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As soon as Halloween passes, many of us begin to get ready for the holidays and that starts with planning on what gifts we are getting others this season. With November housing some of the biggest shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, planning early is greatly important and it can save a good amount of cash. And though many of us plan around what gifts to give the little ones in our life, there are a good amount of us who also look to give the adults in our lives gifts as well which is why I thought it would be great to share some Christmas Eve box ideas for adults.

While many people give gifts on Christmas Day with the family while wearing matching pajamas, what about those you see right before Christmas. Christmas Eve boxes are great to give family and friends during the holiday because you can put them together yourself and keep to specific budget. Additionally, with the DIY option, you are able to customize the box and tailor it specifically to the likes and interests of the recipient.

Get ready to celebrate the holidays with the children and the adults in you life and shop with ease via some of these great ideas for creating Christmas Eve boxes for adults.

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Searching for Christmas gifts can be super overwhelming and depending on who you are shopping for, many of us put off getting gifts for adults to the very end because of how difficult the task tends to be. One of the hardest things that I often hear people saying is that finding Christmas gifts for men can be the hardest. I can attest that shopping for the men in my life can be the hardest. Additionally, I am typically someone who is looking to find gifts under a certain price point to keep to a budget such as gifts under $100 or gifts under $50.

A Christmas Eve box takes a lot of the guesswork and strain out of finding gifts for the adults in your life for a variety of reasons, and it is always great to watch the recipient unbox the box since it is a surprise after a surprise as the person opens the box and reveals everything that is found.


A Christmas Eve box is a box filled with goodies that can be given to a person of any age. Typically, Christmas Eve boxes are given to kids who are anxious for Christmas Day and want unwrap something early. Many of us tend to start putting some of our gifts under the tree prior to Santa coming, and children tend to want to touch and/or open those gifts, so parents then give them Christmas Eve boxes to give a little joy the night before.

With that being said, Christmas Eve boxes aren’t just for children. These boxes, though typically given on Christmas Eve, can be given at any time during the holiday season and are great for giving to friends and family during the many holiday events that happen during the season. These boxes are also great to give significant others the night before as you wind down, grab some hot cocoa and start watching some Netflix Christmas movies.

As we navigate through some great Christmas Eve box ideas for adults in this post, let’s first set the scene and note that you can buy premade boxes, but the fun is in putting some great DIY ones together which I’ll guide you through in the rest of this post.


When putting together your Christmas Eve box for adults, the first place that you’ll probably want to start is determining a box to put all of the goodies in. There are quite a few places that you can find great boxes to fill with great gifts that people will love. For me, I typically like to lean on shopping for Christmas boxes on Amazon. There are quite a few boxes specifically dedicated to Christmas Eve and you can find ones that are also customizable.



This simplistic, yet festive box is great for packing with larger gifts and for making it a box that can be re-used year after year. If you’re giving a Christmas Eve box to your significant other, this box is great to put under the Christmas tree year after year and fill up until Christmas Eve. It’s also a great box that can be used for anyone since it’s unisex, and if there is a time where you start doing Christmas Eve boxes with the little ones, this one transfers over and is fun for anyone of any age.



This Christmas Eve box is so elegant and is also a great one for filling with quite a few items to give to your loved one, or a few items that are just larger. But don’t worry, you don’t have to feel obligated to fil up the entire box, adding a little bit of stuffing will help to make this box look even more festive than it already is and to not make the box look so empty if you fill it with a lot of smaller items. This is another box that can be reused year after year and is fit for anyone.



Looking for something a little more personalized, than this box is exactly what you’re looking for. You can get this box to start off a the Christmas Eve box tradition and have it labeled with the intended recipient for you to fill each year. Just have it personalized, stick it under the tree to fill, and then when the year is over, you put it away until the next year. One little special thing that is so cute on this box is the little note indicating that it’s not be opened until Christmas Eve.

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There are quite a few options of what to put into a Christmas Eve box, but what it comes down to is what does the recipient already have, what do they want/need, and what are their interests. For example, if you have a man that is interested in outdoor activities, tailor the Christmas Eve box to outdoorsy items.

Below, I’ve listed out some general ideas of what you can put into a Christmas Eve box for adults as well as rounding up some specific items that would be great to add to a Christmas Eve box for an adult.


  • Bath Bombs
  • Champagne/Wine
  • Candles
  • Beauty Sets
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses


  • Pajamas
  • Hot Chocolate Bomb
  • Mini Alcohol
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • Scarf
  • Snacks
  • Movies
  • Games


  • Cologne
  • Boxers
  • Beer Mugs
  • Shaving Kits
  • Money Clip
  • Wallet



Do you have any adults in your life who are taking lots of photos, watching videos, or just doing a lot on their phone? Then this might just be the gift that you need to give that individual. This charging case is great for adults who are constantly unreachable because their phone died or if they are someone who is constantly traveling and need their phone to stay up and fully charged throughout the entire day. There are a variety of designed for various types of phones that you can find and give to that person that really needs this.



Many people are under the impression that skincare sets are only gifts that you can give women, but let’s set the record straight that skincare is for everyone. I mean, we all have skin, right? These skincare sets are great go-to gifts for the people who love to keep their face looking fresh and clean and for those people who you don’t quite know what to get anything for, because you can’t really go wrong with a good skincare set.



If you’re giving a gift to an adult friend who has a family, this cute gift may be something that you’ll want to put in their Christmas Eve box. Even more, this is great for putting in every family member’s Christmas Eve box. As a mother who gets together with the entire family during the holiday season, sticking matching family pajamas in everyone’s box as a family Christmas gift becomes something fun that brings memories for years to come. When everyone opens their box, they can put on their pajamas for the night, take some family photos together, and during Christmas day, everyone wears them as they unwrap their Christmas Day gifts.



For the friends and family members who love getting together and having gatherings, a game for game night is the perfect gift. I come from a family who loves to get together over food and drinks, so getting someone a game for the entire family to play each year is a great go-to. There are so many fun games coming out every year and their is a game for a variety of interests.



If you’re looking for a good gift to put into the Christmas Eve box for an adult, then a cocktail set is something that you can definitely lean on. You can get a variety of mixers, small alcohol bottles of their favorite spirit, a shaker set, and a few extra additives to make it fun, and you have a completed Christmas Eve box for that person who loves to have a good time with a cocktail in hand.



Bath sets are also a great go-to because everyone takes baths and/or showers. There are a great amount of sets out their in various fragrances that come complete with body wash, shampoo and conditioner, bath oils, and even bath bombs and salts. Give them the gift of the at-home spa and complete the box with the bath set, a robe, some bath slippers, and a great candle.



The holiday season means that it gets really cold and a great gift that I’ve found that everyone loves is slipper socks. They are comfy and you can put your feet up without feeling like you need to take your shoes up. My husband and I love giving these to each other and finding fun prints, and also seeing if we can end up matching each other each year.



If you have any friends who have Apple Watches, getting them a new band for Christmas is a great go to, because you can give them something new to wear to match their everyday style without feeling like it wont’ be worn. It’s a great gift to give that is similar to jewelry without having to worry about overwhelming them with another piece of jewelry if you have already gotten them jewelry before.



For those who love going to outdoor activities or hanging outside, the travel wine set is a great gift. With two tumblers and a large bottle to put the wine in, your wine loves can carry their wine on the go to BYOB locations as well as to some outdoor gatherings and festivities.



“Hey Alexa, what is a great gift to give this holiday season?” The Amazon Echo Dot is a super helpful gift that any person would love. When considering Christmas Eve box ideas for adults, the Echo is one that you’ll want to throw into the box as it’s useful, cute for the house, and allows the receiver to connect and enjoy smart home technology.



A simplistic and super useful gift to give someone in their Christmas Eve box is a hat and scarf set. There are so many different patterns, textures, and styles in these sets that you are guaranteed to find one for the person you are looking to gift this holiday season. It’s a comfy gift that they’ll use as the temperature starts dropping and something they’ll wear for the snow days that they’ll be happily enjoying or just simply shoveling themselves out of.



For the final gift that goes along with the Christmas Eve box ideas for adults, let’s give someone an entertaining gift set. You can find a variety of these in different styles to match the aesthetic of the recipients home. Take it one more step forward and get it customized so that it not only reflects the style of the home, but also reflects them directly.


Looking for some additional inspiration, I’ve rounded up some more great gift ideas to add to your Christmas Eve box that are perfect for any adult that you are looking to gift this year. All of the gifts shown below are under $100 and many of them can be curated together to make a completely themed DIY Christmas Eve box.

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Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults
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