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It’s no secret that the travel industry has long since been lacking in diversity. These fifteen black bloggers are determined to see that change–and they’re leading the charge forward one blog post at a time. Today, we’re excited to share fifteen of our favorite black bloggers to follow for travel inspiration. These bloggers are fearless, fierce, and ready to show you how to take hold of the life that you want to live. They’re proof that black girl power is taking the travel industry by storm–and you’re going to want to follow along on the journey. 

Whether you’re a veteran traveler or a newbie looking to head out on your first real adventure, these bloggers are ready with tips and tricks, location inspiration, and logistical expertise. Want to start out with a trip close to home? They’ve got you covered. Dying to head out on your first European adventure? They’re ready with tips for that, too. Checked off your first few dream trips and looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Girl, you are in the right place. Grab your passport, pull out your suitcase, and have your phone ready, because trust me–you’re going to want to follow these black bloggers immediately. 

Danger: This post may cause serious wanderlust. You have been warned. 


Olivia Christine

1. Olivia Christine | @ochristine 

Olivia Christine is a travel blogger who specializes in outdoor adventures and wellness. She is an Afro-Latina woman who is passionate about inspiring women and BIPOC communities to live well, travel more, and get outdoors. Olivia shares about her experience living with an autoimmune disease–lupus–and how it challenged her to pursue wellness in a whole new way through breaking the mold of burnout and starting anew.

Olivia’s blog is stocked with free travel and wellness resources, as well as tips on working remotely and achieving a true work/life balance. 

Chelsea D

2. Chelsea D. | @chelseadoestravel

Chelsea D. is a California based self-proclaimed “Adventure Travelista”, currently working her way around the globe–she’s visited 80 out of 197 countries. Since quitting her job in 2022 to travel full-time, she has built a social media following of almost 70K on Instagram, and has been featured in multiple publications. Olivia is passionate about advocating for diversity within the travel industry, and shares resources about affordable travel as well as advice on how to do so safely.  

Lee Litumbe

3. Lee Litumbe | @spiritedpursuit

Lee Litumbe is a luxury style, beauty, and design influencer, as well as the founder of Éluwa, a handcrafted luxury brand. Her personal style is bold and glam, and her Instagram documents her many fabulous looks and adventures. 


4. Oneika Raymond | @oneikatraveller 

Oneika Raymond is an Emmy-award winning journalist, speaker, and television host on a mission to educate, empower, and encourage exploration. She has traveled to over 120 countries on 6 continents, and was named Wanderful’s Creator of the Year in 2019. 

Her blog is both fun and thought provoking, and takes the time to examine travel and exploration through the intersections of race, politics, and privilege. She works to inspire her readers to live their best lives, whether at home or abroad. 


5. Kellee Edwards | @kelleesetgo

Kellee Edwards, named “One of the Most Powerful Women in Travel” by Condé Nast and deemed “one of the most interesting women in the world” by Newsweek, is a force. She has trekked active volcanoes and unearthed artifacts at archaeological ruins, a solo adventurer who takes travel to a new level flying herself to remote locations around the world. She’s an expert journalist, and also recently launched a new podcast called “Let’s Go Together”, which she uses to amplify diversity and inclusion in the travel and adventure space. 


6. Danni Washington | @danniwashington

Danni Washington is an adventurer and ocean advocate. She founded the only ocean conservation nonprofit to be founded by African American women (@bigblueandyou), and works to champion women in STEM. Her Instagram chronicles her adventures across the globe, but it’s clear that she always feels most at home in the sea. 


7. Francesca Murray | @onegrloneworld 

Francesca Murray is one of the pioneers of the Black travel movement. She created one of the world’s first travel blogs in 2011 before launching her current platform, One Girl One World, in 2014, and she is still taking her followers with her around the world today. Francesca is passionate about empowering women to travel, and about encouraging them to love themselves along the way. She uses her platform to uplift and educate, whether teaching readers how to care for their natural curls or giving advice on how to travel solo for the first time. Life is a  journey, Francesca believes–so why not travel in style?


8. Jessica Ufuoma | @theufuoma

Jessica Ufuoma is a Canadian travel influencer and blogger, as well as the founder of Gojolley, a travel company seeking to help people see the world in the most stress-free way possible. She’s passionate about making travel accessible and attainable for everyone, and is firm in the belief that if you love life, life will love you right back. 


9. Kesi Irvin | @kesitoandfro

Kesi Irvin is an Ivy League grad who quit her NYC finance  job to travel the world and never looked back. She shares on her blog about sustaining long-term travel and tips for people looking to pursue a nomadic lifestyle–whether for a few months, a year, or a lifetime. 

She believes that travel shouldn’t break that bank, and combines her financial knowledge and passion for seeing the world to help others pursue their travel dreams. 


10. Monet | @thetravelingchild

Who says that you can only live your best travel life when you’re single and child-free? Monet’s motto is, “If kids live there, kids can visit,” and she’s made it her mission to empower you to do just that. 

On her blog, Monet shares tips and tricks on traveling to places that most wouldn’t consider to be “kid friendly”. She writes about traveling on a budget–because traveling with a family certainly isn’t cheap–along with sharing travel itineraries and helping you plan your next adventure. Monet is also a motherhood and lifestyle blogger who shares about the day to day of raising a family, from natural hair care to education. 


11. Sojourner White | @thesojournies

Sojourner White believes that you can’t let your 9-5 stop you from checking off your bucket list dreams. Pivoting to remote work was a life-changing decision that has allowed her to visit over fifteen countries, and she’s determined that you be able to experience the same kind of adventure. 

Sojourner shares on her blog about how to break away from office culture and build a career and life that lasts–and that allows the flexibility to fulfill your dreams along the way. 


12. Nneya Richards | @nneya

Travel and style nomad Nneya Richards is a master of living beautifully. She currently splits her time between New York City and Bergamo, Italy, and has been leading the charge of advocating for the voices of black female creators and for diversity in travel and fashion spaces for years. She began working in publishing at 16 as a founding contributor for TeenVogue, and has since worked with everyone from Condé Nast to Forbes, Duchess Meghan’s The Tig and First Lady Michelle Obama.

On her blog, Nneya shares content about nomadic living and offers readers travel guides. She’s a fabulous resource for all things Italy, and writes about the best Black owned businesses in the country. 


13. Gabby Beckford | @packslight 

Known as the Queen of Solo Travel, Gabby Beckford is a leading Gen Z travel expert who quit her 9-5 engineering job a week before the pandemic hit and lived–or as she likes to say, thrived–to tell the tale. 

She uses her blog to inspire other ambitious young women to take the plunge. Gabby writes on solo female travel, Black travel, funded travel opportunities and application tips, and more. 


14. Ciara | @hey_ciara

Ciara never expected to travel to over sixty countries before her 30th birthday, but that’s exactly what she did–and she wants to empower others to step past their fear of the unknown and do the same. 

She believes that it’s not about checking off a bucket list or getting the perfect Instagram photos–it’s the personal development and growth that travel offers that truly matters most. On her blog, she shares posts on how to break past the uncertainty and live out a journey you never dreamed could be yours. 

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages Meshki Cruise Look

15. Iesha Vincent | @livinglesh 

One of the leading black lifestyle bloggers, Iesha is a Philadelphia-based fashion and lifestyle content creator. She’s a working stay-at-home mom who’s passionate about sharing life milestones, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips, and redefining what luxury means to the every day modern woman. Iesha loves to empower others to pursue their luxurious life and achieve what they value. 

She shares travel guides and hacks on her blog to give readers the confidence to navigate their way around the world with ease. Whether it’s a domestic weekend getaway or a dreamy adventure abroad, Iesha brings readers along for the ride and shows them how to live their ideal life one step at a time.  

Who are your favorite black bloggers to follow for travel inspiration?

Black Bloggers For Travel Inspiration
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