5 Essentials for Perfect Christmas Outfits for Women

Christmas Outfits For Women Anthropologie

With the holiday season upon us, there are probably some holiday events that you are planning to go to. Maybe it’s a office holiday party, family gathering, cocktail party, or Christmas pop-up in your local city. No matter the occasion, you are probably trying to put together your holiday look. Over the years, I have found that there are quite a few options for Christmas outfits for women, but you may be asking yourself what are the base essentials that you need to make your Christmas outfit pop and give you the ability to create multiple looks with the same pieces.

By having specific essentials for your Christmas outfit, you can create a variety of looks that are perfect for a variety of occasions and allow you to create multiple looks year after year. But one thing that I always tell people when putting together a holiday outfit is to have fun with it and don’t feel that you need to follow the same trends as everyone else. Make the Christmas outfit your own, and I’m going to help you do just that by sharing the five essential pieces to have in your wardrobe to create the perfect Christmas outfits for women.

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Red Christmas Outfits For Women
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One piece that you have to have to create the perfect Christmas outfit is boots or booties. You can’t go wrong with wearing boots during the Wintertime especially if you are in an area where you may encounter some colder weather and maybe even some snow. Boots are a great way to keep your legs covered, especially if you deciding to wear a Christmas dress such as a long sleeved mini dress where your legs may be a little bar if you just wore pumps or strappy sandal heels. During the holiday season, there are a lot of booties and boots that hit the shelves so you are guaranteed to find a boot that goes with your holiday outfit.


Statement jewelry can really make a Christmas outfit stand out. For some of us, we may like wearing more dainty earrings with our Christmas outfits, but that doesn’t meant that those earrings can’t make a statement. Consider jewelry that has festive, colorful colors or vibrant shades of gold. You can deck your outfit with statement earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. The one key thing to avoid is not wearing too much statement jewelry at once. Try to focus on one key piece that will shine at the Christmas party that you are attending.

Christmas Outfits For Women Red
Christmas Outfits For Women

Lace and satin are two key fabrics / textures that stand out and are a staple for the holiday season. So as you are searching for those key pieces to create your Christmas outfits for women, consider getting a satin maxi dress or a long sleeved lace shirt as the central piece to your holiday outfit and create a festive look that is going to stand out at any of your holiday festivities. Even if you don’t want to have the entire piece the same fabric, consider pieces that have satin or lace as highlighted details in the look such as lace cuffs or a satin back tie.





When putting together your Christmas outfits for women, you need to make sure you have a few snug accessories to keep you warm and comfortable while going to and from your holiday events or especially if your event it outside. Consider investing in a wrap or large scarf for the holiday season. Larger scarves go well with covering your neck, chest and shoulders so that you are super comfortable and warm. Additionally, look for scarves or wraps that have matching gloves, earmuffs, or hats, so that you can keep super warm and comfy while out this Winter.


The holiday season brings out so many festive pieces, and when you’re not in the mood to wear a dress, it’s time to break out the festive knits. Now, I’m not saying that you need to stock up on ugly Christmas sweaters or sweaters that have Christmas trees or ornaments scattered everywhere. Instead, when putting together your Christmas outfits for women, consider picking out some sweaters that have a little bit of texture, pattern or embellishment that gives off a festive vibe and pair it with a sequin skirt or tailored pant and statement heels.

Dressy Christmas Outfits For Women
Anthropologie Christmas Outfits For Women


As you take into account all of these essentials for putting together your Christmas outfits for women, you also want to consider how you are going to style these pieces for a holiday party. When considering your clothing, there are a few key aspects that you want to look at and take into account for your holiday outfit.

    For your holiday party outfit, take into account what type of event the holiday party is. Is it a formal or causal event? Is it happening at a hall or party venue or is it happening at someone’s home? For the most part, you probably would wear a more casual outfit to a holiday party at someone’s home versus what you would wear to a formal sit down dinner holiday party.
    With considering the type of event, you also want to consider the location. Is your event inside or outside? And if it’s outside, is it in a heated tent or are you outside around the fire? Knowing the location will help you to pick out your outfit and how you should dress to make sure that you’re warm and comfortable so you enjoy the entire party.
    By knowing whether and event it seated or standing will help you to dictate whether you wear sky high heels or not and also whether or not you may wear a longer dress that has a little bit of a train. For me, if I’m wearing a dress with a longer train, I’m hoping that it’s more a seated event versus a lot of standing and walking around so that I don’t have to worry to much about moving the train around or adjusting so that I don’t step on the dress too often.
    Now this is not saying that you need to know who is on the guest list, but you want to know whether this is a family friendly event or a more adult party type event. If there are kids invited, whether you have your own that you are bringing or not, you may not want to wear anything too delicate or in light colors as kids tend to run around and touch the adults. You don’t want to ruin that satin dress that you just bought.
Christmas Outfits For Women Anthropologie


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