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When Winter arrives, most of us just want to curl under a blanket and kick back while we keep warm and comfortable. But for those who still enjoy going out, or just have to go out, we are looking for clothing that’s warm, comfortable, and is stylish. Winter sweatshirts give us just that. They keep us warm, many of them are comfortable, and if you know where to look you can find just the right sweatshirts that are super stylish and fit your personal style.

I’m one who loves stocking up on winter sweatshirts. I often stock up on sweatshirts during the Fall and then begin migrating those over to sweatshirts that I can wear during the winter as well.

The first thing that I look for in a sweatshirt is the fabric type and whether I can wear the sweatshirt with a variety of looks. With sweatshirts being at a higher price during the wintertime, you want to make sure you’re grabbing ones that you can wear over and over again.

For me, I’m someone that always says that there are certain styles of sweatshirts that are must haves in an essential winter wardrobe. With different styles and trends, you’ll want to find winter sweatshirts that are not only good for the current season, but ones that are timeless and you can keep styling for many years to come.

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When winter arrives and the shelves start to become stocked with sweatshirts, many of us tend to get overwhelmed with the amount of different styles of winter sweatshirts for women. It becomes difficult to know what style works for you and how you can style that sweatshirt with other pieces such as dresses, jeans, or even skirts. Then when you finally get to picking what style you are going to go with, there are so many different colors to choose from as well.

So to give a little guidance, I’ve listed out some of the top styles of winter sweatshirts for women that are timeless and can be styled in different ways. With each of the different top styles of sweatshirts, I’m also giving some tips on how to style the sweatshirts for different occasions. Whether you’re putting together a relaxed look or your going for something a little dressier, these styles and style tips will work just for you.


    I’m one that always loves a good pullover. With so many different styles from knit styles to Sherpa, you can find a pullover sweatshirt to style for a more relaxed look or a dressier look depending on the pullover you decide to add to your closet. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, I always suggest a pullover that is maybe a small zip or has a less defined neckline, but if you’re going for a dressier look, try a turtleneck pullover or wide neck for a dynamic and chic look.
    The crewneck sweatshirt is a relaxed and comfortable style of sweatshirt. You’ll often find that many of them have graphic prints that connect with the winter season. The loose fit of this type of sweatshirt is great for layering. I typically like to style this type of sweatshirt with a pair of blue denim jeans and a long sleeve crewneck tee that adds a layer underneath that you can’t see but gives you that extra layer for warmth.
    Fleece sweatshirts are probably some of the most cozy sweatshirts to wear during the winter. The thick material provides more warmth and, in some cases, you’ll actually find these sweatshirts paired as a set so that you can get fleece bottoms to go with them as well. You’ll then be able to get a set as winter loungewear that you can wear around the house or to head out to run errands or hang out with friends or family at home.
    You can never go wrong with a hoodie during the winter. I am one that typically like to keep a hoodie right by more door so that if I’m running out for a quick errand, I can throw it right on and head out of the door. You can find hoodies in a variety of prints, colors, necklines, and fabrics and you can style them in such a chic athleisure way that you look relaxed while also looking like you’re about to take on fashion week.
Winter Sweatshirts Abercrombie
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    For those days running errands or for working out, the athletic sweatshirt is for you. It’s lightweight so that if you are working out or you put it on after a workout, you still have a breathable element to it so that you’re not getting too hot and it becomes uncomfortable. You can find an athletic sweatshirt in a hoodie style or a zip style and you’ll usually find them in more neutral tones during the winter in contrast to the vibrant bold tones you’ll usually find them in during the warmer months.
    If you’re not someone who likes to wear a turtleneck but still has a liking to the style, then the mock neck sweatshirt is just for you. This sweatshirt style is super trendy and has been replacing the turtleneck at many places that we all tend to shop. You get some neck coverage without having the neckline come all the way up your neck. This style of sweatshirt is great for creating workwear looks with a pair of tailored pants or a relaxed look with a pair of vegan leather pants or jeans.
    A zip up sweatshirt is a great go-to for the winter months. You can wear this type of sweatshirt almost anywhere and it’s great for being able to put on and take off if you get to a location where you want to lose a layer. This type of sweatshirt is probably one that you’ll want to style for a more relaxed look instead of a dressier one. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t styles out there that are great for a more dressier look.
    The oversized look has been a big trend that is here to stay. From oversized flannel tops all the way to oversized shirt dresses, having an oversized piece in your closet is a must. The oversized sweatshirt is one that not only keeps you super comfortable, but it works as a great way to layer over other thicker pieces and it contrasts well with more form fitting pieces. Try styling an oversized sweatshirt with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings to contrast the sizing. I typically like going with an oversized sweatshirt and black faux leather leggings and Sherpa boots for a great and comfortable winter look.
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With many of us who put on sweatshirts, we went to automatically feel that the look is too relaxed and we often get the comment on how we look good, but we look “comfortable”. Comfortable and casual looks don’t have to mean that you look lazy, and nowadays when a comfortable street-style look is the preference, you can take that look and rock it. But if you’re looking for a way to level up your winter sweatshirt look, there are a few different ways to add extra elements to create different looks for a variety of occasions.

Below, I’ve rounded up a few key ways to level up your winter sweatshirt look which are also great ways to have one sweatshirt create a variety of different looks. For those who like keep a capsule winter wardrobe, these tips will allow you to maintain that capsule wardrobe and create multiple looks with the pieces that you have.


Adding a blazer to over your winter sweatshirt can give you a defined look that creates a level of sophistication that you may not be able to get without wearing the blazer. Blazers are a great way to make a more relaxed sweatshirt have a more upscale or dressier look.


For another type of chic look, grab a long trench coat or a dad coat and style over your sweatshirt. This style looks the best when you style it with a hoodie and either sweatpants or denim. The relaxed but super stylish look is one that will turn heads.


To create a two piece look that looks like a set, try styling your sweatshirt over a dress, whether midi, mini, or maxi, and tuck in the sweatshirt or fold it up to make the sweatshirt look like a crop top that came with the dress itself.


Pair a midi or maxi skirt with your winter sweatshirt and create a casual look that would fit for date night, brunch, work, and a variety of other occasions. One great look to lean towards is pairing a crewneck sweatshirt with a satin midi skirt for a contrast between a dressier fabric and a relaxed fabric.

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Shopping for winter sweatshirts for women is not hard because there are so many great stores that sell them. All you have to do is head into your go-to stores and head to the clothing section and you’ll find a variety of different sweatshirts for the winter that you’ll love to style. For me, if I’m looking for one place that I can get a variety of styles of sweatshirts for different occasions, I tend to either shop at Abercrombie or Revolve, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t shop for sweatshirts at any of my other top favorite stores.

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