Blended by Lenore – An Exceptional Philadelphia Makeup Artist

Philadelphia Wedding Makeup Artist

Philadelphia Wedding Makeup Artist

Makeup artists have a very delicate job. As they do the makeup of another person, they are tasked with making sure that when they look in the mirror, after their work has been done, that this person feels confident, radiant, and ready for whatever. When it comes to choosing a makeup artist, you have to be very selective especially when it comes to the person doing your makeup for your wedding or another special event. When I got married, I stressed about everything, but the one thing that I didn’t have to stress about was my makeup. And that’s why when I was chosen to be a part of the Toyota’s Philadelphia Entrepreneurial EnTOURage, Lenore of Blended by Lenore, a Philadelphia makeup artist, was the person that I knew I wanted with me as a part of this entourage.


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Lenore, of Blended by Lenore, coins herself as a makeup artist for timeless beauty. She has been a makeup artist in Philly for the past 5-6 years. And her decision to become a makeup artist stemmed from the feeling that she got when she did her own makeup. That feeling of feeling a lot more comfortable and feeling a little more special.

Whenever she does makeup for someone, she loves the joy that it brings to people when they see the final look. As an individual, she knows that people go through a lot and you never really know what they are going through. So when she is able to do the makeup for someone, she knows that she is doing work that goes beyond the look that she is giving them. She knows that it is internal and that by giving them a glamorous look, there is a confidence that they are gaining and happiness that they are finding.

Though Lenore did my makeup for my wedding, she is a makeup artist that does weddings, special events, glamming up for date night, photoshoots, and everything in between.


When I was first planning my wedding, I knew that I wanted to have a look that I would be proud to wear but also not one that would overtake the day. During my search for a makeup artist, I encountered MUAs that were not willing to do makeup at the location where we would be getting ready, ones that were trying to change my mind on the look that I wanted, and ones that were not accommodating at all in various ways. But then a family member recommended Lenore, and after my first conversation with her I knew that she was the only person that I wanted to do my makeup for my wedding. She made me feel at ease coming away from the conversation because she listened and made sure that the needs that I had were met.

Philly Wedding Makeup

On the day of our wedding, Lenore was highly accomodating. She not only did my makeup, but did the makeup of my mother, bridesmaids, and a little for my niece who was about 9 years old at the time. To even be more accomodating, there were bridesmaids who had not originally intended to have their makeup done, but after seeing a few of the others get theirs done, they wanted in too. And Lenore made it happen while still keeping us on schedule.

She sent clear instructions on how to handle skincare the day before so that we could make sure our skin was prepped for her to do her work. And when it came time to do my makeup, she worked around the photographer to make sure the moment was captured, and while I was getting ready, made sure to keep my skin looking radiant and fresh right up to the moment that I got in the limo.

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When I arrived at the ceremony, I will say that my makeup was the one thing that I was not worried about at all.



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Philly Wedding Makeup Artist
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