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During the school year, my main office, as a teacher, is the classroom. Then when I come home and I blog, I head into my home office where I hammer out as much work as I can. This summer, y office has moved quite a bit. Most off the time, my office is the couch. I plant myself on the couch with gallon of water, some snacks, and sit my laptop on my laptop tray and get to work. But since, I took on blogging full-time this summer, my work has taken me to NYC as well as into other office spaces where I can get rid of the distractions such as the TV. And on those days when I am not living on the couch, I have to put together outfits that will work for me out here in this blistering summer heat. Those outfits need to be comfortable, but also appropriate for meeting with various agencies and brands that I work with.



Pants – Banana Republic | Top – Nordstrom | Shoes – Aldo

We all know that my mantra is to dress to show off your personal style as well as to keep you comfortable – especially in this heat.

And I live by that mantra. Stay comfy. Stay chic. Stay yourself.

For those summer hours in the office, it is time to expand beyond the dress and skirt. I know it is a big go-to because dresses are so easy to slip on and off and they are ever so comfortable. But don’t be afraid to grab a pair of pants or a cotton top.

Many people fall into the trap that they think that cotton or pants just make you uncomfortable and actually make you feel hotter than the actual temperature. Don’t believe that myth. Cotton actually helps to keep you cool and pants help to protect your skin from those intensive rays which make you feel hotter because your body is working so hard to process them.

Additionally, when you go into the office, you know that whoever is controlling the AC is going to have it on blast which is going to leave you freezing in the first place. I will admit that I actually used a heater one summer at my job to warm me back up because it was so cold.

So those pants will actually keep you comfortable in the office and during your short walks to and from the car, train, or other mode of transportation.

With all that said, also make sure to have fun with your summer outfits. This is the time to show off your style in the office instead of hiding it under scarves and cardigans during the cold weather months.

Try something new and show some vibrancy. Obviously, don’t break any dress-code rules, if you have any at your job. Saying that the blog post that you read said that you should wear something daring won’t get you out of that talk with your boss.


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