Adult Inflatable Pools for At-Home Summer Fun

Adult Inflatable Pools

As a mom, each summer I typically head into the store and tend to find myself looking for inflatable pools for kids. Let’s face it, in the summer, as a parent, you need all of the summer essentials to keep the little ones entertained. But what we often forget is to get some summer fun for ourselves. So on a recent trip to the store, I found myself strolling among the aisle looking for adult inflatable pools so that I can relax and have some fun times at home.

With pools being overpopulated and just too overwhelming most of the time, having a pool at home is great. But what if you don’t want one of those large bubble pools, you don’t want to purchase a hot tub because it’s too expensive, and the kiddie pools are only great for dipping your feet in.

Adult inflatable pools have become very popular over the past few years. The pools are large enough for adults but not too large to overtake your space. You can dip in there and relax with a nice cocktail and enjoy time hanging out in the sun.

I took a splurge this year and bought myself an adult inflatable pool to set up next to my son’s kiddie pool. It allows him to have his space while I have mine, which basically means that he’s hopping from his pool to my pool.

In this post, I’m going to share some super aesthetic adult inflatable pools while also sharing some tips for setting up your outdoor summer oasis and top inflatable pool brands.




There are quite a few places that you can shop for adult inflatable pools, and even within those places to shop you’ll find a variety of different brands. One of the top brands that I’ve been seeing this year are Minnidip and Funboy. Both brands have cute patterns and are super aesthetic. You can typically shop these on Amazon, Revolve and Target for fair prices, but do keep in mind that you’re looking at $40+ price tag versus some other options that you can find on Amazon for a lower price.

I will say that from the reviews, Minnidip and Funboy adult inflatable pools are very high quality and last pretty long. Also, with the Minnidip adult inflatable pools, you can use them to fill with balls and make the pool a ball pit – in case that is something you want to do on a fun night.

Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Oasis WITH YOUR ADULT INFLATABLE POOLS

When setting up your summer oasis with your inflatable pool, you’ll first want to make sure that you have everything that you need to set up the pool. That includes having an air pump or a vacuum cleaner that has the ability to blow up your pool with the adapter piece. I’ve found that if you have an air pump or a capable vacuum cleaner, you can blow up your pool pretty fast and also deflate it with the suction function. There have been numerous times where I have simply popped open the stopper to deflate our inflatable pools and it took hours for it to deflate.

I’m working on setting up my summer oasis out on our deck. The plan is to set up the pool in the middle of the deck and set up a large portable fan, some folding chairs, and a nice Bluetooth speaker. I’m also snagging some plastic cups that look like glassware so I can enjoy cocktails outside without worrying about glasses breaking.

I’ve rounded up some inflatable pool options and great decor and essentials for your oasis below, so that you can put together your summer space at home.

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Adult Inflatable Pools
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