Complimentary Colors in Your Closet

Forever 21 Summer Colors For Your Closet
Forever 21 Summer Colors For Your Closet

When I was in high school, I learned this way of organizing my closet from my sister and I’ve never stopped putting my closet that way. I keep  my dresses + skirts in one section, my pants in the next, and then all of my tops are organized in one section together arranged in rainbow order.

This not only allows me to not have to search through every piece of clothing in my closet when I’m looking for something, but it also shows me what colors I need to stop buying and what I need to buy more of. And recently, I took a look in my closet and realized that I needed less black, white, and gray, and more color overall.

When it comes to shopping for colorful outfits, I found out that everyone looks great in black and white, but not all colors are great for certain skin complexions. For example, green is not my best color. I still wear the color, but it doesn’t compliment me well. And that’s nothing that I am ashamed of or disappointed about.

During my days of working in retail, when some of the customers in the dressing room would come out and tell me what they thought, I would be honest and tell them when something just wasn’t their color. I could have been fired for not selling the product, but my interest was more for the person rather than the company.

Over the years, I learned that yellow is a very complimentary color for my skin tone – especially mustard yellow. It shows off my natural complexion and highlights the hazel of my eyes. But what’s funny about that is I don’t have much yellow in my closet – that’s going to change tremendously.

So my advice to you is to look in your closet and see what you have. Are you buying complimentary colors for you? Or are you stuck with everyone’s complimentary colors of black, white and gray? I would love to hear what you find your complimentary color to be.



Top – Forever 21 // Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters // Shoes – Nordstrom Rack // Handbag – Aldo

{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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