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One thing that I struggled with in my pregnancy when my belly first popped was that I had a hard time shopping for cute bump friendly dresses. At first, I focusing solely on shopping in maternity stores that tended to be super expense, or I was ordering larger sizes in dresses so that I could fit them, but they didn’t fit in all aspects.

I wasn’t fully comfortable with the idea that I was just wearing whatever just to get through the day, and as Baby V was growing, I was no longer able to keep squeezing myself into certain clothes because the pressure wouldn’t just be uncomfortable, it would leave me feeling woozy.

I started to avoid going into my closet and tended to just stick to staying in and wearing my husbands shirts. But I wanted to find cute dresses that didn’t specifically look like they were maternity dresses, but, in actuality, they were.

So I began searching and to my surprise I found quite a few brands and stores that I was shopping pre-pregnancy that carried bump friendly dresses.

And now, I’m here to share some of the top places to shop for bump friendly dresses that you’ll not only feel comfortable wearing, but feel confident wearing them too.

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One top place to shop for maternity looks is ASOS. They have a whole maternity section that actually includes looks that are also in non-maternity. I have shopped this section very frequently throughout my pregnancy. And as I shopped, I discovered that there is a little trick to shopping the section that will save you a few dollars. The trick is that when shopping a maternity look, also see whether the piece is available in non-maternity. If they do have that piece in non-maternity, look to see whether the waistline is and whether it is bump friendly. Then, if it is, grab it in non-maternity in a size up so that you can wear it after pregnancy. Having it a size up won’t hurt that much because you can cinch certain looks with a belt, and depending on how the waistline is, you may even be able to order in your size. In my first trimester, I wore this dress that I bought from non-maternity when I first popped that was available in both maternity and non-maternity and have been able to wear it up to about my 30 week bump date.

ASOS has some great maternity workwear pieces such as the dress in this post that I was able to wear and be comfortable throughout my pregnancy. And I love that many of the pieces can change to look different and not as workwear. For example, with this white dress, I also wore it as a “out on the town” dress when I went to a rugby game with my husband.

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  • Workwear Maternity Dress Scaled
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Abercrombie has come a long way in the past decade. Their styles have become a lot more sophisticated and they are targeting more of an adult crowd instead of the young teen crowd. With that, they’ve began expanding their range of clothing to not only include bump friendly dresses, but maternity wear in pants and tops as well. Their bump friendly dresses are super cute and they are great for wearing for casual occasions as well as for formal occasion such as if you need a bump friendly wedding guest dress.



Lulu’s has a wide variety of bump friendly dresses. When I needed a few cute bump friendly summer dresses for my summer vacations, Lulu’s was were I went to find what I was looking for. Some of the dresses are even ones that I have been able to belt or just change how I style it little so that it shows off my non-pregnancy body. I love their variety of styles.



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For those who like shopping premium brands, head over to Revolve to find some great bump friendly dresses. Now, I originally didn’t think Revolve was going to have a great collection of dresses that would fit the bump, but I was pleasantly surprised. After digging through some of their brands, I found dresses that fit my personal style and fit my bump. I was happy to find bump friendly wedding guest dresses along with a variety of casual dresses for every season.



Petal & Pup is known for the stylish dresses that they sell. They are actually one of the top brands that I keep going to when I am looking for outfits for any occasion whether it be vacation, girl’s night, or for a wedding. Their selections are amazing and they carry dresses that are bump friendly which is a huge plus. I found that the Petal & Pup bump friendly dresses came in different length which you often don’t see with many brands or stores that carry bump friendly dresses – typically the dresses are all maxi dresses. But Petal & Pup came through with providing the different lengths and styles.



I love shopping Pink Lily because of the feminine style that they carry, and I was so happy when I discovered that they had bump friendly dresses. With this being a store that I often shop, I wasn’t forced to look elsewhere to shop for my bump friendly dresses. They also carry a variety of bump friendly pieces such as tops, and they are constantly having sales. I was able to get a great collection of dresses that I still wear today.



Red Dress is another amazing place to find bump friendly dresses. They are actually one of the top online boutiques that I shop frequently. When I began looking for my dress for my baby shower and for my maternity shoot, I started and ended right on Red Dress. They have great casual and formal looks and I’m never disappointed when I shop here.

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