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As you probably know, I am addicted to taking care of my skin. It basically started with my want to wear makeup and try out different looks. But when I began trying to figure out my go-to look for day to day, I began seeing that the real problem that I couldn’t perfect a look was that I wasn’t taking care of my skin. I was the person that didn’t use the right moisturizer, I didn’t exfoliate…I wasn’t even using a cleansing product that was good for my skin. Overall, I didn’t really understand my skin type at all. But that eventually changed, and I grew to learn about my combination skin. I learned how to moisturize the dry parts while not providing too much oil to my face to make my skin look extremely oily (I used to be a shiner).

Ever since then, I have been embracing different types of skin care products that work wonders for my skin in many different ways. My newest find – Innisfree.

Innisfree is a skincare line that focuses on using the natural plant extracts that are great for all skin types.

My favorite products have to be the face masks which I have been using every weekend when my husband is at work. It calms me and refreshes my skin for the week.

There are a variety of different sheet masks that all have great benefits. I adored the shea butter sheet mask because I just love the smell of shea butter. It just radiates the notion that your skin is being moisturized.

And then when I am looking for a little more intensity to get my skin in shape for the stresses of the week, I use the pore clearing clay mousse mask. The one great thing that I adore about this mask is that it goes on smoothly, it’s cooling, and it comes off very easily. Of course, it still grabs at my little baby hairs on the edges and I have to clean those off. But what mask doesn’t do that.

I highly recommend Innisfree to those people looking for something that will put those natural nutrients back into your skin for a price that fits your budget.


Innisfree Masks
Innisfree Mask

These products were provided to me for review purposes by Preen.Me. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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