Casual Fall Fashion Staples

Vici Dolls Fall Vest

Vici Fall Vest

Every season has its own staples. And each year, new staples comes to be or the great ones stick and stay. We all have these staples in our closet, or we have been working earnestly to make sure that we add them in. With it being Fall (with a bigger feeling of it being winter), I wanted to share a couple of causal Fall staples that I have been adoring this season. 


Vest c/o VICI | Bodysuit c/o VICI | Jeans – American Eagle | Boots – Nordstrom

Fall is that in between time where it is cold but there are still those slightly warmer days – those days that we all love. Those are the days where we can show off our Fall outfits without having to wear the heavy coats that we weren’t really ready to break out just yet. But with snow already having hit in November, we know it’s going to be a long and very cold Fall and Winter.

A couple of the Fall staples that I have been loving are the puffer vests and the over the knee boots.

I mean, I love over the knee boots any time during the year, but during the Fall season, stores tend to have a lot more on display that aren’t heeled. I love wearing a heel just as much as the next, especially as a petite woman, but as a teacher, I need my boots to be flat or I won’t survive throughout the day.

The puffer vests have also been a very hot commodity. Every where that I turn there is a different style of vest that I feel like I need to have in my closet. I finally settled on this vest from VICI that isn’t too thick because I still want to be able to wear it under a coat on the days that it’s blistering cold outside.

Vici Dolls Fall

Vici Dolls Fall Vest
Vici Collection Fall Vest
Vici Collection Fall
Puffer Vest
Fall Vest
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