Must Have Baby Essentials for a First-Time Mom

Baby Essentials

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Can you believe it? Today, Carter is 1 month young! It’s been a whirlwind of a time, and in these past weeks, I have learned so much about being a mom.

When I was pregnant and creating my registry, I remember putting items on my registry for the fashion of it all. Now, there were some things that I put on there as “much needed” based on suggestions from friends and family as well as from my experience babysitting my niece and nephew when they were little. Once Carter was born, I realized that there were baby essentials that I was missing that I never had on my registry along with things that I did receive that I rely on more than ever.

So today, I want to share with you the baby essentials that I am finding that I can live without that you can go snag for yourself at the Best of Baby Month event happening at Walmart right now!


The Walmart Best of Baby month event is taking place all of September, and during this event it is a great time to shop all of the top baby products that you want and need while getting tons of savings. This event includes everything from as small as the bottles to as big as the crib you want to put in your nursery. And to be honest, it is best to get a crib when you can get tons of savings because cribs aren’t a small expense.

But, in that spirt, I want to share with you some of the products that I have found have been absolutely essential and have been things that have saved me from meltdowns (not talking about only the baby one’s) and have allowed me to get those few extra minutes of sleep that are much needed in the middle of the night as well as in the middle of the day.

  • Noise Machine – A noise machine for the nursery as well as for travel is something that I couldn’t live without. I have both the Hatch noise machine, that also is a nightlight for night diaper changes, and one that is smaller that I can put in the diaper bag and use it in a variety of places to keep him calm and napping for longer.
  • Travel Bassinet – Our bassinet is collapsable and is currently placed right next to our bed for the room sharing we will be doing for the newborn stage of his life. And as a couple who travels, I wanted to have one that we could pack up and bring with us in the case that a crib was not available for us at a hotel or resort. It also allows us to break it down and take it over to family’s house in the case that he may sleep over there if we go out of town.
  • Mamaroo4 – I have been using this every single day. In the morning, after his first feeding, I put Carter in this moving seat and put on the calming noise that he likes and he’ll stay content while I am able to brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and pretty much just get ready for the day without him getting upset because he can’t see me or he’s not being held.
  • Video Monitor – This has given me so much less anxiety at night when I put him down for bed. I always thought that I would put him to bed the same time that I went to bed, but I realized that it isn’t true. I am able to put him in his bassinet for him to go to sleep and monitor him while I am able to those last minute things done at the end of the day.
  • Pack n’ Play – We have ours in our living room. So instead of having to take Carter upstairs during his nap to put him in his bassinet or crib, we are able to transfer him to the bassinet of the pack n’ play for his naps. And the changing area allows us to keep the diapers and wipes in an organized holder in a space that is easy for us to change him.
  • Baby Carrier – Don’t think you’ll be in the house the entire stage of your baby’s newborn life. You’ll be able to go out and run errands (which you’ll find that you love now because you can get out of the house), go to the mall, and do other things that you used to do while keeping baby close and, with some carriers, even having the ability to nurse the baby while still on the move. Plus, baby wearing is said to be a bonding situation as well as good for exercising.
  • Play Mat – I recommend getting a play mat for baby for not only developmental aspects, but also we have noticed that he can be entertained by it while he is awake and makes it so we don’t have to hold him and keep him entertained in our arms. Don’t get me wrong, I love the baby snuggles. Additionally, you’ll need it for tummy time so baby can learn to pick his head up and roll over.

There are some other great must-haves that I absolutely recommend (even more here for breastfeeding) and I’ve linked some more of those essentials that you can save on at Walmart below.

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