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It’s coming around to that season again – wedding season. And though we will find a mixture of indoor and outdoor weddings throughout the Spring and Summer, we may want to consider a garden party outfit that is great for outdoor weddings, because, in my opinion, if it works for an outdoor wedding during the warmer months, it’ll most likely work for an indoor wedding too. Outdoor weddings are unpredictable. When a couple arranges them, they are playing Russian Roulette with the weather. You may get a very nice, breezy, beautiful day, or you may end up with the extreme heat, and either way, the show must go on. So as a wedding guest, it is best to be prepared for the extremely hot day just in case it happens.

I don’t know about you, but I just think there is nothing better to wear for an outdoor wedding than a classy, elegant garden party outfit. The pieces are versatile and can be worn for other events, but will fit perfectly with the atmosphere and vibe of an outdoor wedding. Garden party attire is one of my favorite styles to have on hand for an outdoor party or wedding because of the light, fun feel that it brings. You can switch it up by wearing maxi dresses, midi dresses, or mini dresses, so no matter which style you think is most flattering on your body, you are sure to find a look that is perfect for you. And don’t worry – there is still always a time and place for a little black dress! But I think that it’s always fun to switch things up and go for a different option. 

Garden party outfits are also flattering on all body types. Whether you’re looking for petite or plus size options, a garden party dress is sure to make you look cute and classy, which will leave you feeling confident – and isn’t that the most important part of all? 

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Abercrombie Best Dressed Guest


So you may be asking, “what is a garden party?” Well, garden parties are pretty much what they sound like – parties that are in a garden. It’s outdoors surrounded by florals and bright colors and just provides a sophisticated and whimsical aesthetic that will leave you feeling like you’re in an upper class royal event. Garden parties formal events that traditionally are held between 4-8pm because you need to be in daylight and also be there at the time of sunset to really enjoy the garden. When preparing for your garden party, just keep in mind that you’re style should match the sophistication of the event.

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Though I love weddings all year around, my favorite times to go to a wedding is during the Spring because of the garden party weddings that typically “spring up” during the season. When I’m ready to find my wedding guest look, there are two places that I’ll typically head to find stylish wedding looks – Abercrombie and Revolve.

This recent look from Abercrombie was a favorite of mine for the garden party and outdoor wedding season. The v-neck neckline goes perfectly with the slightly puffed sleeves, and I love the smocked detailing and ruffled skirt. While I know that you have to be careful when it comes to wearing white to a wedding, the gorgeous floral detail on the print guarantees that you will look less like a bride and more like you are ready for a garden tea with your friends. I thought that these mauve heels paired perfectly with the dress, giving the perfect added height and tying in seamlessly with the floral print. Give your hair some curl and add some dainty and elegant jewelry, and you are set for your next event! I know that this look will certainly become a staple in my wardrobe this season. 

Though this look was from Abercrombie, my other go to – Revolve – also has some great looks to to wear to a garden party. And though the price points tend to be higher at Revolve, you can still find some super affordable cute looks by shopping brands such as Tularosa and Majorelle during off season times so that you can style a great garden party outfit.



In many cases, you can’t go wrong with a floral garden party outfit – especially if it’s a dress. Though you may feel like you’re on the more literal side, you’ll mesh right in with the typical style of a garden party wedding. You can find a variety of different floral looks to wear to a garden party wedding because it’s a trend that doesn’t fade away and stands out every season. But if you’re looking for some variance, don’t shy away from bold floral looks or a more vintage dress style to stand out in the crowd.

And for those thinking that you have to wear a dress as your garden party outfit – think again. For garden parties, you can also style a suit to make yourself stand out. With so many different suit styles that also match with the garden party aesthetic, you can also bring in your florals with a stylish floral suit or rom to change things up. Below are two vibrant garden party looks that aren’t dresses that would stun at any garden party wedding.


alfred jumpsuit

This cute floral jumpsuit is a great stylish and relaxed outfit to wear to an outdoor wedding. The floral print matches the garden party style while also giving a 21st century look. Wear with a pair of wedges so that your heels don’t dip into any of the dirt. The bright blue print brings out the Spring aesthetic while also providing a chic UK style look from which the garden party theme came from.

asos luxe

suit in pixelated floral print

Who doesn’t love this two piece floral suit? It’s bold look creates such a dynamic garden party outfit and depending on the accessories that you pair with it, you can down place the bold look a little or turn it up so that you’re standing out as one of the best dressed garden party attendees at the party.



There are a variety of different outfits that you can wear to a spring or summer wedding. You can wear two-piece wedding guest sets or you can even find an off-the-shoulder summery dress that is perfect for wearing for a Spring or Summer wedding. But even with the many different styles and options that are out there for wedding guest outfits, there is a delicacy in choosing an outdoor wedding guest outfit that will leave you feeling comfortable, so you can enjoy your time. Remember: you want to look stylish and feel confident, but comfort is key!

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, there are many details that you will want to be sure to consider. You want to make sure that you are comfortable enough to move around and get out on the dance floor if you want to, covered enough so that if there is a breeze, your skirt won’t blow up, but also free enough that you don’t feel constrained in the heat. You want to be covered so that you aren’t worried about adjusting your clothing for the entirety of the event, but you don’t want to feel stifled, claustrophobic, or overheated if the wedding falls on a particularly brutally warm day.

For outdoor weddings, my first tip is to one, be aware of the color that you are wearing. I’m not saying this in the whole vein of ‘don’t wear white to a wedding’ – you’ve heard that before, I know. What I am saying is that you want to make sure that you aren’t wearing too dark of a color. If the wedding ends up falling on a really hot day, or if you’re expecting an indoor wedding or reception and the air conditioning breaks, let’s be honest – you are going to end up sweating, and when you do, dark colors will make that fact painfully visible to everyone around you. Light, airy colors are always a go-to for outdoor wedding guest looks, because not only are they stylish, bright, and perfectly seasonal, they are also a far safer bet when it comes to dealing with the heat that comes with a warm weather wedding or event. A springtime color palette is perfect when coming up with outfit ideas for your next outdoor wedding. Think fresh pink, blue, orange, yellow, or purple accents, and you can’t go wrong. 

Another tip, that many find somewhat out of the box or against the grain, is that don’t feel as if you can’t wear bodycon or body-hugging outfits. Many people think that wearing loose clothing is the way to go, but in my experience, that hasn’t made much of a difference. Instead, wear what you feel is comfortable. If you have a bodycon or body-hugging dress that you love and feel comfortable and confident in, girl, wear that dress! Just also make sure that your body-hugging dress does have a little bit of stretch in it, especially if you’re wanting to enjoy dinner and some cake. Again, comfort is key, especially when you are planning for an event that takes place in a season where it’s easy to find yourself uncomfortable solely due to mother nature.

As you are planning for your upcoming outdoor wedding or event, I also would remind you to think through the shoes that you plan to wear with your dress or outfit. If you are not sure what the venue is going to be like, make sure that you plan for your footwear accordingly! You may not know if the venue will have concrete ground or if it will be all grass, so make sure that you wear shoes that you can easily walk on grass in – you don’t want to be getting stuck in your spike heels as you go about the event, and you also don’t want to mess up your favorite pair of heels! It also is important to consider comfort when planning your shoes for an outdoor wedding. You will want to think through if it is going to be a far walk to the venue from parking, and it also is important to remember that, in the heat of the spring and summer seasons, your feet may be prone to swelling. So, you probably do not want to choose that pair of heels in your closet that is always right on the edge of being a little too tight. I know I know – but they’re so cute! You love them! They may be cute, but blisters? Not so cute. You want to be able to dance and mingle at the event without being in pain, so be wise in selecting the perfect shoes to accompany your look!

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One of my favorite places to shop for indoor and outdoor wedding guest outfits is the Abercrombie Best Dressed Guest shop which is where I found this floral smocked dress. It is my favorite garden party outfit of the season! I don’t have any weddings that we will be attending this year since they all got postponed due to travel restrictions as they were destination weddings, but I also feel that some of these outfits also work well for baby showers, birthdays, and bridal showers depending on the theme. The fun thing about garden party outfits is that they are incredibly versatile, and can be worn all season long to nearly any event that you have on the calendar and plan to go to.

Garden party looks are also incredibly easy to dress up or dress down depending on the event that you will be attending. If you are attending a more formal event, such as a wedding, graduation, or fancy party, you can easily dress up your garden party dress with a stunning pair of heels, nice jewelry, an upscale handbag, and the appropriate hair and makeup. But if you are going to be attending something more casual, like a backyard birthday party, cookout, or informal baby or bridal shower, you can also easily dress down your look! Aim for a simple flat sandal instead of a heel, and style your hair and makeup more casually and less night-out glam. This will not only give you more options as you decide which pieces you wish to purchase for your closet this season, but it will also allow you to get more use out of the pieces you buy or even the ones that you already own. If you are on a budget, you can easily find a few staple pieces that you love and wear them anytime that you need them this spring or summer and trust that you will look fabulous every time.

I’ve rounded up a selection of some great outdoor wedding guest dresses for you to peruse through and pick out for any of your upcoming events.

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