Best Car Travel Accessories for Your Next Road Trip

Best Car Travel Accessories For Your Next Road Trip 2

Taking a road trip is one of my favorite ways to travel. There’s something special about hitting the open road and exploring new destinations at my own pace. From the moment I pack up my car with the best accessories and head out, I feel a sense of freedom and adventure. It’s hard to replicate that feeling with other forms of travel. Of course, road trips aren’t without their challenges. There are times when I get lost or stuck in traffic. There are especially times when the weather doesn’t cooperate with my plans. But these challenges are part of the adventure, and they make the journey all the more memorable. And with the right attitude, I always find a way to turn these challenges into opportunities for exploration and discovery.

At the end of each day, whether the trip is still continuing or we have reached our destination, I love settling into a cozy hotel room or campground and reflecting on the day’s adventures. Whether I’m sharing stories and laughs with friends or enjoying some quiet time alone, there’s a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from a day on the road and reflecting on the different sites we saw and the places we may have stopped to see.

In short, taking a road trip is an experience like no other. It’s a chance to see the world in a different way. To embrace the unexpected, and create lasting memories that will stay with me for a lifetime. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the best car travel accessories for your next road trip

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Best Car Travel Accessories For Your Next Road Trip 1



One of the greatest advantages of a road trip is the flexibility it offers. Unlike air travel or train rides, road trips allow you to create your own itinerary. Whether you’re interested in visiting national parks, quaint small towns, or big cities, a road trip allows you to do so at your own pace. This means you can stop to take pictures, grab a bite to eat at a local diner, or simply take in the breathtaking scenery.

Another benefit of a road trip is the opportunity to disconnect from our digital world. This helps us reconnect with nature and each other. With no Wi-Fi or cell service in many areas, a road trip allows us to disconnect from our screens. Being able to fully immerse ourselves in the world around us. Whether you’re camping in a national park or staying in a cozy bed and breakfast, a road trip offers a chance to disconnect from the stress and distractions of our daily lives and enjoy the simpler things.

Road trips are also a budget-friendly way to travel. With the ability to pack your own food and choose more affordable accommodations, road trips can be much more cost-effective than other forms of travel. Additionally, the freedom to choose your own destinations and activities means you can prioritize what’s important to you. This will help by saving money on things that don’t interest you.

Of course, road trips aren’t without their challenges. Long hours on the road can be tiring, and navigating unfamiliar roads can be stressful. However, with proper planning and preparation, these challenges can be minimized. Ensuring your car is in good condition and packing essential road trip accessories such as snacks, water, and a first aid kit can help alleviate some of the stress. This will make your trip more enjoyable.


As a person who has been on various road trips throughout her life, the main thing that you have to do it make sure that you’re prepared. When I was younger, I had various family members who would take us on road trips and the amount of preparation they went through was always astounding to me, but I do greatly remember that each road trip went off without a hitch. As I got older, I realized the importance of preparing, and then learned even more when we had our son. Being prepared, no matter who your passengers are or even if you have no passengers, is absolutely essential for having a great road trip.

Preparing for a road trip can be an exciting and fun experience, but it can also be overwhelming if not properly planned. Whether you are planning a short or long road trip, there are several important steps you should take to ensure your trip is successful and enjoyable. In this article, we will discuss some essential tips for preparing for a road trip.

    The first step in preparing for a road trip is to plan your route. Make sure you have a clear idea of where you are going, and the different routes you can take to get there. Use a map or GPS to plot out your route, and consider any potential detours or road closures that may affect your journey.
    Your vehicle is the most critical aspect of your road trip, so make sure it is in good condition. Get your car serviced, check your brakes, tires, and fluids, and make sure your spare tire is in good condition. Consider getting roadside assistance or a basic car repair kit in case of any unexpected breakdowns.
    Packing for a road trip can be tricky, so make sure you pack the essentials. Bring plenty of water and snacks, extra clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, and any medications you may need. Consider packing a first-aid kit, a flashlight, and a blanket in case of emergencies.
    Long road trips can be tedious, so make sure you have plenty of entertainment options. Load up your smartphone or tablet with music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Bring some board games or cards, and make sure you have a good book to read.
    Road trips can be expensive, so make sure you have a budget in mind. Consider the cost of gas, food, and accommodations, and set aside some extra money for unexpected expenses. Use budgeting apps or tools to help you stay on track and avoid overspending.


Anytime you go on a trip, you have to pack something. Even if it’s an overnight trip and you’re throwing a few things together in a weekender bag or backpack, you still are packing and taking the time to plan what you need to back. When we go on any of our family vacations, I’m the main person that packs. Not only do I pack for my son and myself, I also help my husband pack by making sure that he has everything.

Packing for a road trip can be a daunting task. Unlike air travel, where you are limited to a certain amount of luggage, a road trip allows you to bring as much as you want (within reason). And if you end up overpacking, you may end up taking up too much space in the car with the luggage which then leads to people being uncomfortable in the car which then could throw off your entire road trip. However, this doesn’t mean you should pack everything but the kitchen sink. Here are some tips to help you pack efficiently and effectively for your road trip:

  • Create a packing list
    Just like with any trip, creating a packing list can help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget anything important. Make a list of all the items you need to bring, categorize them, and check them off as you pack. This way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything and can focus on enjoying your trip.
  • Pack light
    While you may have more space in your car than you would on a plane, it’s still important to pack light. Not only will it make it easier to find what you need, but it will also save you space in the car. Only bring the essentials and leave anything you don’t absolutely need behind.
  • Use packing cubes
    Packing cubes are a great way to keep your items organized and easy to find. You can use different cubes for different categories, such as clothes, toiletries, and electronics. This will make it easier to find what you need without having to dig through your entire bag.
  • Pack for the weather
    Be sure to pack clothes and accessories appropriate for the weather you’ll be experiencing. Check the weather forecast before you leave and plan accordingly. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected weather changes.
  • Bring snacks and drinks
    One of the best things about road trips is the ability to stop and explore different places along the way. However, this can also mean limited food and drink options. Be sure to bring snacks and drinks with you to keep you fueled and hydrated during your journey. This will also save you money and time on pit stops.
  • Pack entertainment
    A long road trip can be boring, especially if you’re traveling with children. Bring entertainment such as books, movies, and games to keep everyone entertained during the journey. This will also make the trip more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Don’t forget about safety items.
    Safety is always a priority when traveling, and a road trip is no exception. Be sure to pack items such as a first aid kit, a flashlight, a map, and a spare tire. These items can be lifesavers in case of an emergency


Traveling with pets and kids on road trips can be a fun and exciting adventure, but it requires careful planning and preparation. Whether you’re embarking on a long-distance journey or a short weekend getaway, there are several things you need to consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone involved.

Here are some tips to help you plan a successful road trip with your furry and human family members:

    Make sure you pack everything that your pet and kids need to be comfortable. Pack enough food, water, and treats for your pet, as well as their favorite toys, blankets, and bed. For your kids, pack their favorite toys, books, games, and snacks. Don’t forget to bring along any medication your pet or child may need.
    Before setting out on your journey, it’s important to research pet-friendly accommodations along your route. Many hotels and motels allow pets, but some have size or breed restrictions, so be sure to check their policies before making reservations. You can also consider booking a vacation rental or camping in a pet-friendly campground.
    Make sure to pack all the necessary items for your pets, including food, water, bowls, bedding, and toys. You should also bring any medications or medical records your pets may need, as well as a first-aid kit. Remember to keep your pets’ leashes, collars, and identification tags handy at all times.
    Before hitting the road, prepare your car for the journey. Make sure it’s clean and free of any hazardous items that could harm your pets or children. Install a pet barrier or crate to keep your pets safe and secure during the drive. You should also pack a pet seat belt or harness to prevent your furry friends from roaming around the car.
    Rest stops are essential for both pets and kids. Plan to make frequent stops to allow your pet to stretch their legs and go potty. For kids, make sure they have a chance to get out of the car and run around to burn off some energy. Find rest areas that have picnic tables or grassy areas for your pets to play and your kids to stretch their legs
    Pets and kids should always be secured during a road trip. Make sure your pet is in a crate or a secure harness to prevent them from jumping around the car or distracting the driver. For kids, make sure they are buckled in the appropriate car seat or seat belt.
    Long car rides can be boring for both pets and kids. Bring along some toys, games, and movies to keep everyone entertained. For pets, consider bringing along a chew toy or puzzle toy to keep them occupied. For kids, consider bringing along coloring books or an iPad loaded with their favorite movies.
    It’s important to take breaks to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Take a break every couple of hours to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, and get some fresh air. This will help prevent boredom and restlessness, and keep everyone comfortable for the rest of the journey.
    The vehicle you choose can make a big difference in the comfort of your pet and kids. Make sure the car is big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, with enough room for your pet’s crate or bed. Consider renting an SUV or minivan if you have a larger family or more than one pet.



Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with family, you can make the experience enjoyable. Here are some car travel accessories that can make your journey more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. You can find it all on Amazon.


Seat Gap Filler

Car cleanliness is a serious topic to keep in mind while on the road. These Seat Gap Fillers help with just that problem. No more dropping items or food on the side of your seat and the center console or letting your phone drop between the cracks when it pops out of the cup holder or drops off the phone holder when you’ve hit a bump. As seen on Shark Tank, the Seat Gap Filler blocks that annoying yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console. It’s a great life saver and a great car essential to have that you didn’t even think that you needed. 


Charging Phone Mount

Though many of us have said that we don’t need these and we can just put our phone right in the cup holder, for a successful road trip, a charging phone mount is something that you need. This Charging Phone Mount has a telescopic arm pivots on a 260° arc and can be extended from 6.5” to 11”, allowing you to find the optimal viewing position. It’s great for allowing you to look at your phone if you’re using it for navigation, or if you have a screen in your car, it’s great for keeping your phone in place while also allowing it to charge. The mounting base attaches to your vehicle via a super strong sticky gel suction cup. The wireless charging feature works with Qi compatible devices and cases up to 6mm thick. For the most efficient wireless charging experience, we recommend connecting your phone without a case.


Leak Proof Car Garbage

For someone who likes to eat on the go, this has been one of the great car accessories that I love. With kids in the car, it comes more in handy because your car stays a little cleaner with less trash all over your floor. A thoughtful solution for one who has the need for their car to keep neat, this car garbage bag, looks fashionable and keeps your garbage secure and in one place. No more using the plastic bags and hanging them from your set or shifter, instead, get this garbage container that you can pass around the car after everyone has eaten their to-go meals so that garbage stays contained and your car stays clean. This perfectly fits varieties of types of vehicles as it is foldable and compact when not in use.


Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

When you don’t have an extra hand, you need an extra bag! Having these compatible bags handy makes any trip you take to the store or long distance a little smoother. These bags carry up to 50 lbs and carries 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff comfortably. Equipped with sturdy, generous handles allow for hand holding or over the shoulder toting. With many states now starting to charge you for using bags, you can save money on road trips by having this reusable bag ready for grabbing things to go. And even if you are in a state that just gives bags, it’s great to not have to collect all those plastic bags and cause more waste. 



Traveling with any littles in the back can be a hassle, especially being sure that all the entertainment needs are readily accessible. This Large Car Organizer has extra-long straps with quick-release buckles to ensure a perfect fit for any car. This organizer includes multiple pockets on the front for handy storage of drink, umbrella, books, pen or kids toys. It also has a tablet pocket with a clear touch-screen viewer window that fits up to 10” Android or for iPad tablets. It is also Water-resistant, machine-washable fabric which is easy for you to clean.


Backseat Car Organizer

Traveling with any littles in the back can be a hassle, especially being sure that all the entertainment needs are readily accessible. This Large Car Organizer has extra-long straps with quick-release buckles to ensure a perfect fit for any car. This organizer includes multiple pockets on the front for handy storage of drink, umbrella, books, pen or kids toys. It also has a tablet pocket with a clear touch-screen viewer window that fits up to 10” Android or for iPad tablets. It is also Water-resistant, machine-washable fabric which is easy for you to clean.



To keep yourself safe on the road and to prepare for the one thing that is most likely to go wrong on a road trip, make sure to get a portable tire inflator. Low tire in the middle of nowhere with not a gas station in site? This Portable Air Compressor has 3 Nozzles and Extra Fuse Included for any need you may have. Inflates any Schrader valve on cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles; the included accessories allow you to put this in any car you may drive and also stick into a rental if you decide to get one. Measure the air pressure on the go and also just use it at home to keep you tires in great shape especially during the colder months when your tire pressure fluctuates. 



Leg room utilization and luggage organization is a topic to take seriously on any road trip. Having a rooftop storage area will let you and your legs breathe a little bit better for the miles to come. This 15 cubic feet rooftop cargo carrier allows you to hold 4-6 suitcases, travel luggage cases, tents, sleeping bags and more. Free up inside vehicle space for more comfort on the way to your adventures. This rooftop cargo carrier fits for any car, truck, or SUV. If there are no roof side rails on your car, it can be quickly and easily installed to the roof rack in minutes with 4 door hooks.



Being stuck on the side of the road in the dark is not a good experience. This kit will help with that! Being seen is #1 safety need while on the side of the road. These roadside LED lights have a battery that does not drain in storage. The LEDs have 9 different flashing modes that get you noticed one mile at night and half a mile during the day. Use the 3 white LEDs as a flashlight or warning light. Avoid danger and get help when you need it.



Sitting in the back seat is no longer a struggle with the airflow of the car. With two 360 degree rotatable fan heads, and rotatable fan base, bring coolness to the passengers or pets in every corner in the backseat of the car. With a big speed controller, you can change wind speed easily and effortlessly according to your feeling. This car fan is even nap tested, staying at a low noise level for one to snooze in peace.



Wanting to work a little on the road, let’s make sure your laptop has a place to plug in! The Power Inverter Box has full-protection with short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, overload, over-temperature protection, and built-in fuse for your utmost safety. Enjoy 4 USB ports (6.2A) and 2 standard plug outlets (e.g. for laptops) for convenient charging on the road.



Think that a Collapsible Iceless Cooler is just in your dreams? This cooler is here to make your dreams come true! Save time and money while traveling with fewer stops and no expensive restaurant bills. Just pack your Koolatron D25 Hybrid Portable cooler with your favorite food and beverages and plug into your vehicle’s outlet for reliable iceless cooling. Use the AC adapter to seamlessly transfer the cooling power from your vehicle to the cottage, home, or hotel room. With its 25.3L capacity, this cooler has room for all your needs, and it easily collapses when empty for space-saving storage.



Being the driver is no joke on a road trip. Take care of your body for this marathon just like any other with some extra support. Made with pure memory foam, the pressure relief seat cushion uses your own body heat to adapt to your curves. Long sitting hours lead to painful pressure points in your lower body; with the seat cushion it cradles your bottom, reducing pain and fatigue in your lower back, hips, and sciatic nerve. 



When you are on the road, you need all your electronics available. This charger will work on any of your devices with the 3 in 1 retractable multi charging cable, built-in Micro-USB, USB-C, and iP connectors. Resulting in less clutter with all the different cords needed for your devices.Multi Charging Cable

dot & twist


Your stiff legs, sore back and tight neck are no more with this pillow. Unlike most traditional airline travel pillows, our twistable travel pillows contour to almost any shape and position you want to provide you personalized support and pain relief. This travel neck pillow is versatile and is convertible. Use it to support your head, back, shoulder, or cervical spine during a nap, when relaxing or reading on the bed, recliner or couch.


Body Wipes

While on the Road Traveling, sometimes a shower is not always readily available. These biodegradable body wipes are great for a quick body wipe down while keeping mindful of the environment. Having Tea Tree oil and Chamomile will make you smell fresh from all the driving!


She Pee

It is easy for the males of your Road Trip to quickly go to the bathroom when a gas station is not in site. Though it is a bit harder for us ladies. If you are able to get behind a tree, this handy female urine funnel will make your road trip that much more enjoyable without having to hold yourself for too long. Women won’t have to worry about using a dirty public toilet facility or risking their safety, or use a narrow aircraft toilet. Easy to clean and carry: The female urination device is very light, soft and foldable, you can put it in your travel bag, or in your pocket, perfect for travelers. Private pockets, no one will find out what it is. The portable urinal cleaning is very simple, shake it a little, and clean it with water or soapy water. How to use a pee funnel: The concept of a woman funnel is very simple. First, you should relax yourself, legs shoulder width apart, hips kind of thrust out. Then pull the front of your pants down, let the silicone funnel cling to your body. Pay attention not to urinate on your clothes, and recommend practicing before use.


Kids Neck Pillow

No one enjoys neck cramps while traveling or on road trips. Keep your child’s head and neck safe from later strain with this neck pillow just for them. This pillow molds to the child’s neck for the best cozy fit and works perfectly to keep the child’s head in a comfortable position when traveling. Helps the child’s head from being pushed down and fall forward when sleeping in a booster and car seat so that they will be able to sleep and arrive at the destination well-rested. Neck pillows for traveling are meant to help the trip, and that is why our neck pillow is easy to clean so that it is always fresh for your child on their road or airplane adventure.


Travel Fire Extinguisher

I hope you never have to use this – but it has its place for a reason. Compact, lightweight recyclable plastic aerosol fire extinguisher and a more practical solution compared to traditional metal canisters. Extinguishes 5 different types of fire: electrical, cooking oil, textiles, petrol/diesel and paper/card. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly fluid – safe for the user and the environment. StaySafe 5-in-1 fits into glove compartment. 


Motion Sickness Glasses

Prone to motion sickness while traveling no matter what preventative measures you take? These travel motion sick glasses are here for just that! These motion sickness glasses have no lens but a liquid glass circle. The level of this liquid in the circle varies according to the moves of the vehicle and creates an artificial horizon in the user’s vision, which re-synchronizes the eyes with the balance system. No drugs, no side effects. Put on the anti-motion sickness glasses and stare at a stationary object such as a book or a mobile phone for about 10-14 minutes to relieve discomfort. Made of imported soft, elastic, and durable TPE material. With added nose pads, the glasses will not fall off easily.This INITIO Motion sickness glasses design is ergonomic and sand are comfortable for all head sizes and shapes, simply adjust the size by bending the soft and elastic frame.



Road trips are so boring at times. Have fun with anyone and everyone in the car with this fun filled road trip game. Family Fun: This family game is designed for ages 12+ and is encouraged to be played with 2+ players (of all ages). How to Play: Nominate someone to be the card reader (person sitting shotgun, we’re lookin’ at you). If the car setup allows, you can rotate the reader. Read the card and play based on the prompt! Play until you reach your destination or until you stop for fast food.


As you plan for your next epic road trip, consider these top car travel accessories to have in your car to make your travel experience a whole lot easier. With these vehicle accessories, you can stay comfortable, safe, and entertained on the road, making your journey a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Best Car Travel Accessories For Your Next Road Trip


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