Brow Highlighter: The Top Highlighters for Your Eyebrows

Brow Highlighter

When you’re doing your makeup, eyebrows can be one of the most daunting parts of the process. Overdone and they look glaringly bad, underdone and you look as though you’re missing a key feature. One of my favorite products that I use to make sure my makeup always looks its best is brow highlighter. Brow highlighter gives my face a lift and dimension that pops, and adds a fun bit of sparkle to an everyday look. This lift adds a perkier, more awake look for those days where you’re worn out and haven’t slept enough, and can also add a width that narrower faces might be lacking. If you want a quick way to look more awake, alive, and ready for the day, brow highlighter has you covered.

Not sure where to begin shopping? No worries! Today, I’ve put together a list of my favorite brow highlighters to give you a good starting point as you shop for your perfect product. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite brow highlighter!

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Fantastic question! Even the most seasoned makeup users can find themselves a bit intimidated when it comes to eyebrows. Some people opt to get them professionally done while others tweeze themselves, but either way, when it comes to getting ready in the morning, often brows bring a moment of pause. Is filling them in enough?

Not quite. When you do your makeup, you probably already think about highlighting and contouring your face to make sure that your cheekbones stand out and your jawline pops. After all – we all want definition, right? But are you taking the time to give that same definition to your brows?

Brow highlighter adds a needed definition, lift, and pop to your face. (Sounds like a trip to the gym, right? But the hair and makeup version is way more glam!) With the right makeup products, taking the time to highlight your brows is the finishing touch your look is craving. It’s one of those small details that you might not think of right off, but that will make a huge difference to your overall look.


Now comes the fun part! There are a number of ways that you can highlight your brows, each of which gives a different touch. It takes some time to learn which choice is the most flattering for you, but once you do, there will be no turning back. Here are some of my favorite options to get you started experimenting:

    Want a fun, retro look to spice up your everyday makeup routine? A light line underneath your brow will give your face added definition and make your brows stand out. It gives an extra touch of shape that your look is otherwise lacking!
    Looking for something a bit more subtle? Applying your eyebrow highlighter to the very end of your eyebrow at the tail adds a gentle glow without being as defining as lining the full underside. It gives a bit of an extra pop and draws attention to your eyes in a way you’ll l
    Everyone loves to highlight the inner corner of their eyes – but have you ever thought to highlight the inner corner of your brow, too? Giving the tiniest touch of sparkle in that spot adds a fun and unique flair!
    My personal favorite spot is to add brow highlighter directly underneath your brow bone. This will give you an instant lift for an elegant, classic look that can’t be beat.


Still a little hesitant? Don’t worry – I’ve got a few more tips and tricks to leave you confident and feeling ready to pick the perfect product for you.

1. Choose the right highlighter for your skin tone

Brow highlighter is just like any other makeup product – you want to make sure that you choose the right one for your skin tone. Pay attention to whether a highlighter has cool or warm tones to make sure that it’s the right choice for your skin.

2. Shimmer or Matte: it’s up to you!

There are several types of highlighter on the market – you’ll quickly notice both shimmer and matte options. It never hurts to have both in your makeup arsenal, but pay attention when you buy! If you want some extra sparkle, a fun shimmery choice is the one for you, while a matte will draw less attention for a subtle glow. Both have their place for different occasions, so I like to have both on hand – and the dual products that come with both are even better. A girl needs the right to change her mind on a whim, ya feel?

3. Choose the right product type for your skin type

Much like picking the right type of blush, you want to make sure that you choose the right type of eyebrow highlighter for your skin. If you naturally have drier skin, you might want to opt for a creamier formula or a gel to give your skin extra hydration and glow. However, if your skin is often oily, that extra oil will only make things worse. In that case, I’d say to go for a drier pencil or powder option for the longest lasting highlight for your makeup look.

4. Lock it in with setting spray

Speaking of long lasting – if you want to make sure that you have a brow look that lasts, give a quick spritz of setting spray on your way out the door. As an added bonus, it will keep your other brow products and eye makeup in place, too!

MY Eyebrow Highlighter TOP PICKS

Brow highlighter has quickly become one of my favorite beauty products, and it now has a permanent place in my makeup bag. You just can’t beat the definition and lift that it gives to your face shape, and I love being able to play with the shimmer and sparkle for a fun added flair to my eye makeup look. As we head into festival season, you could even play with different colors to make your makeup look really pop! The options are limitless. Let me know which product you end up falling in love with, and how brow highlighter ends up changing your life for the better.

anastasia beverly hills

Pro Pencil

Who doesn’t love a good Anastasia product? This pencil gives a gorgeous matte finish, and can actually serve multiple purposes – it’s recommended not only to work as a brow highlighter, but also as a facial highlighter, concealer, or eyeshadow primer!

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Fake Awake Eye Highlighter

This gel highlighter is universally flattering, and does a fantastic job of brightening and lifting so that you look wide awake no matter how little sleep you got the night before!

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benefit cosmetics

High Brow Dual Ended Highlighting Eyebrow Pencil

This dual-ended highlighting pencil offers both a matte and shimmer highlight, so you can have the best of both worlds. The creamy, glowy formula comes in three different shades so that you can be sure to find the best pick for your skin tone.

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No Budge Shadow Stick

I love that e.l.f. always has fantastic affordable choices that are always cruelty-free. This shadow stick has long-lasting wear, for a highlight that will last through wherever the day takes you.

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Magnetic Eye Color

I love the different shade options with this eye pencil, and the fact that it comes in two different types – satin and matte. It’s precise and long-lasting, so you can feel confident in an all-day look.

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Maracuja Juicy Glow Highlighting Stick

This product is made with Maracuja Oil, which provides visibly firmer, brighter, and smoother skin and also hydrates. Gotta love a product that makes you look good while being good for you!

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Wonder Pencil Multi-Use Micro Highlighting Duo Pencil

This pencil shapes, highlights, and conceals, with a dual pencil to provide both matte and shimmer. Easily sharpened for the ultimate precision you need, this pencil is a must.

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anastasia beverly hills

Highlighting Duo Pencil

This dual-end matte and shimmer pencil has a silky smooth formula for a gorgeous glow. Formulated with Vitamin E and made to even skin tone, it will have you feeling luxurious in no time.

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Brow Highlighter


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