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Holiday Cleaning

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Bona Holiday Cleaning

There is a lot of foot traffic in and out of the house during the holiday season. Whether it is just from us coming and going from work, shopping for gifts, or just getting out of the house or a little or whether it’s from visitors stopping by to see the new baby or just to get together, I see the tracks on the floor. And even though we try to leave shoes by the door, having a pet who prances through the grass and mud and back into the house guarantees that our floors won’t stay pristine for forever. When we first moved into our house, I was obsessive about the floor and cleaned it almost every weekend, but now with a new baby, I don’t always have that time. Recently, I was introduced to Bona which has helped me to cut down on cleaning time and is keeping our floors super clean.

It is no surprise that time is tight around the holidays, and with a baby, that time becomes almost non-existent. The Bona PowerPlus system helps to cut down on cleaning so that more time can be spent with the family and enjoying the holiday season.

The entire system includes a hardwood floor deep cleaner and various types of pads such as the microfiber deep clean pad and the dusting pad. When we first received the Bona, we started off using the deep clean pad and the cleaner spray to do a deep clean of our floor. Then it just came to maintenance.

We have been using the duster to run along the floor for upkeep in our low traffic areas such as under our Christmas tree, where we know no one is walking but we know that dust is still collecting. Since using this system, I have been able to get cleaning done while cooking or even during baby naps because the floors don’t take a long as they used to do.

Another great thing that I have loved about using the system is that after you have sprayed and then mopped, your floor isn’t left damp. I no longer have to keep our dog Charlie in his crate until the floor has dried and I don’t have to tell the men of the house to stay upstairs until the floor dries. Instead, I get that deep clean and can keep everything rolling in life.

I am no longer afraid to have visitors come to the house. Before, I was hesitant to allow people over since I thought they were going to see my dirty floor. But now, just before they come over, I do a quick mop and then no more shame.

The Bona PowerPlus system is something that will change how you clean this holiday season and it’s also a perfect git for anyone with a new house or just to give to help with the upkeep of home. So head here and snag yours today!

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