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Every once and while you may see a mention of a uniform for working from home or for a specific season. That uniform that they are speaking to is not the same type of uniform that someone would wear to a school or job because it’s required. In this regard, a uniform such as a Summer uniform for exploring the city is a go-to outfit that you can rely on to make you feel comfortable, fit your style, and make you feel confident in what you’re wearing. Typically the uniform has neutrality to it so that if you want to change it up a little bit with accessories, you can.




When putting together your uniform, whether it’s your summer uniform or one for another season or occasion, you want to first focus on pieces that make you feel comfortable and confidentIf you’re someone who feels uncomfortable wearing bodycon dresses or boyfriend jeans, you don’t want to make that a part of your uniform. Keep those pieces for another time when you’re ready to experiment with different looks. Instead lean on pieces that you know that when you put them on, you’re not going to second guess what you have on.

Another tip for creating your summer uniform is to layer but don’t over layer. You want to have pieces that you can put on or take off in the case that the weather fluctuates or you go into a place where they have the air conditioning on the highest setting. And for city exploring, wear comfortable shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I have had friends or family members wear uncomfortable shoes when we go into the city and halfway through our time, they want to head back to the car because their feet hurt. Cities are meant for walking – especially because traffic and parking are typically a nightmare.

Lastly, pick some pieces that accentuate your body or have an effect that you’re looking for. Typically, for me, I like to wear outfits that create a style illusion to make me look taller, and I adore it, especially being of a petite size. If the clothes you pick for your summer uniform can create your ideal look, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable.

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