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Recently, there’s been quite a lot of talk about transitioning your wardrobe each season and how to transition from summer to fall with a few easy steps. But what if there was a way for you to create a wardrobe that didn’t require you to transition anything at all? Instead, what if you built out a year round capsule wardrobe that worked for you all year long? It’s easier than you might think, and has been such a game changer for me. Currently, my closet is 85% an all year closet, and I’m in the process of making my closet fully set as a year round capsule wardrobe so that I don’t have to worry about transitioning at all.

This means that all throughout the fall, summer, spring, and winter months, my closet stays pretty much the same. There’s no need to take a day and switch out anything – I just always have cute clothes easily on hand no matter what the weather outside may be. I have loved not dealing with the hassle of storing out of season clothes elsewhere and having everything that I need right in front of me. I wasn’t sure initially about how I would feel about having one closet that is for all twelve months of the year, but I’ve found that having a year round capsule wardrobe is incredibly practical, and I cannot recommend it enough. Read on for my tips!

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It’s obvious that as the seasons change, the weather changes, and then your clothes change. You obviously won’t be wearing any sweaters in the summer, but that also doesn’t mean that you won’t want to keep a few handy for those cooler summer nights along the shore. As I have been building my all year closet, here are the three main things that helped me to construct my wardrobe.


To me, this is the number one rule of fashion. You need to have your fashion basics when it comes to building any kind of wardrobe. You need to always have that one little black dress (LBD), some neutral open-neck tops whether they be off the shoulder, square neck, or v-neck, denim jeans in fits that compliment your body type in a light wash, medium wash, and dark wash, closed neck tops (basic u-neck, cowl neck, or turtle neck) in neutral colors, and a variety of neutral pants and skirts in lengths and fits that compliment your frame. For example, I get quite a few hi-rise pants and skirts as it makes the petite frame look taller because it elongates the leg.


As you build upon your basics, you definitely want to have quite a few showstopper pieces that you put on to complement your basics or to be the centerpiece of the entire outfit. For me, I have quite a few dresses and tops that are a variety of prints such as florals, stripes, and polka dots that are both long-sleeved but lightweight so that they can be worn during the cooler days in the warmer months as well as short-sleeved pieces. Your show-stopping pieces can even be your basic pieces if you focus on the angles, fits, and cuts of the outfit themselves. I have quite a few blazers that are one-toned and neutral that have elements to them that make them the showstoppers.


The biggest thing about creating an all-year closet is to not be afraid to layer. An outfit that you snag in the Summer can easily be worn in the Fall or Winter with a few extra layers. For example, this two-piece floral set featured in this post is a great outfit to wear during the Spring and Summer, but once I add a denim jacket, I am not set to wear this into the Fall, and then come to Winter, I can get a long-line camel coat and cinch it with a belt and I’m also set for the Winter. By having pieces that you can layer over and use to layer, will give you the ability to wear clothing during different seasons with simple additions or removals.

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Floral Two Piece Maxi Dress
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Two Piece Floral Maxi Skirt


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