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You all know the story of Cinderella, right? She left her glass shoe at the ball when she was running away from the prince at midnight. Then he took that glass slipper around the entire kingdom in order to find the woman whose foot fit that shoe. And though hundreds of women tried on that shoe, it was only Cinderella’s foot that fit into it.

Now, when I was little girl, of course, I thought that story was magical. And then as a teenager, I began to think about how slightly unrealistic that whole idea was. What kind of foot did she have that did not match or come close to any other woman’s shoe size? Like, really? But then now as an adult, I have come to realize that our feet are actually very specific to us as individuals. I mean, I am not going to say that I don’t match the shoe size of millions of other women, but even when a friend lends me her size 7.5 shoes, they don’t always fit me.

After having my shoe size and foot properly measured, I learned that my petite size was not just connected to my clothing but also my shoe size. I went from thinking that I am a regular size 7.5 to realizing that my foot is very narrow and which makes my shoes seem like they don’t fit.

We all go through those types of mishaps with our shoes. And we often find shoes that we love, but they don’t come in our size, or we find a shoe that just needs one element changed. But now, instead of storming out the store, in a cloud of frustration – you can now design your own shoe to your specific liking that will fit your own individual size.

Shoes of Prey is retail brand that is changing the way that we shop for shoes. The brand offers a selection of styles for various occasions and, most importantly, gives you the option to design your own shoe.

I am in love with rose gold, so I decided that I was going to design a bootie (as I can’t get enough of my bootays!) with a rose gold highlight. And in consideration of my Cinderella foot, Shoes of Prey was able to offer my specific shoe design in my very specific narrow shoe size. No more sliding around inside my shoes. These are firm and comfortable, and because they actually fully fit, I am able to be on my feet, in heels, throughout the day without dealing with the pain.

Shoes of Prey offers extended shoe sizes from US 2 – 15 in narrow, wide and extra wide. Which is absolutely perfect for my petite and non-petite fashionistas who want to actually take their first step into the fashion design world.

You can start your design today and get a FREE custom inscription (valued at $49) with the promo code: LIVINGLESH.

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Thank you to Shoes of Prey for partnering with me on this post. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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