rut of just wearing muted tones during the winter months. The reason why it is so easy is because when you shop, most of the long-sleeved sweaters, tops, and jackets are either in a form of black or white. And the prices for those pieces fit right into your budget.

I will admit that I’ve fallen into that space quite often throughout the cold months. Being so cold and not wanting to go anywhere, just makes you feel muted yourself. But with the help of Primark, I’m adding a little spark to my winter wardrobe and it’s even inspiring me to get out of the house and enjoy young, married life with my husband.

Adding color to your wardrobe is essential for the winter months. There needs to be spark to help you stand out, and the bright colors may even make you feel brighter inside. For this later summer inspired outfit, this outfit brings a pop of color to my wardrobe and still has me feeling warm and comfortable.

This entire outfit fit a budget of under $100 – including the shoes and accessories. I started with some distressed, medium washed skinny jeans and added a blue keyhole chiffon blouse. Then I split the balance of blue with a brown gold-studded belt. After my base, I added color.

The key to adding color to a winter look is to find the colors that highly compliment your complexion. For me, oranges and yellows compliment my color and I am a sucker for a rust orange because, in my opinion, it is the color of my birth month, November, even though yellow and orange can be considered summer colors too. Once you have found the spring/summer color that compliments you, build from it. For me, I decided to add this suede moto jacket and highlight the color more by adding a pair of duped booties that tie the blue and orange together.

And it was simple as that. Take a risk with your wardrobe and add a little color. It’ll have you standing out and moving to the next adventure.

I was so inspired by this outfit that hubby and I got off the couch and headed out into town to try a new restaurant that specializes in tequila. They even had tequila flights! Now, I didn’t have the flight (I’m going to save that for next time) but if you caught my Instagram stories, you may have seen that I had this delicious rose margarita. It tastes like a rose, but in an amazing way. I’ll be getting another one really soon.

You can find all of these pieces at a local Primark (I shop at the Primark in KOP) or you can shop brand name, online or in-store.


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