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Tularosa Saidey Poncho

We often spend Thanksgiving day with our families, and I have shared a perfect outfit for wearing to your Thanksgiving gathering, but Friendsgiving is such a great gathering and it’s something that I look to have every year. It’s the get together that we as friends put together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the fact hat we are in each other’s life. I am so thankful for the friends that I have around me. They are supportive and helpful and I couldn’t do much without them. But before I get too sentimental, let’s talk about this outfit and how it is a perfect outfit for Friendsgiving and how it is especially great for nursing moms.



This outfit is super comfy and is one of my favorite casual outfits of the season. This Friendsgiving outfit keeps things simple, comfortable and somewhat loose.

First, the poncho that is the center piece of the outfit is not too thick but thick enough to keep warm in case you don’t want to wear a coat over the entire look. I also like that it is a turtleneck for extra warmth, so no need to worry about accessories if I don’t want to. The poncho is a big trending piece of the Fall season. It’s considered one of the returning trends that is coming back from a few decades ago.

Under the poncho, I put on an off the shoulder, long-sleeved green top. You could honestly style this with any long sleeved top to put underneath, so just pick out one of your favorite, basic tops that you would love to wear with this poncho and your set.

Some special things that I love about this outfit is that it’s great for indulging on the Friendsgiving feast. When you finish your meal and you have your little pouch, this outfit does great in covering it up. And another thing that I love about this outfit, from a mom perspective, is that it is nursing friendly. I’m not one that covers my baby’s face up when he eats, so that is not what I am saying in terms of nursing friendly. But what I am saying, is that feeding is very easy in this outfit as it’s just a swift flip over the shoulder of the poncho and a pull down of the top, and we are good to go.

There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.

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