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It’s sweater weather! Which, if you didn’t now already, is my favorite fashion season. I love sweaters probably more than I love food. I like being able to find comfort and warmth in a trendy sweater whether it be a sweater top or even a sweater dress. There are so many styles that come out during this season that it becomes overwhelming of what to choose when shopping your favorite store. Heading into the cold weather season, I am going to be starting series – Sweater Weather – that will share a variety of styles on sweater tops ands sweater dresses and how to style the different looks based on occasion. So, in that spirit, let’s kick of this first ‘Sweater Weather’ post with this little get-up.



You’ve heard me say that I love heading to wineries during the Fall. I even shared some top wineries to visit outside of Philadelphia a little while back. When headed to a winery, I like to dress the part, which is why I want to share this checkered sweater dress as a go-to winery look.

When dressing for a winery, I always like to make sure that I feel comfortable. I’ll typically go with a sweater dress because I’m not one of those wine enthusiasts that like to do the whole tour thing, I’m more of one that likes to sip and sit and taste the specialities of that winery. So with this outfit, the long-sleeved sweater dress allows me to stay warm, look chic, but still remain a little cool for when the wine starts to hit and I feel a little warmer than I did when we first arrived.

I paired this dress with some lace up boots that aren’t quite the same color as the dress, but stay within the palette. And then I belted the dress with a nice belt. Here, I am wearing my new favorite accessory – my Gucci belt – which is a great splurge worthy investment if you’re looking to ketone yourself. And then I finished off the look with a brimmed hat that is still not the exact color of the dress so that it pops as well. The reason for the hat is to keep the sun out of your eyes and to stop your hair from flying around on those breezy Fall days when the sun is out and you want to sit on the patio and enjoy your wine.

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