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In October, our little family decided to get some time away and go on another little family vacation. Over the years I have been to many destinations and my first passport stamp was to Costa Rica. So as we planned our first trip, we came to the decision that heading back to Costa Rica would be ideal for our family since we were looking for a calm place to relax and get some of that PURA VIDA.

We decided that for our trip to Costa Rica, we wanted to not be in the city area where there is so much going on, and after some search we found Andaz Papagayo.

Located at Penninsula Papagayo, the resort is a short 30 minute drive from the Liberia (LIR) airport and it tucked right into the mountain along the coastline.

Andaz Papagayo is a luxury, family friendly resort that is the ideal location for you and your family to relax, recharge, and find yourself in pure bliss as you enjoy the hospitality of the resort, the three beaches, the delicious food, and the vast choices of activities that you can take part in during your stay.

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Costa Rica Andaz Papagayo
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Costa Rica Family Vacation
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During our stay at Andaz Papagayo, we had the opportunity to stay in a king room that faced the ocean. To wake up every morning to that amazing view was something that I tell people that they have to experience themselves because it truly is remarkable. Many of the rooms and suites that Andaz Papagayo has offers the opportunity to stay in a room with a bay view so that you can wake up to the ocean and even with some of the suites, swim in your own pool facing the ocean.

Upon our arrival, we discovered that the resort had adapted our spacious room to include a super comfy cot for our son to have his own sleeping area along with a few goodies so that he would feel welcomed to the resort as well.

The room includes a rain shower with a stone floor the opens up to the balcony, so that you are able to get a view of the ocean while taking a shower for the ultimate relaxation.

And then on the balcony, there is comfortable furniture that you can relax and listen to the sounds of Costa Rica. Each morning, right before sunrise, I would make myself tea in the room and place myself on the balcony to watch the sun rise over the ocean. The level of comfort that is at Andaz Papagayo when it comes to the rooms is the epitome of luxury.

Andaz Papagayo King Suite


Andaz Papagayo has three beaches that resort guests have access to, and one of the special beaches is located at the Andaz Beach House. To get there, you would take a short trip on the shuttle from the resort and head right to the Beach House.

The Andaz Beach House in Costa Rica is a luxury beach house located on one of the most serene beaches that I have ever been on. It is tucked away along the coast and has activities and amenities that will have you staying at the Beach House the entire day – something that we pretty much did.

The Beach House has a restaurant that you can sit and enjoy food and cocktails from their dining area or from the cabanas or beach chairs – where the amazing staff will serve you.

Then at the beach, you’ll find the calmest, clear water that will have you just standing in it in awe. And there are also plenty of complimentary activities available for everyone to take part in from kayaking to snorkeling and even beach toys for the little ones to use as they play in the sand.

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On the resort’s property, you’ll find three main restaurants along with a poolside bar and the option for room service.

First is Rio Bhongo, a restaurant that open for every meal of the day and is the main restaurant on property that you’ll be able to have breakfast. Overlooking the ocean, you’ll be able to enjoy full course meals and cocktails that include international flavors as well as local flavors that you’ll have a hard time choosing which meal to select.

There is also a great seafood option for dinner at Ostra. The chef’s specialties are flavors that everyone will enjoy especially if you’re looking to enjoy the ceviche. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit this particular restaurant during your stay, you can also enjoy flavors from this restaurant at Rio Bhongo.

Lastly is the tapas restaurant, Chao Pescao, where you’ll find immaculate Latin food. With it being a tapas restaurant, there are a lot of sharable plates that you can select to be able to enjoy various flavors of the Latin cuisine. And then to go along with the foods, you’ll want to order something off the cocktail menu because at this particular restaurant you’ll find innovative mixologists who utilize fruits, spices, and liquors of Costa Rica to make cocktails that you won’t be able to taste anywhere else.

And for the kids, each restaurant has great options for children who are picky eaters. Our son is super picky and from each restaurant that we ate, we were able to find foods that he enjoyed so that he could fill up and have enough energy to enjoy his vacation.


At Andaz Papagyo, you’ll find an array of activities for the entire family. Whether you’re looking for an activity to experience the culture and flavors while staying on property or whether you’re looking to take an excursion off property to see more of Costa Rica, Andaz Papagayo will be able to provide it for you. With a simple request, the resort team will arrange everything for you and make sure that you have the luxury of enjoying what the activity has to offer.

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Andaz Papagyo offers a mixology class where you’ll be able to learn from one of the well-experiences mixologists that craft the cocktails at the resort. On our trip, we were able to take the mixology class, which lasts a little under and hour, and learn about the cocktail flavors of Costa Rica. During the class, we were able to taste the various liquors, fruits, and spices of Costa Rican cocktails as well as learn about the science behind all the methods that are used when making a cocktail. Each cocktail made, we had the opportunity to drink and enjoy the company of each other and the mixologist who was teaching the class. As someone who enjoys making cocktails at home, I walked away with a lot more knowledge on flavors and techniques. Even more, learning about how they work to utilize all parts of fruit to not be wasteful was magical to see. From removing the fruit itself from a shell to using the shell of the fruit as a cup was amazing to see.
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Cambi is the place on the resort that all the kids will enjoy and want to go back to each and every day. For the young ones, Cambi is the kid’s club that offers various activities for children, a space to play, and also a place where parents can arrange for their children to be cared for if they are looking to have an adult’s only experience while staying at Andaz Papagayo. During our stay, Carter visited Cambi for playtime and a special activity where he was able to color his own backpack. Within Cambi, you’ll not only find the art area where activities such as backpack coloring are held, you’ll also find an indoor jungle gym, plenty of toys for children of various ages to play with, and friendly staff that your children will bond with immediately. When we took Carter to Cambi the first time, he explored and played so much that we couldn’t get him out and when we brought him back he immediately entered and played without a second thought as to whether we were with him or not.
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One of the activities that is offered by Cambi is beach painting at the Andaz Beach House. This was an experience that Carter absolutely adored and it was an experience that I don’t think we would find anywhere else. During our visit to the Andaz Beach House, the Cambi staff met us there where they set up an easel and paint supplies so that Carter could take a break from building sand castles and swimming and paint what he wanted while enjoying the beach views. While he painted, we got to sit back in a cabana and enjoy watching him paint while also enjoying the view. If you are traveling with little ones to Andaz Papagayo, this is an activity that I highly recommend doing with the Cambi staff during your venture to the Andaz Beach House. Just make sure to arrange for the beach painting prior to heading to the Beach House so that they can meet you at the beach with everything set up.
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Andaz Beach House Cambi Painting Scaled
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Thank you to Hyatt and Andaz Papagayo for hosting us on this trip. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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