Albany Park Kova Couch + Park Swivel Armchair Review

Albany Park Kova Couch

When we moved out of our previous townhome, I had made the decision to sell our living room furniture and start from scratch with new living room furniture in our new custom home. Then once we moved into our new home, I began the search for the perfect couch for out living room that would fit the aesthetic of the house, the needs of our family, and fit the space that it was being placed in. After searching for quite some time, I landed upon Albany Park and in this blog post I’m going to share my Albany Park review including my thoughts on the Kova Couch and the Park Swivel Chairs.

I will admit that I didn’t start with Albany Park when I was looking for furniture for our living room. My search started by going in store to many furniture brands in the area and then doing some extensive research online. I had made a checklist of everything that I wanted out of our couch from it being comfortable enough to sleep on to it being spacious enough to fit our entire family plus guests. I also wanted to add accent chairs to the room to add a pop of color, and wanted to be able to purchase both the couch and the chairs from the same location. Albany Park met all of those needs plus more.

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Albany Park Review

A Little Background ON ALBANY PARK

Albany Park is a modern, direct-to-consumer furniture company born from a frustrating experience founders Darryl and Jessica Sharpton had while sofa shopping in 2017. Overwhelmed by the countless options in a traditional showroom and disheartened by lengthy delivery delays, they decided to launch their own business two years later. Albany Park started with three stylish sofa models— the Albany, the Park, and the Kova—designed for easy, free delivery straight to your door. Each sofa style is also available as loveseats, sectionals, and armchairs, with customizable fabrics and colors. To complete the look, matching ottomans are also available.

When you’re ready to shop for your furniture, Albany Park’s user-friendly website serves as a virtual showroom that you can browse in minutes. And while there are no brick and mortar stores, ordering from Albany Park is quite easy and they offer free delivery.


When it comes to creating a cozy yet stylish living space, Albany Park has quickly become a go-to choice for furniture enthusiasts. Known for their chic designs and unparalleled comfort, Albany Park promises a seamless blend of luxury and practicality. Today, we’re diving into an in-depth review of two standout pieces from their collection: the Kova Sofa and the Park Swivel Chairs. Whether you’re revamping your living room or adding a touch of elegance to your reading nook, these pieces might just be the perfect fit for your home. Let’s explore what makes the Kova Sofa and Park Swivel Chairs true gems in Albany Park’s lineup.


Our home aesthetic has been something that I didn’t put together on a whim. I wanted to make sure that the aesthetic of our house brought together my style, my husband’s style, and who we are as a family. I want our home to speak for us when we have visitors. So as I began looking for furniture, I made a point to find a brand that matched the aesthetic that I was looking for. And Albany Park did just that. Albany Park’s furniture is a marriage of modern aesthetics and timeless appeal. Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines of mid-century modern or the plush comfort of contemporary styles, their collections are designed to elevate any space. Think luxurious fabrics, bold colors, and thoughtful details that make each piece a statement.

In my opinion, Albany Park’s overall aesthetic in any of their pieces is a modern, luxury that doesn’t overtake the space and look overly modern, but speaks to comfort and function and can fit to any space and style. As I looked over at the various examples of people who purchased Albany Park pieces, I saw that the design of the Kova Sofa and Park Swivel Chairs fit a variety of different home styles. With a variety of different colors and fabrics that you can pick from including velvet and faux leather, Albany Park is catering to the need of functionality and style to all types of home designers.

FROM Delivery TO Assembly

After ordering the Kova Couch and Park Swivel chairs online, the process from delivery to assembly was actually quite easy and efficient. After ordering, I received a notification about it’s shipping within two weeks and then I was able to track delivery and schedule a time for delivery, since it does require someone to be home to accept the furniture like any other furniture delivery. On delivery day, the truck pulled up and delivered all items on a pallet. The swivel chairs came in individual boxes as a whole item and the Kova Couch came in multiple boxes in pieces.

The boxes are quite large, but as you unpack them, the pieces of the couch aren’t too heavy and the swivel chairs require about two people to move it with ease, but I was able to roll the chairs through our house by myself. The cushions for the couch come in vacuum sealed bags to allow for easy transport and to not take up too much space in the box. Since I ordered a light colored couch, I appreciated the cushions being in a vacuum sealed bag to avoid too much contact with the cardboard box and other parts of the couch that could rub together.

Assembling the couch was also super easy and I was able to do it myself. Upon unpacking everything, you’ll find that you’ll need to screw on the feet of each of the individual sections and the ottoman, if you have one, and then the bases, sides, and backs to the couch slide together and lock to make your couch a whole sectional. Once your structure is put together, it’s just time to take those cushions and pillows out of the bags and let them fluff a little and place them accordingly. If you have the ottoman, that entire piece will come as one whole piece with just you needing to put the cushion into the insert. Instructions on assembling and everything you need will be found in the box, but once you take a look at the pieces, it becomes pretty apparent on how everything goes together.

IS THE Quality WORTH ITS Value

One thing that always worries me when I purchase anything of high value, including furniture, offline is whether I am getting a quality product. When buying furniture from a store, you have the ability to see the color it will be and test it out. You, essentially, know what you’re getting before you make the purchase. But with online purchases, you can only take what the description says and what reviews say and hope that it matches your expectation.

Now while I cannot provide you with the ability to try out the Albany Park Kova Couch or Park Swivel Chairs, I can give you my honest opinion on the quality of the pieces in connection to the value. The Kova Couch at 122″ starts at a value of about $2,700 – so it’s a big investment. And the Park Swivel Chair starts at a little over $900. So with a full living room set of the sofa plus two chairs, you’re looking at an investment of around $4,500. But one tip that I give everyone, never buy furniture outside of holidays. Whenever I purchase furniture, I make sure to purchase it during holiday where you typically see sales. I purchased my set during Labor Day and ended up paying $3,900 with the storage ottoman which is an extra expense.

When the couch and swivel chairs arrived, you could tell right away after assembly that the quality of the piece is high and it’s meant to last. The fabric is comfortable and smooth and non irritating and scratchy. With their purpose of providing buyers with a lifetime piece of furniture, it’s very evident that they want to make sure that you are sticking with them to purchase other items based on the quality of the piece and the ability to keep the couch and chairs, clean, fluffy and standing.

Albany Park Park Swivel Chair Review
Albany Park Kova Couch Review

Longevity & Cleanliness WITH KIDS

We have had our couch and chairs for over six months now, and I can honestly stay in this Albany Park review that these pieces are 100% worth the price. Our couch, even after being constantly sat on and even slept on, has kept its comfort, color, and fluffiness.

Over these past 6 months, we even had some moments where I had spilled wine and my son took to drawing on the couch. Both of these times, the fabric and quality of the Kova Couch held up through the washing of the cushion and pillow covers as well as the scrubbing with fabric cleaner on the bases. With it being able to handle normal wear and tear and disasters that happen when you have young children who are exploring the world around them, I definitely have to say that the Kova Couch and Park Swivel chairs are build for longevity and are quite easy to clean.


Overall, I am super happy with my purchase and it has been worth every penny. Any time that we have new visitors that come into our living room, we constantly get compliments on the comfort and feel of the couch and chairs. I have faith that these furniture pieces will last for years, and with the lifetime warranty, if something does happen, I enjoy that Albany Park stands by their product and customer satisfaction and will help to bring the couch back to its full potential.

If I were to go back and consider other options, I probably would end up right back with my Albany Park furniture, and even as we consider getting our basement finished and putting furniture in that space, I know that I’ll be heading right back to Albany Park to start with looking at their pieces for that space.



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