Best Dressed Outdoor Wedding Guest

Abercrombie Best Dressed Guest

Abercrombie Best Dressed Guest

It’s coming around to that season again – wedding season. And though we will find a mixture of indoor and outdoor weddings throughout the Spring and Summer, we may want to consider outfits that are great for outdoor weddings, because, in my opinion, if it works for an outdoor wedding during the warmer months, it’ll most likely work for an indoor wedding too. Outdoor weddings are unpredictable. When a couple arranges them, they are playing Russian Roulette with the weather, you may get a very nice, breezy, beautiful day, or you may end up with the extreme heat, and either way, the show must go on. So as a wedding guest, it is best to be prepared for the extremely hot day just in case it happens.




There are a variety of different outfits that you can wear to a Summer wedding. You can wear two-piece wedding guest sets or you can even find an off-the-shoulder summery dress that is perfect for wearing for a Spring or Summer wedding. But even with the many different styles out there for wedding guest outfits, there is a delicacy in choosing an outdoor wedding guest outfit that will leave you feeling comfortable, so you can enjoy your time.

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, you want to make sure that your comfortable enough to move around and get out on the dance floor if you want to, covered enough so that if there’s a breeze your skirt won’t blow up, but also free enough that you don’t feel constrained in the heat.

For outdoor weddings, my first tip is to one, be aware of the color that you are wearing. I’m not saying this in the whole ‘don’t wear white to a wedding’, but I am saying this in a whole, don’t wear dark colors because if it is hot, and you do sweat, you don’t really want to have that seen. Light airy colors are always a go-to for outdoor wedding guest looks.

Another tip, that many find somewhat out of the box, is that don’t feel as if you can’t wear bodycon or body-hugging outfits. Many people think that wearing loose clothing is the way to go, but in my experience, that hasn’t made quite a difference. Instead, wear what you feel is comfortable, but also make sure that your body-hugging dress does have a little stretch in it, especially if you’re wanting to enjoy dinner and some cake.

Best Dressed Wedding Guest

One of my favorite places to shop for indoor and outdoor wedding guest outfits is the Abercrombie Best Dressed Guest shop which is where I found this floral smocked dress. I don’t have any weddings that we will be attending this year since they all got postponed due to travel restrictions as they were destination weddings, but I also feel that some of these outfits also work well for baby showers, birthdays, and bridal showers depending on the theme.

I’ve rounded up a selection of some great outdoor wedding guest dresses for you to peruse through and pick out for any of your upcoming events.



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