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Skims Bodysuit Dupe

Nothing can make or break an outfit quite like good shapewear. It can completely change the look of an outfit, and I’m a firm believer in prioritizing shapewear in your closet. When Kim Kardashian started her own shapewear brand, SKIMS, it quickly rose to the top of shapewear selections. But it also – unsurprisingly – isn’t cheap, so shopping for dupes became a priority. Luckily, I found some amazing SKIMS bodysuit dupe pieces on Amazon that I can’t wait to share with you today.

Whether you want to wear shapewear underneath your clothes to help keep tight and smooth, are wanting a more comfortable and natural-feeling alternative to underwear, or are looking for a new flattering and versatile to wear, SKIMS bodysuits are the perfect choice to add to your closet. SKIMS are made for every body type, and so are these dupes, so whether you’re curvy or petite, tall or slight, you’ll find an Amazon dupe that will work for you. Keep reading for my best bodysuit dupe finds!


If you’ve never tried a SKIMS bodysuit, you may wonder why everyone is so obsessed with them. What’s the hype with SKIMS bodysuits, anyway?

Let me tell you – these bodysuits will change. your. life.

One of my favorite things about the SKIMS brand is that they sell a wide range of different products. You can shop underwear, flattering shapewear to wear underneath your clothes, cute bodysuits to wear on their own, loungewear, and even dresses! All of their products are incredibly comfortable, high quality, and flattering, and they’re crafted for any and all body types, so every woman can feel fabulous.

The only issue? SKIMS products are (unsurprisingly) not cheap, so if you want to fill your closet with pieces from SKIMS, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. If you’re on a budget, it just might not be doable. But you know me – I’m a firm believer that you can almost always find a dupe if you look hard enough – and I did just that. I actually found some incredible SKIMS bodysuit dupes on Amazon, and I’m so excited to share my finds with you here on the blog today. You’ll save so much money buying on Amazon instead, and you’ll still get super cute and comfy pieces that you’ll love.

I love how inclusive of a brand SKIMS is. Their products come in color options for a variety of skin tones, and every size and shape can find products within the SKIMS brand that they can wear. When shopping for a great SKIMS bodysuit dupe, I wanted to make sure to do the same and provide product recommendations that work across the board. I was so excited to find so many great choices!



Whether you’ve been eyeing SKIMS bodysuits, underwear, or dresses, I’ve found Amazon dupes that you are going to love. They’re stylish, comfortable, and the perfect (cheaper!) alternative to SKIMS brand pieces.

SKIMS Underwear Dupes

It can be hard to find underwear that you really love – pieces that are both comfortable to wear and discreet under your clothing. SKIMS pieces fit the bill – and these dupes do, too! All of the options below are seamless, just like SKIMS, and they don’t show underwear lines, so you don’t have to stress about what you wear them with. That skirt that always seems to show? Wear these underwear and never stress again! Plus, they’re incredibly soft and smooth for peak comfort.

SKIMS Shapewear Dupes

Kim Kardashian knows shapewear, and SKIMS is renowned for their ultra-flattering options that smooth and shape your body effortlessly. If you want to improve your silhouette, have a tighter figure, or just feel more confident wearing a tight dress (we’ve all been there), these shapewear pieces are the way to go. The fabric is soft and comfortable, which is incredibly important for such form-fitting pieces, and I love the variety of neutral shades available.

SKIMS Bodysuit Dupes

The bodysuit trend is all the rage right now, and I love that you can style bodysuits year round with a little layering. SKIMS has so many stylish bodysuits, and I was thrilled to find just as many fabulous options on Amazon. From long sleeve bodysuits to sleeveless bodysuits, crew neck bodysuits to scoop neck selections, you can find something that fits your style perfectly. I love how easily a bodysuit can be dressed up or dressed down, and these super soft options mean that you’ll be comfortable no matter what the occasion. Plus, a good bodysuit is so universally flattering! Finding a good SKIMS bodysuit dupe is lifechanging, and I’m so excited for you to try the options I’ve found.

SKIMS Top Dupes

SKIMS tops are the perfect basic pieces, which is why they’re some of my favorite SKIMS dupes. They’re so versatile and classic, which allows you to wear them anytime – over and over again! You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them around the house, wear them to work out….the possibilities are truly endless. If you want a classy, elevated look, these tops are the way to go, and they come in such a wide variety of options. That’s the fun part of shopping for dupes – you often get even more options than you would from the name brand while maintaining the vibe and things that you love from the brand itself!

SKIMS Mini Dresses

We all need some good mini dresses in our closet, and SKIMS dupes deliver. I love that SKIMS fits everybody super well, and so do these mini dress dupes. They’re just as stylish and comfortable as the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost! The neutral color palette is so elegant and upscale, and looks fantastic with the right jewelry and shoes. Understatedly stylish? Yes, please.

SKIMS Maxi Dresses

Ladies, these dresses are IT. They’re a Kim Kardashian classic, and easily the most viral dress of the year. It’s impossible to go on Instagram or TikTok without seeing someone styling them. They show off your figure flawlessly, and are sleek, sexy, and stylish. By far, these SKIMS maxi dress dupes are some of my favorite fashion choices of the year. Style them to your personal aesthetic through jewelry, handbags, shoes, jackets, and your hairstyle, and enjoy rocking the perfect date night look. And as an added bonus, they can easily be dressed down with sneakers or a casual jacket for a quick errand run or lunch with friends. The versatility of SKIMS pieces can’t be beat, and I love that buying the dupes on Amazon allows me to splurge on multiple dresses for the price of one from the name brand. I’m counting that as a win!



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