Boho Maxi Dress Styles for Every Occasion

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Bohemian style is a trend that lasts through each an every season. It embodies the free-spirited and feminine aspects that can show off your personality and create ideal looks go well for not only travelers and nomads, but the feminine woman who just wants to enjoy life and live carefree. When building our collection of boho styles, you’ll first want to invest in getting a boho maxi dress.

I’ve been someone who has loved the trend and I have styled it on various occasions. The one aspect that I love about it is that it can fit a variety of body types and people who aren’t people are always wearing the bohemian style. I have also loved seeing women style the trend during their weddings as the neutral tones and carefree essence are just spectacular for a wedding.

There are a variety of dress styles that are in the bohemian trend. You can even find a variety of boho tops and boho pants depending on what type of look you are going for. But since dresses are one of the most popular pieces that you’ll typically see with the bohemian style, let’s stick with this style piece.

The boho maxi dress is one of the most popular styles of the boho trend. You can find a boho maxi dress in a variety of styles, prints, and necklines in many stores. Whether your a bride looking to style a boho white floral maxi dress and also find coordinating boho maxi dresses or if you’re someone just looking for an everyday maxi dress to style, this post is going to give you tips on styling your dress and ones that you can shop from top stores.

Yellow Maxi Dress


Styling the boho maxi dress is quite easy, you style the look based on the occasion that you are wearing it for. But if you’re looking to do a little more with the style, there are some accessories that are great to add to your look. Additionally, when it comes to makeup, try to go for a more natural look and not something that is too flashy. Many people who rock this trend will say to say stay away from wearing any makeup completely, but if that is not something you want to do, go with a more sheer and neutral toned look as if you have a naked face without having a naked face.

    This style of hat is something that you’ll see with a lot of these maxi dresses. You can grab a straw one to style during the warmer months and a suede one during the colder months.
    Stack bracelets, necklaces, and rings and add an extra element to your bohemian maxi dress style.
    Whether you’re deciding to wear sandals, boots, or heels, go neutral with the tone and stick with beiges, browns, whites, or even a natural color such as moss or rust. When it comes to earrings, go with something a little more bulky as it stands out with your look.
    Neutral toned headbands with natural fabrics are also popular accessories to style with this type of look. With the headband or headwrap pulling the your hair out of your face, you are showing off your natural and carefree look which is what this trend is all about.
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Occasions to Wear YOUR BOHO MAXI DRESS

There is never really a wrong or right time to wear a boho maxi dress. It honestly comes down to when you want to style it and how it fits to what you are doing. The bohemian maxi dress can be a great style to wear everyday for something like a picnic, brunch or date night, but it’s also great for brides to wear on their wedding day as well as for bridesmaids to wear for a boho wedding. For me, I love styling a cute boho dress when I am traveling because it is so comfortable, but even with it’s comfort I wouldn’t say that I would wear it to go hiking or do an outdoor activity – the occasion just doesn’t call for that. Below, I’ve rounded up some maxi dress styles that you can shop.


For those who are loving the style, but aren’t quite ready to commit to purchasing some of these items. I highly recommend subscribing to Nuuly. It will give you the ability to try out the style with a variety of pieces that you can wear all month long for a minimal fee. And if you’re someone who is looking for pieces for a one time occasion, Nuuly may be your perfect fit.

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