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Each year, there are so many holiday activities, and though it is super cold here in the Northeast, some of those holiday activities do take place outside. I, traditionally, try to avoid them every year because me and the cold just aren’t friends. But then when I do avoid them, I get the feeling fo FOMO when I start seeing all of the photos of everyone taking part in all of those fun outdoor holiday activities. This year, hubby and I thought about going to pick out a tree. But he came to the conclusion that we are barely home to enjoy it, so it may be a next year thing. But that didn’t stop us from going to look at any – especially since I still wanted a fresh wreath from the tree farm. 

Tree picking isn’t the only outdoor holiday activity. There are holiday festivals, meet and greets with Santa, caroling, and, of course, the quick snowball fight that we are able to have when it does randomly snow. Though it doesn’t look like we may be getting snow for Christmas, we do know that it’s going to be a rough winter since we have been getting periodic snow storms since November. And with all these outdoor activities, it is best to dress your best and get the luxury feel by staying comfortable.

Vests are a big fall and winter staple this season. And, fortunately, stores have been making them super puffy – keeping that core warm.  And the best thing about this vest from Loft is that it’s also velvet. I mean – it screams holiday season!

And to compliment the vest, I paired it with a plaid top that fits the “going out to cut down a tree” theme. This top fit me perfectly as I purchased the top from Loft from the petite section. I don’t alway purchase my tops in petite because the “regular” sizes also fit me well, but the petite size fit me perfectly in every way – length, sleeves, in-seam…it was just perfect in every way.

Lastly, I completed the outfit with a pair of durable boots. Because the holiday season is a combination of cold and a variety of different downfalls – snow, rain, sleet, etc. – I always suggest durable boots in case the ground is still wet. These Timberland boots ended up being perfect as they also are really easy to clean if I do step in some mud. Plus they keep my toes warm.

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Overall, my biggest top for the outdoor holiday festivities is to wear what makes you comfortable even when being festive. No one wants to be outside during a festive holiday event and you start to feel like the Grinch because you’re super cold or just generally uncomfortable. I had a friend who had a “bah-humbug” moment because she wore a dress to a holiday festival and she started freezing about five minutes into us being there. It took the fun out of it for all of us, but she learned that the best luxury look for those outdoor activities is comfortable but still chic.

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