4 Tips for a Workout Post Holiday & For Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We all do it. We indulge during the holiday season in all the turkey, ham, and desserts. And then right after, we start talking about how we are going to make it a New Year’s resolution to head into the gym and drop a couple pounds or just tone things up. Right after having my baby, I talked about how in the new year I was going to head back into the gym and pick up some better habits so that I can shed the baby weight. But recently, I realized that it may not be that easy to head back into the gym. For me, it’s just almost impossible to fit that time into the day. But maybe for you, you’re just not trying to head out into the cold or you don’t want to pay the gym membership that starts off at a small rate but increases each and every month. Believe me, I’ve been there and tried the gym thing. I even tried going to Pilates classes and signing up for activities that weren’t as stressful on my body especially since I have been out of shape for quite some time, but it just didn’t work out for me. But I am still someone that wants to get back into shape after the holiday season and I have found quite a few ways to do so. If you’re not gym bound, but you still want to get that workout in and commit to some fitness in the new year, I am sharing some tips on toning up and getting in a small workout while you’re at home.

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    The one main thing that I have learned about staying fit is that you also have to change around your diet a little bit. When I was in college, I learned that the Freshman 15 is real. After eating tons of fast food, takeout, bad meals from the cafe, and doing nothing but sitting around, going to class, and occasionally partying, I put on a few pounds that I wasn’t too proud of. When I noticed it, I started going to the gym, but my diet didn’t change. Because my diet didn’t change, my body didn’t either. So I began changing my diet without cutting out the foods that I love. I still do that now, which is how I dropped a lot of my baby weight right after having my son. Here are the main things that you want to do – make sure you’re actually eating three meals a day, drink lots of water, and integrate fruits and vegetables in your diet in someway.  Cutting down on meals, doesn’t always work in your benefit. If you have three meals in a day and snack in between, it actually helps to speed up your metabolism which helps to drop weight and keep it off. You’ll also need water to cleanse out your body – try getting water bottle that tracks water intake to keep you on track. And I will admit that I am not the best with having fruits in my diet, but now I get fruit popsicles so that I can trick myself into thinking that I am indulging in a dessert but I am actually eating something pretty nutritious. Something else that I did was that I cut out dairy and switched to almond milk or coconut milk. Now, this isn’t something you have to do. But I chose to cut out dairy and it helped me a lot with dropping baby weight and also managing my changing body. And I didn’t have to give up ice cream! There are plenty of dairy alternatives that I didn’t even know of until I cut it out.
    With specific supplements to add to your diet, you can find yourself feeling a lot better about your diet as well as feeling motivated in the activities you’ll do. One thing that I always make sure that I have is a type of powder in my house to help with specific goals whether it be protein or collagen. When figuring out whether collagen vs protein is right for you, you just have to sit down and think about what your end goals are for your fitness routine.
    Maybe you’re a mom that already takes your baby to the park everyday, or maybe you’re a teacher who stands the majority of the day. Or you could be someone who works a 9 to 5 at a desk in corporate world. No matter what your lifestyle is there is a way to work a “workout” into what you’re already doing. If you’re at the park, don’t sit on the bench and watch your child – get active and play with them. But helping them up the steps or chasing them around, you’re getting in a workout. If you’re a teacher, make sure that you’re walking around and helping students rather than sitting at podium or just standing at the front of the room. And in between classes, go out in the hallway and pace around your door as you are greeting your students – get those extra steps in. If you’re stuck at a desk, try to get up every hour and just take a little walk. And if you can’t get a yoga ball to sit on and bounce or get a stepper to put under your desk and get those steps in without actually getting up and walking.
    If you want more of a workout, then you might want to get some at home equipment. There’s two huge pieces that I have seen a lot of people using for their at-home workouts. One is probably something that you’ve seen so many time already – the Peloton. I, personally, have not used it, but I have friends who have bought it and have it in their homes and they swear by it. Not only does it give you a great way to workout, it is also a great way to connect. There are meet-ups outside of the home workouts that people go to in order to workout in person and talk about their love for the product. t I have seen people using is the MIRROR. Yes, I know the name tells you what it is without telling you what it is. It’s a mirror that is interactive and includes fitness workouts that are easy and manageable. What I love about this workout equipment is that you can stick it in your room as a regular mirror and then when you’re ready to workout, just turn it on and do your workout in the comfort of your own room.
    Lastly, just get out the house for some basic things. I am one that loves the drive-up option when going to the grocery store or Target, but there is value in walking around the store and getting out of the house. Those steps help you stay active, because if you didn’t know, “sitting is the new smoking.” There are ways to get in a workout without feeling like you’re working out. Just go for a walk around your neighborhood. Or, if you’re a huge shopper, go to the mall for some retail therapy and walk it out. If you have a goal for weight loss, start looking at the clothes that are in the size that you are aiming for and keep walking. Let those clothes motivate you. By getting in this low-key workout, you’re moving towards your goal and still sticking with your resolution while doing the things that you’re already doing, which goes back to one of my previous tips.
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