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Best Peach Blushes For Women Scaled

There’s no better time than spring to freshen up your beauty routine. After the dark days of winter, spring’s sunlight and fun florals are the perfect inspiration for a new look. One of my favorite beauty trends this season is peach blush. It’s the perfect light touch to brighten any complexion, and is quickly becoming a staple in my makeup routine. That’s why today I’m so excited to share with you the best peach blushes for every skin type. No matter your skin, there’s a peach blush for you – and I can’t wait to help you discover your perfect match!

When it comes to peach blush, there are more options than you can begin to imagine. Blush comes in all shapes and forms – from traditional compact powder blushes that you’re familiar with to newer kinds of blush like liquid blush, cream blush, or gel blush that might come in a stick or a tube with an applicator. Peach, also, is a color with shades all across the spectrum. There are peach blushes with coral undertones, and blushes with lighter pink undertones, and blushes with orange undertones. There are deeply pigmented options for a more dramatic look, as well as fresh, light options for the one looking to style herself as a natural beauty. Additionally, you can choose a blush that comes in a matte finish for some extra drama or glam, or you can choose a sparkle or glittery finish for a fun shimmer. The options are truly limitless when it comes to peach blush – but I am here to help you discover the perfect product for you. Keep reading to make all of your peach blush dreams come true this season.

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Best Peach Blushes For Women



Before we get into the product recommendations below (complete with links, so you can add them to your beauty routine ASAP!), you might be asking yourself, “Why do I even need to wear blush to begin with?” Blush may seem as though it is unnecessary or outdated, like something you saw your grandmother apply liberally in the bathroom mirror when you were growing up. If you are new to the world of makeup, you might not understand why you would want to put the pink back in your cheeks that you so carefully just concealed away with concealer and foundation. I get it, I have been there, too. But trust me – the right blush will, in fact, change your life. And let me tell you why.


If you are tired, worn out, or not feeling your best, blush will give your skin a fresh life that you don’t have on your own at the moment. It will wake your face up, and make you look as though you’re feeling worlds better than you really do. We all are going a million miles an hour, and life gets exhausting after a while. But why should you look as tired as you feel? Trying to fake it ’til you make it through that important meeting, coffee date, or Zoom interview? Blush is the key to ensuring that you make them all believe you every time. You’ll immediately look more awake, alive, and ready to take on the day – and oftentimes, the better you look, the better you feel. So hey – blush could be the first step to brighter days ahead in more ways than one!


“But Iesha,” you might be thinking, “don’t I just swipe it across my cheeks with a fluffy brush? How do I get different looks from blush?”

Oh, girl, do I have a surprise for you. Blush is incredibly versatile – it’s all in the placement. You can create entirely different makeup looks with just a bit of care and time put into the application of the blush. A tiny dab on your cheekbones can make you look more awake. A more dramatic swipe ties together an elegant evening look with grace and draws attention to your killer cheekbones. Swiping it across your cheeks and nose gives you a sunkissed look that will have everyone asking you where you went on your last vacation. A dab on the tip of your nose gives a whimsical, fairylike look with a unique, innocent flair.

See what I mean? The possibilities are endless – you just have to get started. A whole world of new makeup looks is waiting for you to discover the magic of blush!


True magic happens when you coordinate your products. While it’s not necessary for a strong makeup look, when you take the time to think through using products that go incredibly well together, your makeup will take on a professional look that will bring your style to a new and improved level. A blush that coordinates with your eyeshadow and lip color ties your face together in a way that a look without blush just can’t achieve. You’ll immediately look more cohesive and put together without even truly trying hard! It’s subtle enough to not be obvious, but it can truly make or break a makeup look. Trust me – give it a try.


Speaking of, I am here to let you in on a little makeup secret that can double as a budget saver, too. Think that blush is only for your cheekbones? Think again. A good blush can often double as an eyeshadow in a pinch, especially right now as warmer tones like pinks and oranges are incredibly in and on trend. Even further than that, if you mix your blush with some gloss or dab some blush onto your already-applied lip product, you could even create a new lip color. Blushes with browner tones (or even undertones) can be used to contour; lighter blushes can be used to highlight. The possibilities are endless! And let’s be honest – we all know that makeup, especially high-end makeup, can get expensive really quickly. When you have a product that you can use multiple ways, you’re immediately saving money – money that you can end up using to discover other products that might just change your life!


Your grandmother used it for a reason – blush is a truly timeless product. Think back to your favorite vintage stars – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis. When we think of these women, we think of style icons. Their style is still looked to today because it made a mark that has lasted for generations. Each of these women all wore blush, and it was an essential part of their classic looks – often paired with a great dramatic lip color for some added flair. Every woman needs a little more class in their life, and blush is an easy way to make that happen.

Now, you might be wondering, “But do I really need blush? Can’t I just contour instead, or use bronzer and highlighter?” Well, you can – I can’t stop you – but you won’t achieve the same look as you will with the perfect blush. Blush is a star product all on its own, and it deserves an untouchable place in your makeup bag and daily routine.


When wearing any type of makeup, it’s essential to understanding your skin type. Even before putting on makeup, you need to understand your skin type so that you can not only pick out the right cosmetics for you, but also create a great skincare routine. Because, let’s face it, if your skin isn’t taken care of, your makeup isn’t going to look great no matter what. Powder blush typically works well with all skin types, and it’s the most easy to use, apply, and carry around, but if you’re up for trying a blush that works even better with your skin type, here are some suggestions:

    If you have dry skin, you want to avoid putting a lot of dry product on your skin because it’ll only make your skin look drier and flakey. Cream blushes do great with dry skin. But do note, that you have overly flakey or extremely dry skin, make sure to use a great moisturizer and primer before putting any type of makeup on. I also suggest avoiding any matte products such as matte foundation or matte cream blush as it may just make your skin look super dry.
    For oily skin, powder blushes will work perfectly to not only create a beautiful look, but will also absorb some of the oily that may be on your face while creams will just add to the shininess. If you get oily throughout the day, I suggest bringing a compact of your blush with you along with blotting paper and a compact of translucent powder or absorbing powder. When it is time for a touch up, just dab with blotting paper, apply some translucent powder, and reapply a light layer of your blush.
    With combination skin, you’ll need to map you face to see whether your skin is dry around your cheeks or oily. For me, my cheeks take on the oily aspect, while I am dryer in my T-zone. So for me, I tend to go with powder blushes for my combination skin, but if you feel that you are dryer in your cheek area, then opt for the cream blush.

WHY USE Peach Blush?

“Okay, Iesha,” you’re saying. “I get it. Blush is important. But why peach blush? Don’t most people wear pink? Or even red?”

Pull up a seat, friends. You’ve still got so much to learn.

Sure, pink blush is a classic. But peach blush is the fresh look that you need this season: and here’s why.

Peach blush offers a light, fresh, natural look that gives the effortless vibe you’re looking for. It works for any makeup look or occasion, and it’s versatile enough that it looks good with any and every skin tone – yes, even yours. It’s the perfect pop of color while still looking natural and like you didn’t try too hard, but it also can be glammed up with a deeper tone and some shimmer if you want to rock it for a night out. As we step into spring and then summer, peach blush is perfect for your spring garden looks and also for your summer trips and post vacation style.

Besides, if pinks and reds are the standard when it comes to blush, don’t you want to switch it up? Why stick with what everyone’s done before – why not try something new and unique? The best part of style is being able to try new things and discover new ways that you can create fun, fresh looks. It is easy to fall into the same routine of doing your makeup the same way day after day. I am here to challenge you to jump into something new and give a new product a try. Trying a different colored blush is an easy way to switch up your everyday look, and you never know just how much you might find yourself falling in love with it. It just might change your life in the best possible way!


When it comes to peach blush, there is no one-size-fits-all color – your skin tone is too unique for that! Everyone’s skin tone and type is a little different, and as such, everyone has to discover for themselves the product that will work best for them and their lifestyle. However, everyone can wear – and look fabulous in – peach blush. You just have to find the right shade that suits your skin tone so that you can be the best, most beautiful version of yourself.

For my fair skinned girls, you already know that you’re going to need to go light. That comes as no surprise! You don’t want to pick a shade that’s too heavy or dark; it will overwhelm your pale complexion. Aim for a light coral peach, and be sure that you apply it gently. Too heavy-handed and you could quickly find yourself looking like a kid who got into her mom’s makeup. I would also recommend that, for fairer skin, you aim for shades that aren’t too orange. Light cream blushes work great for fair skin because you can apply a thin layer for a fresh, dewy glow that is not too harsh or garishly pigmented. You want to look sunkissed, not sunburnt!

For those with a medium skin tone, you are going to want to aim a little bit deeper. Now, you do not want to aim too deep or too brown – there needs to be a very clear difference between your blush shade and your contour shade. However, a deeper color will compliment your skin in an absolutely gorgeous way. Using your peach blush as an eyeshadow will also work well with a medium skin tone for a cohesive, glowing look that will make you feel like a spring and summertime queen. Choose a blush with a little sparkle for some added glam, and you will find yourself wondering what you ever did with your life before peach blush came into the picture.

For my deeper skin tone sisters, choosing a peach blushes with an orange undertone will give your face a gorgeous new dimension and lift. It will brighten and warm up your skin tone for a warm and glowy look that you will be absolutely obsessed with. I love a well-pigmented powder blush to make my skin tone shine. You can choose a matte blush for a dramatic glam moment, or choose one with some sparkle for a highlight that cannot be beat. Either way, peach blush is a definite must for your makeup collection.


The best form of blush for you will entirely depend on your skin type. There are several different types of blush that you can try, and more often than not, basic trial and error is the best way to go to discover which type of blush will work best for your specific skin. However, there are some basic things to know as you begin the process of selecting the best peach blushes for you. Let’s take a look at the types of blush below, and dig into which will best suit your needs!

First up, we have powder blush. Everyone’s favorite classic, powder is probably where your mind initially goes when you think about blush – the classic compact with pink pressed powder inside. It is tried and true, and we all love it. It is a staple of makeup collections everywhere, and I would be willing to bet that you have more than a few powder blushes lying around in your makeup bag and throughout your beauty drawer.

Powder blush is a great choice because it is very easy to layer and build up to achieve the level of pigmentation that you are looking for. You can just keep adding strokes until you reach the desired look, and it does not feel as heavy as when you are adding layer after layer of cream or gel. If you have oily skin, powder blush will be your best choice because it will be less likely to clog your pores than layers of gel or cream. If you are prone to acne or breakouts, the powder will be gentler on your skin than another type of blush probably would be. Powder blush also does a great job of concealing large pores, which oily skin can be prone to having.

In addition, powder also tends to stay put for a longer amount of time on oily skin than a cream or gel would because it absorbs the oil and helps your skin to stay dry.

The other option is to choose a liquid, cream, or gel blush. If you are tired of the standard powder blush look and feel like branching out, trying one of these options that are newer to the beauty scene is a great decision and will freshen up your makeup routine.

Liquid, cream, and gel blushes are a great choice for dry skin specifically because they add a dewiness and radiance that drier, duller skin tends to lack naturally. They make your skin look more bright and alive, and you might even forget that your skin is not normally so well moisturized! These richer products condition your skin and help your complexion. While a powder might cause drier skin to look cakey, a cream, gel, or liquid blush will do no such thing.

Non-powder blushes such as cream, liquid, or gel are best applied lightly, and slowly built up until you achieve the desired level of pigmentation. These blushes blend easily, especially if they’re layered on top of your standard liquid foundation. It also is easy to apply these blushes on the go as they generally come in a stick or with an application brush. You can just stick the product in your purse and apply it wherever you are, as blending a cream, liquid, or gel blush with your fingers is a pretty standard technique.

If you are new to makeup, I would encourage you to try both a powder and a non-powder blush to discover for yourself what your preference is. The sky is the limit! It’s always worth a try.


Now that you know a little more about picking out the right blush for your skin tone, skin type, and the benefits of wearing blush, you may be asking yourself which blush to get. And I’ve been there with you. There are so many beauty brands out there and within those brands they have a variety of different blushes to use, so which one is for you? Below I’ve compiled a list of all of the best peach blushes on the market. You can read through all of the recommendations to figure out which one is for you. I even challenge you to look outside of the brands that you may already know and try out a blush from a new brand that you may end up falling in love with. There are options for all skin tones and all skin types – because everyone deserves to feel glam this spring! Keep scrolling to find the blush of your dreams.



NARS offers beautiful peach blush options, with a shimmer finish that is absolutely to die for. The shades Orgasm and Orgasm X are the perfect peachy tones you’re looking for, with some of the best pigmentation on the market. It blends easily and is so pretty! With NARS also offering a variety of great foundations, concealers and highlighters, the shades of blush that come from this brand match so well with the base cosmetics that you would be using.

I typically like to layer my NARS blush with my NARS highlighter to create a brightened and sweet look.

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Cloud Paint

There’s a reason that Glossier is one of the hottest beauty brands out there right now. I love their products, and you will, too. The Cloud Paint blush is deemed “the most user-friendly blush under the sun”, and I’d have to agree. This blush is a simple gel-cream that goes on easily. It’s sheer enough for a subtle application, or can be built up for a more dramatic look. This blush will have you glowing!

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makeup by mario

Soft Pop Powder Blush

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner – and it’s easy to see why. A vegan pressed powder formula with a shimmer finish, this blush is super blendable and gives an instant pop of color. Just a little bit of this blush will create the soft pop that you are looking for, which means that the blush will also last for quite some time because you wont’ need to use as much. It layers well over cream, so no worrying about whether it will smear your foundation or concealer, and leaves you with a radiant, long-lasting glow.

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fenty beauty

Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush

Queen Ri’s back with a blush that will have everyone talking! We all know that Fenty Beauty always comes to bring the best quality product. I mean, let’s face it, Rihanna herself delivery quality in everything she does. From her music to her beauty line to Savage Fenty – everything is top not quality and this blush fits right along with that high standard. This cream blush is light and non-greasy, and works well for all skin tones. It’s sheer and natural, and its clean, cruelty-free formula means that you can feel great about wearing it.

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patrick ta

Major Beauty Headlines – Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush

What’s better than one blush? Two, of course! This blush comes with two complementary formulas that can be worn separately or blended together to create your perfect shade. It provides a dewy finish and a gorgeous shine, and lasts all day, so you can be confident knowing your makeup will stay no matter where the day takes you!

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Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Longwear Powder Blush

Need a makeup that will stay with you through all your longest days? Enter the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Longwear Powder Blush. This blush looks freshly applied all day, and is dermatologist tested, so you can rest assured that it’s good for your skin. Tarte is a brand that has stayed consistent with their quality of product, and their blushes have been a top seller for years. You’ll find that the powder itself is super smooth feeling and doesn’t create any type of build-up. The ingredients in the blush powder – the Amazonian clay – help to control oil and provide moisture for great blending and an amazing look on any skin type.

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Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush

Dab and go with this gorgeous liquid cheek blush from Saie. This hydrating gel blush gives your skin a healthy flush of seamless color, it’s natural and non-patchy for the perfect clean girl look. It blends well and is glowy and gorgeous – what else could you ask for?

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em cosmetics

So Soft Blush

I love a good stick blush, and the So Soft Blush from Em Cosmetics is the perfect one to stick in your purse on the go. It’s creamy, airy, and soft, giving a natural glow in seconds. It’s perfect for those days where you don’t have time for a full face of makeup or want to freshen up on the go. Plus, the color is to die for!

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Professional Makeup Powder Blush

Looking for glam on a budget? This blush is considered a dupe of the NARS blush, and it’s worth the purchase. Great pigmentation, smooth application – what else could you ask for? I have quite a few products from NYX and do love how their products work on my combination skin. This is a great brand of blush to go to, especially if you’re just getting into using blush in your makeup routine. It’s not too expensive, and it’s still great quality.

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rare beauty by selena gomez

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

This liquid blush from Selena Gomez’s line is glamour in a tube. This weightless, long-lasting liquid blush blends and builds beautifully for a soft, healthy flush. It’s available in both matte and dewy finishes, so no matter the look you’re going for, you can find the product of your dreams.

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Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush

Drugstore glam? Yes please! I’m obsessed with this lightweight gel-cream blush from Maybelline. The tube is so easy to throw in my makeup bag on the go, and the natural, creamy formula leaves a dewy, flawless look that I love. As stated previously, this is a great blush to use for those with dry skin since the gel-cream does so well to even out the skin and add some moisture to balance out any dryness. This blush is also a great one to travel with and put in your suitcase.

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I’m someone who also loves putting on some bronzer to create a contoured look with my blush, which is why when bareMinerals came out with this ‘Blonzer’ it became a game changers. This combination of blush and bronzer allows you to get a deeper peach blush look with he bronzing tone, highlight finish, and colored look. It’s does great on highlighting the cheekbone along with elevating the overall makeup look. And for those with fairer type skin that usually likes to add some warmth, this would be the prefect blush for you.

fenty beauty


Fenty Beauty is another brand that never disappoints. I am stocked with a lot of the skincare products and the cosmetic products because of the amazing quality. The buildable cream-to-powder formula makes this blush a perfect option for those with combination skin because you get the best of both world. The highlight aspect of this blush doesn’t create a big shimmer, but it still create a unique highlight that you may want. My suggestion when applying this is to not apply directly on your face right after applying foundation. Either use your hands to apply this blush highlighter or use a translucent setting powder in between applying your foundation and then your blush.



Looking for a blush that is great on the go, great to put in a carry-on, and has the applicator and blush in one? Then this blush is exactly for you. To apply this, you’ll want to dab a little bit of the blush on your cheeks and the flip over the stick and blend out the color. It’s super easy to apply and the blend leaves a natural finish that anyone and everyone will love!

yves saint laurent


Not only can you use this product to add color to your cheeks, but it also doubles as a lip tint. This tint is exactly what it seems. It’s not super pigmented but gives just the right amount of tint to add color without it feeling too overwhelming. And don’t let the brand name scare you away, this designer cosmetic product isn’t super pricy and it goes a long way because you don’t have to use too much product to get the results that you are looking for. For those who aren’t fully into wearing blush, this is probably the best option for you.

laura mercier


I’ve been a fan of Laura Mercier products for quite some time. I’m a sucker for the brand’s blushes and translucent powders because they work so well on any skin type. This sheer, buildable blush comes in a great peach blush tone that will leave a glowing finish so that your skin looks healthy and natural. The pigmentation is great because with just one dab you’re seeing the color you want and you can easily add on with small additions to create the color and look that you want.

westman atelier


Create a cohesive cheek and lip look with great color and a smooth finish with this cream blush stick. With many people not always realizing that you can use cream blushes for the lip, and with not all cream blushes actually working to create great lip looks, this blush by Westman Atelier does just that. The blend is absolutely amazing and the stick makes for easy application.

one/size by patrick starr


If you haven’t tried out the One/Size by Patrick Starr brand, you’re missing out. The products are fit for so many skin types and because Patrick Starr has done so many reviews on top beauty brands, when One/Size was created, it was guaranteed to be a top brand in beauty. The cheek palette offers easy application and provides a variety of tones in the peach blush palette. So for those who aren’t quite sure which peach tone works for them, this offers you the ability to blend the colors, choose one, and make a peach blush look of your own.



Not only does this blush give you great color, but it provides moisturize to your skin to leave you looking absolutely amazing. The balm is great for those with dry skin because of the moisture that it adds, and with those with fairer skin tones, the color options also don’t leave you looking as if this blush isn’t for you. With any easy application, the blush glides on smoothly without disrupting any foundation that you may have on your skin too much.

benefit cosmetics


This blush by Benefit Cosmetics will give you a luminous looks that will look like you are shining from the stars. Not only does it come in great packaging, but you will get a quality blush that lasts all day, so you won’t need to carry around much for reapplication. With a smooth and quick application, you’ll add instant color to your cheeks to great your graceful and wonderful beauty look.



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