3 Tips the Right Location for Your Blog Photography

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When it comes to blog or social media photos, you want to make sure that your pictures stand out from the rest. In this very saturated field, you want your content to stand out among the rest. And though your caption and blog script may have some amazing information, your photos are the first thing that people see. On the homepage, before someone even opens up your blog post, they look at the featured image first. So when working with my photographer husband, we tend to try to make sure that when preparing a photoshoot, we pick the right place for our blog photography. And today, I’m sharing some tips on how to choose the right location for your blog or social media photos.




When you’re ready to head out and shoot your blog photos, make sure to plan ahead. Pick out what outfits you may be shooting and make sure to bring all props that you need. Also, make sure to look at the area that you are shooting in and make sure there are no events happening and that there’s parking central to where you want to shoot (no one likes to walk miles to get to a location, especially if you’re in heels).


If you’ve planned ahead, you already know what outfits you’ll be wearing so that you can shoot with the right backdrop. Then work the color palette. It is key in blog photography. In the photos in this post, I worked the color palette by keeping with more neutral tones that make the outfit stand out. But you also want to be careful of what colors are in the background. You wouldn’t want to wear a white outfit and shoot in front of a white wall. You’ll look washed out. And you also wouldn’t want to wear a red top and shoot on a street with a lot of red in the background, unless you are planning to do an extensive amount of editing. Typically, you’ll turn the red up to highlight the shirt, but the rest of it will become brighter too. So just make sure to find tones that work together but not ones that will cause problems when editing.


In speaking of backgrounds, you’ll also want to be careful of really busy backgrounds. There have been so many times where I have seen other content creators asking Photoshop experts to remove things from the background because it takes away from them being the center of the photo. The best thing to do when shooting to make sure that either there’s not much in the background or bring the frame in tighter so that you’re taking up 3/4 of the photo. The latter is the best thing to do.

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