All Hallows Brew | Halloween Cocktail Recipe

All Hallows Brew Halloween Cocktail Scaled

Halloween cocktails are always a great thing to serve at any Halloween party. Even if you are planning to give out treats to the kids for trick-or-treating, you can make a Halloween cocktail to serve to yourself or to serve to your friends as they hang out with you while you hand out candy.

As someone who loves Halloween and as someone who loves cocktail, making a Halloween cocktail was something that was inevitable for me to do. With my previous cocktail – the Witch’s Kiss – being based off of my witchy Halloween costume, I decided to keep with the trend and make another spooky drink that has a twist on the witch aesthetic.

For this easy Halloween cocktail, I decided to go with a recipe that anyone could easily make at home super quickly. This dark cocktail is a brew cocktail that includes a mixture of dark fruits, wine, and a dark liquor with a little bit of magic.

With the brandy being the base of the drink combined and smoothly blended with some Merlot, blackberries, grapes and Sprite, you’ll get a smooth spooky drink that will be a brewed drink that everyone will love.

To add a little bit more spooky to it, serve it in a punch bowl with a some dry ice and let everyone grab a glass and sip some of your brew.

All Hallows Brew Halloween Cocktail


When it comes to making a Halloween cocktail, there’s always a little magic that you want to add to it. The simplest way to add some magic to this cocktail is to add some edible glitter or glittered sprinkles.

For this cocktail, what I did was rim the glass with a glittered sprinkle that I was able to find at my local grocery store. With a little bit of lime juice to wet the rim of the glass, the sprinkles easily stuck and gave the All Hallows Brew Halloween cocktail a magical element to it.

If you’re looking to serve this in a large pitcher or punch bowl, you can still prep your cocktail glasses using the rimmed glass technique. But if you are looking to just set out some cups and have everyone self serve, there is another way to add some magic to your cocktail.

All you have to do is purchase edible glitter and add it to your cocktail while you are making it. Add it in when you add in the cranberry juice and stir the mixture together. It’ll look extra special and magical as it all blends together.

  • All Hallows Brew Halloween Drink Scaled
  • All Hallows Brew Halloween Party Cocktail Scaled
  • All Hallows Brew Scaled
  • All Hallows Brew Halloween Drink 1 Scaled
  • All Hallows Brew Halloween Party Drink Scaled
All Hallows Brew Halloween Cocktail 1


This Halloween cocktail is one that you can easily go from making it by the glass to making it in large quantities. I have made this drink by the glass in most instances, but for Halloween parties, I like to make this Halloween cocktail in a punch bowl. In order to make this in mass quantities, you’ll want to get a punch bowl that is not super huge. I like getting a clear punch bowl so that I can add in the edible glitter to make a little magic, but if you want your bowl to be more decorative a cauldron punch bowl is great as well. Aim to get a bowl that is not over three gallons and then when making it, you’ll want to make sure to balance it out smoothly.

For the cocktail recipe, I usually multiply the yield in the exact measurements as shown in the recipe below, but if you’re looking to make it quickly, I recommend about 6 oz. of brandy and then about a half of a 1.5 L bottle of Merlot, add in your other ingredients as you see fit and then top off with Sprite to balance.

This cocktail is easily balanced through taste, so you can play it by ear if you’re making it in large quanties, but I suggest starting off with a few glasses at first so that you know what the taste is and then go from there.

Happy Brewing!

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All Hallows Brew Halloween Party Cocktail

All Hallows Brew | Halloween Cocktail Recipe

  • Author: Iesha Vincent
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 1 cocktail 1x


  • 1 oz of brandy
  • 1/2 cup of Merlot
  • 3 blackberries
  • 3 black grapes
  • 2 oz of cranberry juice
  • 1 mini can of Sprite
  • Glitter sprinkles / sugar
  • Lime juice


  1. Rim glasses by dipping glass rim into lime juice and then into the glitter sprinkles. Let dry.
  2. Muddle blackberries and grapes in a shaker.
  3. Combine with brandy, Merlot, and cranberry juice.
  4. Add ice and shake.
  5. Strain mixture into rimmed cocktail glass.
  6. Top with Sprite and serve.
  • Cook Time: 2 minutes
  • Category: Cocktail
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