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As a blogger, there are a lot of things do keep up with. Other than managing all of the tasks that you need to to to create authentic content, there’s still the tracking of emails, brand deals, social media, backend work, and everything out around and in between. It can get exhausting which is why having the best software for task management is essential

For me, I work as a full-time blogger while also working another full-time job, so managing my tasks and setting reminders is essential for me to maintain deadlines and keep my community engaged and seeing content from me consistently.

When I first became overwhelmed, I started simply using handwritten checklists that would eventually get lost or become extremely disorganized. Once that became something that wasn’t helping, I soon discovered great resources that were perfect for task management for bloggers.

There have been many instances over the years that I have fallen by the wayside when it comes to my blog. But since then, I have tried out and found sound resources that have helped me to maintain organization for task management within my blog business.

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When it comes to tasks for any part of my blog business, I use ClickUp. It’s the best software for task management that allows you to create spaces for yourself and spaces if you are working with a team. When working in the system, I am able to organize folders within the space to categorize them in what it falls under whether it be tasks for my blog management, social media, or partnerships. And then within each of the folders, I am able to make lists that include each individual task and their due dates. To get a little bit more specific, I have created a folder titled ‘Partnerships’ and under that folder, I have a list that includes each of the partnerships that I am currently working on or under contract with. Then with each of the lists, there are tasks that usually reflect deliverables and any follow-ups.

What I like so much about ClickUp is that you’re able to make custom statuses for your tasks, set due dates (and even make reoccurring dates) and assign tasks to anyone that you may need to. For example, if you work with an agent or a virtual assistant, you can invite them to the entire space or even just that specific list and assign the tasks to them with the due dates so they know what you’re expecting them to do when it needs to be done by and then any additional notes can be attached or written right there. For the custom statuses, if there is a deliverable such as an IG post, you can set the post date as the due date and move it through the custom stages as you see fit. For me, I move it from open > awaiting product > in creative > drafting > brand review > awaiting post date. These let me keep updated with where I am in the stages and my agent can also take a peek to see where I am so he can update the brand when necessary.

There are so many perks of this ClickUp, and it would take me an entire day to go through. But I HIGHLY recommend this for any blogger or business owner that wants to organizer their time and tasks as well as help to keep their team on the same page. ClickUp provides a free option along with paid options. Personally, I haven’t gone beyond the free option but there are perks of using the paid packages as well – especially if you’re looking to share tasks with brands or clients as guests instead of just chatting through email.

  • Asana – helps to manage teamwork
  • Trello – organizes tasks into boards for your team
  • Workfront – provides insight but does not have a free option that I’ve seen
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Social media can be quite a big task itself, so it definitely requires some sort of task management system. With so many platforms and the need to be constantly posting and engaging, there’s a lot to do. Between Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest, there’s a lot of places to post and keep content going live consistently, and though you may not be on all or only active occasionally on some, you may still need tools to help you with managing those platforms. Here is a collection of the best software for task management and scheduling content that I love using that has helped me grow my following, keep organized, and help me save time.


I use Tailwind for task management for both my Instagram and Pinterest posting. With the paid subscription, I am able to schedule out posts at the recommended interval time and amount per day to keep my Pinterest feed active. Since using the platform, I have seen rapid growth in my following amounting to thousands of new followers and it has helped me to grow my impressions to millions when they were previously in the mid-hundred thousand. Additionally, when I have posts that I want to link from Instagram, it pulls it so that I can post and share my Instagram posts and my feed to my Pinterest boards. For Instagram, you can also schedule out posts with photos, captions, and tags. If you have a post coming up for a campaign and know that you’re going to be out and about or that you might forget to post, you can schedule it ahead of time and then just take a quick look to guarantee that it goes up.

Tailwind is easy to manage and the social media task management platform gives to many helpful hints and tips to keep you moving forward, staying organized and growing your social media.


Branding, consistency, and cohesiveness are big things when it comes to Instagram. And Planoly helps you to keep a cohesive feed and helps you to see what new posts will look like in your feed before you even post them. When planning out your posts, you may have a group of photos that you’re going to be ready to post throughout the next few weeks. Or maybe you have one, and you want to make sure that it looks great next to the previous photo and you’re playing around with coloring and presets. Planoly lets you place those photos out and schedule posts ahead of time and shows you what you’re feed will look like as those posts go live.

Planoly even has an extra additive of giving templates for Instagram stories and allowing you to put in possible story highlight covers to see what the collective covers will look like on your page.

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