Amelia Toro Showroom (NYFW)

Amelia Toro Showroom

As mentioned and seen in my previous post, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to the Amelia Toro showroom with my fellow Philly blogger, Guru from Modaninja. During our visit we were able to be introduced to Amelia Toro’s upcoming F/W line and see all the details and styles that are going to be present in this season’s collection.

We, of course, arrived slightly late for our appointment due to the New York traffic, but upon arrival we were greeted by Gina Conzo, the VP of Sales, and offered a warm drink. Gina took us through Amelia Toro’s history — Born in Bogotá and then studying fashion in Manhatten, Amelia took on the preference of not commercializing her fashion, and disagrees with idea of assembly line manufacturing. When her garments are produced, each piece is handcrafted by a seamstress who is also given credit for the garment along side the Amelia Toro name. Opening her boutique in Chelsea in 2012, she has been designing collections that feature a bold, feminine and sophisticated styles.

For this season, Amelia Toro’s collection includes ruffles and a palette including hues of purple, black and a variance of cold weather approved colors. Created to keep the wearer of the garment warm, each piece has a fabric created to not weigh down the individual wearing the piece. Honestly, I felt that I could wear every piece found in her collections which is something that I cannot often say when it comes to many high fashion designs.

After seeing, feeling, and taking appreciation of each piece in the collection, we were given the opportunity to wear one of Amelia Toro’s pieces from a previous collection – see what I wore!

You can take a look at some of Amelia Toro’s previous collections (SS16, FW15 & SS15) and visit her website to keep updated with the new, upcoming collection and where you can purchase her pieces.

Thank you again to Amelia Toro and Gina Conzo for inviting me to the showroom and being able to connect with a truly inspirational designer.

Amelia Toro Showroom

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