My Top Places to Shop Clothes for Petites

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Over the years, I have gotten one question over and over again in various ways – “What are your top places to shop for clothes for height?” As someone who is petite, I typically like to stick to shopping certain places that don’t just have a petite section, but have clothes for petites that just fit. Not saying that I’m against those places that have a petite section, but in certain cases those sections can be very limited.

In a world where fashion often seems designed for the taller figures gracing runways and magazine covers, being petite can present its own unique set of style challenges. Embracing your stature opens up a world of style opportunities that can beautifully accentuate your smaller frame. In this guide, I’m going to share some of my favorite places to shop clothes for petites.


As you continue with this blog post, I want to share with you my sizing information so that you can better understand where I am coming from in terms of where I am shopping and why I tend to shop there. I am 5’3″, so I am right at the tail end of the petite height frame. I don’t have much of a curvy frame, except for in my thighs, but I do have wider hips since having a child. I typically order sizes XS or S in bottoms and an XS in top (my bra band is 30/32). For dresses, I lean towards a 2 or 4. When shopping petite, I typically order for the length in dresses, skirts, and bottoms; and I tend to size up for the waist when ordering petite.


Faux Leather Corset Abercrombie
Abercrombie Neutral Colors Outfits

I will admit that I was one of those people that did not shop at Abercrombie in my teens. The models in front of the store and the overwhelming scent that just took over the mall hallway intimidated me. But in college, I was re-introduced to the brand and was quite shocked at how much the brand had changed and how welcoming it had became. Then once I started shopping there again, I was super excited to find out how inclusive the brand is. When it comes to finding fashion-forward pieces tailored for petites, Abercrombie is one of my go-to destinations for on-trend styles. Abercrombie showcases a diverse range of trendy clothing options specifically crafted for various frames including petites, curvier, taller, and everything in, around, and between. From impeccably fitted jeans and stylish tops to dresses that accentuate in all the right places, their collection caters to the unique needs of petite individuals. With attention to detail in design and sizing, Abercrombie ensures that petite shoppers can effortlessly discover pieces that complement their proportions without sacrificing style.

WHAT I SHOP AT ABERCROMBIE: tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear



Wylder Windham Outdoor
Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages Ice Cream Stairway

Petal & Pup was a brand that I was introduced to a few years ago. Being an online boutique, it wasn’t a brand that I just happened to stumble upon as a mall shopper. But when I was introduced to the brand, I was so happy that I was because I have been hooked ever since. The brand carries a variety of affordable luxury styles that are great for various sizes and frames. As a petite woman, I tend to find many dresses and pants that I can actually wear without them dragging exponentially. Now, I will say that in some cases, there are dresses and skirts where I still need to wear a little bit of a heel so that it doesn’t drag, but it’s not the case with every look. With a read of the reviews and sizing guide, I am able to find the perfect pieces to fit my petite size.

WHAT I SHOP AT PETAL & PUP: dresses, skirts, tops



For me, Revolve is one of the first places I go when I am looking for new outfits for an occasion or a trip. There are a range of brands that you can shop on Revolve, and though some tend to be a little pricey, if you know which brands to shop, you can actually get quite a few luxury clothes for petites at fair prices. I adore their range of brands especially because with that range in styles, you’ll also find a range in sizes that will fit to the petite frame. Though, I will admit that I don’t often shop here for many pants, unless cropped, because I typically don’t have much luck in finding pants in petite sizes, I will say that I do shop for almost anything else on Revolve – especially during a good sale.

WHAT I SHOP AT REVOLVE – tops, dresses, skirts, shoes, swimwear, occasion wear, outerwear



Christmas Outfits For Women Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a brand that I grew into as I got older. It wasn’t a brand that I shopped much in my teens or even in my early 20s, but once I got a home and started heading into the store to shop for decorations, I took notice to some of the very stylish looks and have been hooked ever since. Anthropologie has a range in sizes which makes it another great place to find clothes for petites. I had to learn how to shop for pants in Anthropologie because it wasn’t the easiest to shop pants in-store when I first started shopping there, but after talking to some of the associates in-store, I soon realized that I was able to try-on pants to see the look and fit and order many of their pants brands online in petite sizes.

WHAT I SHOP AT ANTHROPOLOGIE: tops, bottoms, pants, denim, skirts, dresses



Fall Transition Outfit Lulus
Lulus Velvet Jumper

I’ve been an avid shopper of Lulu’s for years! It’s a great place to shop for great looks at a very reasonable price. And when you’re looking for trending outfits that fit you just right, this is one place you should definitely take a look at in order to find the right piece for any occasion. When it comes to clothes for petites, you’ll find a range of clothes in a variety of sizes. I have found it super easy to take in the sizing information to be able to find what outfits would fit me and flatter my frame without the piece overtaking me or throwing me off in a disproportionate manner. Here, I typically shop for a variety of clothes and have often found that some of the pants and jumpers fits me just right with just a small heel instead of having to wear a stiletto. I have even found some bottoms that don’t require me to wear a heels and the pants don’t drag on the ground.

WHAT I SHOP AT LULUS: tops, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits



Now when it comes to clothes that come with a little flair, Show Me Your Mumu is where it is at. I often find that shopping here gives me a variety of cute looks that show off my personality. And at times, I can even shop for my clothes along with some matching pieces for my little man. Now, I will say that I don’t shop large hauls here because the prices for pieces from Show Me Your Mumu tend to be on the pricier side, but that doesn’t deter me too much. For shopping here for clothes for petites, I tend to stick with their tops, dresses, and shorts as I don’t often find their maxi dresses, maxi skirts, or pants to fit my size / height. But, nevertheless, I love how the other pieces that I shop here flatter my petite frame and create a cute, chic look.

WHAT I SHOP AT SHOW ME YOU MUMU: tops, shorts, mini skirts, dresses



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