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You know that I’m all about living as luxuriously as possible, but let’s be honest – sometimes, you need to be able to shop without breaking the bank. I’m a firm believer that living the life of your dreams can be done no matter your budget. You just have to know the right places to shop to find what you’re looking for at your price point. SHEIN is one of the most popular places on the internet to shop for stylish, affordable clothes, but sometimes, you just want to shop somewhere new. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of websites like SHEIN for you.

SHEIN is known for their wide assortment of all types of clothes. Dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, accessories galore – you can find all of these and more on SHEIN. Even better, the prices are ridiculously cheap. But SHEIN isn’t the only place that you can shop for trendy deals, which is where I come in. I’ve put together a list of fifteen of my favorite places to shop online for cute, affordable clothes. If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe this season, I’ve got you covered with so many great options. Read on to learn all of my favorite websites like SHEIN!

15 Websites Like SHEIN

It’s no secret that I love to shop. No matter the season, no matter the event – I love fashion, and shopping for the perfect outfit has always been one of my favorite things to do. As online shopping has quickly become the easiest and most efficient way to shop, I’ve built up quite the roster of places that I turn to when I find myself in need of a new piece, or when I’m just looking to do a bit of a wardrobe refresh, seasonal or otherwise. In the world of online shopping, SHEIN has become somewhat of a legend. They have a massive inventory of every kind of piece for all occasions, they drop new clothing items every single day, and their prices are just to die for. If you’re on a budget, you have probably spent quite a lot of time shopping on SHEIN. It’s nearly impossible to beat how affordable their clothes are.

And while SHEIN may be an online only store, they do their best to make the process of shopping on their site as easy and hassle free as possible. SHEIN offers free shipping to new users, and existing users can get free shipping on all orders of $30 or more. They also offer free returns, so if you are concerned that a piece will not fit and feel like you shouldn’t purchase without being able to try it on, no worries! You can try it on at home, and if it’s not the right fit for you, you can ship it back free of charge. But while I do love SHEIN, let’s be honest – you can’t always shop at the same place! I love to shop around and add lots of variety to my closet, so I have compiled quite the list of go to stores over the years. That’s why I’m so excited to share 15 of my favorite websites like SHEIN with you today. Each of the stores on this list is comparable to SHEIN in some way or another, and will give you a great jumping off point for your next round of shopping. Read on to learn more!

1. StyleWe

Websites Like Shein Stylewe

If you’re looking for high end style at a low price point, StyleWe is the perfect place to start your search. Their pieces are upscale and on trend, but incredibly affordable. On top of their already-low prices, StyleWe also has frequent sales that give huge discounts. I’ve found formal dresses on their site for under $30! I love how unique their pieces are, and they are one of my go-to’s when I need to put together an outfit for a dressier event. Their officewear is also top notch. In addition to their dressier pieces, though, StyleWe also offers athletic wear, swimwear, and other casual styles.

2. Lulus

Websites Like Shein Lulus

I’m a huge fan of Lulus. They carry items that are very similar to SHEIN, with a huge variety of stylish pieces. Their products are always on trend, and I know that I can find something perfect for my next Instagram look at Lulus. Right now, I’m loving their light and airy summer line, and I have also shopped at Lulus often in the past for their dresses and rompers. They are a great place to shop for wedding guest outfits or pieces for other special events. If I’m putting together an outfit for a graduation, baby shower, or concert (I hear Taylor Swift fans have had a lot of luck putting together their outfits with Lulus!), Lulus is one of the first places that I check.

3. Boohoo

Websites Like Shein Boohoo

Boohoo is a website like SHEIN with a huge host of similarities. They drop over 500 items a week, so there is always something new to find, and you can’t beat their prices. They also have regular sales, making shopping with Boohoo even more budget friendly and affordable. I love their inclusive sizing – as a petite woman, it can be hard to find pieces that fit me, and Boohoo has fantastic petite options. They also offer a wide variety of plus size clothing, so everyone can find something for them.

It’s worth noting that Boohoo is actually based in the UK, so it may take a little longer for your order to be shipped to you. If you’re on a time crunch, Boohoo might not be your best bet, but if you’re just shopping for new seasonal pieces, they are worth the time!

4. Forever 21

Websites Like Shein Forever 21

It’s a classic for a reason – everyone loves Forever 21. They’ve been a staple for years, with their vast web presence and great blend of reliable basics and trendy pieces. Their price points and item quality are very similar to SHEIN, but they have the advantage of actually having storefronts across the country as well, so if you have a Forever 21 near you, you have the option of going into the store to try things on, or saving on shipping with their free ship to store option for select pieces.

5. Old Navy

Websites Like Shein Old Navy

As a rule, Old Navy’s clothing tends to be higher quality and more durable than SHEIN’s – I’ve had pieces from Old Navy that have lasted for years and years. However, their affordable price point landed them a spot on this list, because I love their variety of high quality staples that they consistently offer at a low price. They have a variety of ways to save, and, like Forever 21, have a large number of storefronts across the country for a shopping experience that can go beyond the screen – always a win in my book.

6. Princess Polly

Websites Like Shein Princess Polly

They’re one of the trendiest online clothing stores on Instagram and TikTok, and for good reason. Princess Polly is known for always being on trend and stylish, with so many fun pieces. Their price point can be a bit higher than SHEIN’s, but with so many great styles, they’re worth it. Princess Polly has everything from dresses for your next event to swimwear to casual outfits for your next coffee date. They’re Gen Z’s go-to, and I have to say, Gen Z is onto something.


Websites Like Shein Asos

ASOS is another one of the best websites like SHEIN. They have a massive inventory, and I love their product range and inclusive sizing. I also love that they not only carry their own pieces and designs, but over 850 other fashion brands as well. They truly have it all! And ladies, you can also shop at ASOS for stylish pieces for your man as well, so keep that in mind for the next holiday or birthday that rolls around.

8. H&M

Websites Like Shein HM

H&M is another store on this list that I have been shopping at for years. They are one of the most well known affordable fashion brands, and have been a staple fashion retailer for many of us for a long time. I can almost always find anything I need at H&M, whether I’m looking for a dressy or casual look. They have stylish looks for anywhere from events to everyday to the office, and a large assortment of accessories, shoes, and beauty products as well. H&M also caters to everyone – they have pieces not only for women, but for men and children as well, in addition to their line of home products.

9. Express

Websites Like Shein Express

Express has been around since the 80’s, and they’ve only gotten better with age. Their pieces are a bit more expensive than what you would find at SHEIN, but they are also better quality, so the extra expense is generally worth it, because the prices are still affordable. They have a wide range of styles and pieces, and I love that they have an emphasis within their company of championing diversity, community, and giving back.

10. Pink Lily

Websites Like Shein Pink Lily

If you’re looking for websites like SHEIN but want something a little more girly, Pink Lily is going to be one of the best online stores for you. They are fun, girly, and oh so stylish. Pink Lily carries everything from everyday wear to dresses for your next party, and you can be sure that when you shop with Pink Lily, every little thing is going to be adorable. They are one of my favorite recent discoveries!

11. Amazon

Websites Like Shein Amazon

Is it really an online shopping roundup if I don’t mention Amazon? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It might not always be your first instinct to head to Amazon when you’re shopping for a specific piece of clothing or just generally looking to enhance your wardrobe, but you might be pleasantly surprised when you give it a try. Many of your favorite websites like SHEIN, ROMWE, and others actually have Amazon storefronts, so it can be a great way to try some of their pieces. I love ordering through Amazon because if I’m on a time crunch, I know that I can get what I need with an incredibly fast turnaround thanks to Prime’s ridiculously quick shipping time. For example, if I have a last-minute trip coming up and need something new to wear to dinner or realize that I still need to buy a new swimsuit, I can head over to Amazon and have it by the time I need to leave, no worries. Beyond picking up items from your favorite stores, though, Amazon actually carries a lot of unique pieces of their own that are definitely worth looking through. I’m telling you – don’t sleep on Amazon!


Websites Like Shein Romwe

Are you a diehard SHEIN shopper? Feel like ROMWE looks kind of familiar? That’s because ROMWE is actually a part of the same company as SHEIN. Thus, you can expect very similar things from ROMWE as you can SHEIN – similar price points, similar item quality, similar service. You might even find some of the same items on ROMWE as you would on SHEIN. However, the major perk of ROMWE is that their prices are even more affordable than SHEIN’s. You didn’t think that was even possible, did you?

ROMWE has also expanded to now sell homeware, pet products, and party supplies, giving them an even broader range of items than SHEIN. They have great sales on top of their already great prices, and they even offer free flat rate shipping on orders over $19. Already low princes AND easy to attain free shipping? Trust me – it’s hard to beat ROMWE.

13. New Chic

Websites Like Shein New Chic

New Chic offers clothes that are both comfortable and chic, and let’s be honest – what else could you ask for? They are an international brand, so no matter where you are located across the globe, you can have clothes from New Chic shipped straight to you. (For my US friends – they offer free shipping to the US on orders of $70 or more!! I love New Chic’s classic pieces with a trendy twist, and am obsessed with how cozy and versatile their pieces are. If you’re looking for some breezy, stylish pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, I would highly recommend checking out all that New Chic offers. I also love that they have inclusive sizing for both petite and plus sized options, and that they carry home and garden items in addition to clothing. There’s nothing better than having a wide range of options when you are shopping!

14. Mango

Screen Shot 2023 05 22 At 4.25.25 PM

Mango is another one of the great options when you’re looking for websites like SHEIN. If you’re looking for an elevated, chic, glam style, you will find everything you’re looking for at Mango. Their prices are definitely higher than you will find at SHEIN, but with the increased quality, I find it to be worth it. With Mango’s styles, you will look runway ready no matter the occasion. In addition to women’s clothing, Mango has lines for men, teens, and kids, as well as home goods, so you can shop for all of your family’s needs in one place. We love only having to place one order! (Though with Mango, you might just find yourself coming back to place another…and another…and another.)

15. Just Fashion Now

Websites Like Shein Just Fashion Now

Much like SHEIN, Just Fashion Now aims to reach young women who want to look stylish on a budget. They are constantly releasing new items and lines, and have extremely low prices and frequent discounts. Their pieces are similar quality to what you would receive at SHEIN, and their style is trendy and up to date. You can find a look for any occasion on Just Fashion Now, and they have a wide range of shoes and accessories as well. Hats, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, and more – you can find it all at Just Fashion Now.

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