Philly Fashion: A Cold Weather Outfit

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Philly Fashion

Have you ever had that moment when the colder weather finally sets in that you begin to think: “I look much cooler in my cold weather outfit”?

Every once and awhile, I think that same thing.

I love my cold weather clothes more than I love the bathing suits and crop tops of the summer. Plus, some of my warm weather outfits, that I love so much, transition into my cold weather wardrobe. Just put a jacket or a cardigan over that short sleeved top and you’re all set.

A few things that I have noticed about the trends of the cold weather outfits is that they are beginning to introduce some brighter colored palettes. There are more whites and brights rather than the dull black and greens. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cold weather color palettes. But just because the sun doesn’t shine as bright anymore, doesn’t mean that our clothes have to be as dark as the rest.

Lately, I’ve been featuring some brighter colored, cold weather pieces with pieces that match with the color palette of the season. It’s easy to put these colors together and make them your own. It is all about making sure that your outfit represents your style and mood.

This white pin-striped top from J. Crew was such a great find. It is light-weight for those warmer Autumn days but is great to layer underneath a cardigan for when it gets cooler or I’m traveling from inside the building that I work in to my car.

There’s an effect that the cold weather months have. It’s one that we all experience but do not often focus on. It’s not only a change in the length of your sleeves, but how you carry yourself, the way you accessorize, and the trends that you begin leaning more towards.

DSC 1412 J Crew


Striped Top – J. Crew (c/o Clothes Mentor)

Distressed Medium Wash Jeans – c/o Vanity

Black Peeped Toe Heeled Booties – c/o AMI Clubwear

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