Unboxing Bloomingdale’s Bonus Box

Bloomingdale Bonus Box

Bloomingdale Bonus Box

Have you even gone to the Bloomingdale’s and just walked around the beauty section in awe? I’ve been really focused on buying amazing beauty products lately so much that the store associates at Sephora and the beauty counters at Nordstrom have gotten so used to me, they know what item I’m coming to the store for next because they know what I am building on. Bloomingdale’s beauty counters set themselves a part and typically when I go in and have someone with me, they have to tear me out of the store because I could spend days in the store looking about the products, trying them out, and then budgeting in my mind to see if I can afford them. So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I would be receiving a Bloomingdale’s Bonus Box from Rakuten (affiliate network).

When I opened the box it was like they had been following me around Bloomindale’s and just knew the items that I wanted to try out so badly. And now that I have them, I’m going to share my review of them with you so that you can rush yourself over to Bloomindale’s and snag them before they are all gone.

Bloomingdale Perfume

M O N   G U E R L A I N

Mon Guerlain is a new fragrance to the Guerlain brand. I’m big on different types of perfumes because I am a believer that we shouldn’t assign ourselves to one fragrance, but that there are different scents to each look. Flowerly fragrances don’t go well with night-out outfit when you’re wearing mostly black. The lavender hint that this fragrance has makes it a great daytime scent. I would wear this mostly with my wear to work outfits as it smells of sophistication.

Trish Mcevoy

T R I S H   M C E V O Y  M A K E U P   R E M O V E R

I’ve been battling with makeup removers. In the past, I’ve purchased some cleansers that have claimed to completely removed my set in makeup, but still left my eye makeup smudged under my eyes. And the I’ve encountered some that are focused on the eye makeup but have me going applying the remover over and over again to fight through my water resistant mascara. The Trish McEvoy Long Wear Face & Eye Makeup Remover has been a godsend. This year, I’ve been wearing makeup to work more days than none and at the end of the day, my makeup has set in so I need a strong remover to get it all over. This makeup remover has done just that. It takes me less than three minutes to remove all of my makeup and I only have to follow up with a light cleanser afterwards to unclog my pores – even though my face does feel super clean right after. This hasn’t been my first encounter with Trish McEvoy. I was recently introduced to this brand and one of the makeup products that I use has changed my entire makeup routine for the better.


K I E H L ‘ S   M A S Q U E   +   S H A M P O O   &   C O N D I T I O N E R

I’ve heard marvelous things about Kiehl’s products in the past. And the only reason I haven’t used any before is because whenever I went to the store to purchase a product, I got super distracted by another product that I felt that I needed. So this is the fates finally telling me that I needed these products. The Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque has been a weekend pick-me-up for my skin. I have combination skin with my really dry areas being in my t-zone. This masque gives my face the moisture that it yearns for and helps to have my skin feeling hydrated and not looking oily throughout the week. My hair also needs that extra hydration and care. So the Kiehl’s Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner has been helping when I’m in between deep conditioning days for that cleanse and condition that I need.


C L I N I Q U E   F R E S H   P R E S S E D   7 – D A Y   S Y S T E M

You all know how much I love trying out new skincare products and finding ones that I love. I used the Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day system after the second week I received the box. Now, I will admit that I skipped some days while using the system, and thought I did see improvement in the appearance of my skin. I went back to Bloomingdale’s and purchased another set so that I could see the full effect of when it is used all 7 days in a row. When using it every day in a row, I only saw a slight difference but in both cases, my skin looked brighter and less tired – which is a small side effect of waking up early as a teacher. My students even asked why I looked more awake during the day.

Wei Face Mask

W E I   F A C E   M A S K S

My husband and I are starting to think about doing a face mask night on Sundays – I’ve been trying to get him into joining me in my journey for maintaining fresh and healthy skin. The Wei face masks were two that I used up all on my own. For years, I had family members telling me that rice solves every problem. Let’s face it, when your phone falls into water, the first thing they tell you to do is throw it in some rice. It’s a magical and natural repair “technology”. So no wonder these face mask based with rice made my skin feel refreshed. It lightly exfoliated while hydrating and made my skin ready for the week.

Personal Microderm

 P M D

The microderm process has been something that has taken the skincare world by storm. There are many people who go in for these processes and it has changed their skin forever. With the PMD (Personal Microderm Device), you have have the tools to go through the process on your own right in your own home. The kit is super easy to use because they give you a DVD to watch and step-by-step instructions for using the device and setting up a system particular to your skin. I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin. The products that I use are more effective and my skin is absorbing moisture a lot better which lives my skin not overcompensating with oil. My pores look smaller and my makeup is laying a lot more evenly on my skin.

Viktor Rolf

V I K T O R  &  R O L F   B O N B O N

We all have this thing where we purchase something because we are in love with the look. I mean, let’s face it, when you go to purchase a book, don’t you look at the cover first before you even look at the synopsis to see what it is about. The Viktor & Rolf BONBON definitely has that shelf appeal. Typically, when I receive a perfume, I spray it one a tester (scrap piece of paper when I’m at home) before ever spraying it on my body. But I was so distracted by the adorable bow bottle that I just went for it and sprayed it on my neck without giving it a second thought. This scent is one that is fit for a day date or for a day time outing. I actually wore this for fashion week and received multiple compliments on my signature NYFW scent.


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